Are All Tea Partiers Wackos, Misfits And Extremists?

29 01 2012

 By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

Many in the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd are over the top[2], and so too are members of the Tea Party movement.  The only difference is that the two groups occupy opposite—and extreme—ends of the American political spectrum.

After all of the fuss about the Tea Party, and in the wake of its political successes in the 2010 American elections, I decided to visit and follow (to some extent) one of its Web sites, the Tea Party Nation.  What I found were intelligent, thoughtful comments by many people.

However, the group also consists of way-out, over-the-top, intolerant, totally certifiable, card-carrying “wackos” and misfits.  Their acceptance of anyone who does not agree with them is somewhere between zero and minus-one.  They engage in personal attacks that are beyond the pale, and legally actionable; and they may be operating illegally.[3]

Former House Speaker and Georgia congressman Newt Gingrich has been their man; and if one goes to the Web site of the Tea Party Nation, one will come in contact with “Neanderthals” aplenty.  Originally I thought they were a combination of Independents and moderates, like yours truly, or “disenchanted” Republicans and Democrats. But no, they are over-the-top wackos who embrace Gingrich as if he was Ronald Reagan incarnate.

Character does matter, and Gingrich is “evil” personified, and despicable.  Why would any American in his or her right mind want this man as President of the United States?  Ronald Reagan was and is a national hero[4], yet Gingrich had the gall to spew insulting rhetoric at Reagan when he was alive.[5]  Gingrich is a pathetic, petty, raving Narcissistic demagogue.

I am an Independent and have been for almost 20 years, after being a Democrat and then a Republican. Today, Independents constitute approximately 35 percent of American voters, and they swing our elections.[6]  I disagree vehemently with Barack Obama regarding just about every issue, and have been outspoken in my criticism of him, as many Independents are.[7]

I did not vote for Obama in the last presidential election, and plan to vote against him this year too. However, I would give serious thought to voting for Obama, just to make sure that Gingrich never becomes our president.  If the Republicans nominate him, they run the risk of being ostracized, isolated, boycotted and marginalized nationwide.

Obama would win in a landslide and “bury” Gingrich politically—akin to George McGovern’s loss in 1972, albeit at least McGovern was an honorable man. It would be political suicide for the GOP, which would be decimated, thanks in large part to Tea Party extremists.

© 2012, Timothy D. Naegele

[1] Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate’s Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass).  He practices law in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles with his firm, Timothy D. Naegele & Associates, which specializes in Banking and Financial Institutions Law, Internet Law, Litigation and other matters (see and  He has an undergraduate degree in economics from UCLA, as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University.  He is a member of the District of Columbia and California bars.  He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal.  Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years (see, e.g.,, and can be contacted directly at; see also Google search:Timothy D. Naegele

[2] See, e.g. (“About 300 people were arrested Saturday during a chaotic day of Occupy protests that saw demonstrators break into [Oakland’s] City Hall and burn an American flag. . . .”)

[3] For example, after reading the gibberish about Gingrich at the Web site of the Tea Party Nation, I posted some provocative, semi-“tongue-in-cheek” comments that were purposely intended to elicit debate and arouse discusson:

Let’s hope that Gingrich “dies” politically, once and for all.  His win in South Carolina is a dark day for the Republican Party and for America.

Since his election win in South Carolina, I have been pondering how best to describe him.  He is a relatively “benign” version of Adolf Hitler.

I do not make that statement lightly. Gingrich is pure evil, like Hitler was. He must be driven out of American politics, before he pollutes it anymore.

As bad as Obama is, and he is terrible, Gingrich is far more sinister.

The first response was a personal attack by some woman who was trying to silence dissent and label as an “anti-Semite” anyone who disagrees with her, much less mentions Adolf Hitler:

Excuse me sir, do not use Hitler as a comparison to anyone. You are belittling the Holocaust and the memory of all those who were exterminated. You personally offensive and have very evil thoughts, sir.

Instead of being incensed by Gingrich’s treatment of his first two wives, she was taking aim at me.  I have encountered similar attacks and knee-jerk reactions before—and so have many other non-Jews and Jews alike—from those who seek to silence dissent through intimidation, fear, invective, division and discrimination.

See, e.g.,

Thus, my response was as follows:

Thanks . . . for your comments.

They are totally absurd. I can say whatever I want to say. This is a free country, even though you may not realize that.

Trying to silence freedom of speech and intimidate people is Hitler-esque. Shame on you.

This was followed by messages from the “gate keeper” who runs the Tea Party Nation’s Web site, the first of which was entitled, “Hasta La Vista!”—and I was banned from the Web site:

Your comments have become offensive to many on this site. I have received dozens of complaints concerning your anti-Semitic rantings and use of invoking Adolph [sic] Hitler in comparison to Newt Gingrich. Further research shows you have a long history of inflammatory remarks similar to this.

This may be a country built on Free Speech, but this website is privately owned and we do not have to tolerate your type of nonsense.

Go crawl back in the hole in the ground that you came out of. You disgust me and most of the true patriots that participate here.

You are simply another liberal Paultard spreading your filth and hate and you are no longer welcome here.

Goodbye and good riddance!

I have never made anti-Semitic comments, much less at the Tea Party Nation or any other Web site; and in fact, I take umbrage at such comments.

See, e.g.,; see also’s-soviet-holocaust-and-mao’s-chinese-holocaust/

Also, I am not a Liberal.  However, the next personal attacks by the Tea Party Nation’s “gate keeper” were equally outrageous:

You are nothing more than a Nazi. Are you typing with your sheets on?

There was no question that this person speaks for the Tea Party Nation because I then received a series of private e-mail messages from “the attorney for [the] Tea Party Nation” in Tennessee.  In the final analysis, she apologized for the last personal attacks made by the group’s “gate keeper,” but the apology was personal and the attorney made it very clear that she was not apologizing on behalf of the Tea Party Nation.

Next, I reviewed documents from the State of Tennessee, and learned:

1. The Tea Party Nation Corporation was chartered as a “For-Profit Corporation” on April 21, 2009, by Judson Phillips. Its principal officers were Judson and Sherry Phillips who were its president and secretary, respectively.

2. On October 5, 2011, “Articles of Dissolution” were filed with the State of Tennessee, which were signed by Judson and Sherry Phillips.

3. Neither the Tea Party Nation nor the Tea Party Nation Corporation is registered with the State of Tennessee today—or authorized to do business in Tennessee.

4.  Tennessee requires the registration of both domestic (i.e., Tennessee-chartered) and foreign corporations (i.e., corporations chartered in other States or countries); and under the laws of Tennessee, it is illegal if they fail to do so, yet continue to operate in the State.

The issue is whether the Tea Party Nation is operating illegally today.

[4] See (“Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy: A Question of Character”)

[5] See, e.g.

[6] See (“The Rise Of Independents”)

[7] See, e.g., (“Barack Obama Is A Lame-Duck President Who Will Not Be Reelected”) and (“Is Barack Obama A Racist?”) (see also the footnotes and all of the comments beneath both articles)



6 responses

30 01 2012
Frankie Pintado

I think the Tea Party itself is a particularly unstable platform. First it was Ron Paul, then it was Sarah Palin, now it is Gingrich. In my opinion, it has been a steady decline. What started as something that sounded quite noble has been infected by the same disease that plagues all of our political parties: Lobbying.

There are extremists in every party, and in every religion, and in virtually every group in society. I do not think that the Tea Party is exceptional in this area.

I am also an Independent. I find Gingrich deplorable. I do believe that we need an ethical and honest leader, and do not believe that Newt is either.

I think that most Independents feel this way. Nominating him would secure a loss to Obama. He would be to the Republicans what Kerry was to the Democrats.


2 02 2012
The Retro Housewife

I have yet to meet a Tea Party “member” who expresses any view more extreme than wanting to adhere to the Constitution and rule of law. I don’t know what website you visited for official Tea party picks, because there is no national Tea Party organisation, regardless of what the globalists throw up on the web and call it Tea.

Newt Gingrich is a pig, Mitt Romney is an extension of Goldman Sachs. Ron Paul is the only honest, decent candidate out there, and the only candidate who will give this country a chance of survival.

You may know law and politics—all very intricate and complicated, but none of that matters in the face of the financial meltdown which is now unavoidable and more or less a mathematical certainty.

They know it in Washington; thus the rush to bring in the police state. Odd that a lawyer such as yourself has no comment on the NDAA and rapid deployment FEMA camps now being put out to bid.

Gingrich is no Reagan. Reagan had common sense and could see the big picture. With the exception of Ron Paul, what they are serving up in the way of candidates are all students of bureaucracy and experts at minutia—their allegiance is to that bureaucracy and its survival—the citizens are merely tools to be used to further this goal.

That is why they censor Ron Paul—the present system serves the bureaucrats because it allows them unlimited power to tax—stealthily via the Federal Reserve and unlimited fiat currency. With the Goldman Sachs alliance, they can compensate and reward the banks and it seems they will continue to do so.

The entire system is bogus and has been hijacked—political parties are merely there to give you something to keep you busy so you don’t notice. And it seems to be working.


2 02 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you for your comments.

First, I cited the Web site of the Tea Party Nation, and discussed it extensively in footnote 3 of my article above.

Second, I like Ron Paul, and agree with many of his views. Having worked on Capitol Hill for three and a half years, and having worked nonstop in Washington for 21 years, I know firsthand that much of what he says is completely true. Few “insiders” have the guts to tell the truth, and I admire him for doing so.

Third, I prefer Mitt Romney, and believe he will be our President-elect in November, and that he will do a fine job as president. Two issues concern me the most: the economy and our national security. I agree with Romney on both subjects.

Fourth, I agree with your assessment of “the financial meltdown which is now unavoidable and more or less a mathematical certainty.” I have written about it extensively.

See, e.g., (see also the article itself, as well as the footnotes and comments beneath it)


7 02 2012
The Retro Housewife

I simply cannot understand how somebody can “prefer Romney” given that he is owned by Goldman Sachs. Does it not matter to you that Goldman was complicit in the financial “crisis” (more aptly described as an engineered theft and total rip-off of the American public) – you are a smart guy, you must realize this… the paper trail is easily accessible online if you are interested. I found enough evidence to put it together. Are you in on the scam, or just in denial?

One area where I am still unclear on the alliances and guilty parties: How does Agenda 21 fit in? – Is this a separate attack on the USA, or is this the underlying motivation for crashing the world economy. Will we ultimately see multiple forces battling it out for supreme power, or are they in agreement.

I tend to think it will be the former since there are simply too many conflicting interests – though they are being skillfully employed to further the goal of economic and societal collapse, it remains to be seen whether they are aware of their “useful idiot” status and whether they will accept their fate quietly in the final analysis.

I am sorry if I come across as rude, I do not mean to be. However, at this stage in the game, there is little time for beating around the bush. I am very interested in reading your reply.


7 02 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you for your comments.

First, Mitt Romney is not “owned” by Goldman Sachs. If anything, Barack Obama is owned by Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs.

Second, if there is one real, central culprit, it is former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. I have written about him extensively.

See, e.g., (“Greenspan’s Fingerprints All Over Enduring Mess”) and (“Euphoria or the Obama Depression?”); see also’s-legacy-more-suffering-to-come/ (“Greenspan’s legacy: more suffering to come”)

Greenspan is responsible for, and triggered the economic calamity that global economies are facing today. He is the architect of the enormous economic “bubble” that burst globally. No longer is he revered as a “potentate.” His reputation is in tatters, and he is disgraced. Giulio Tremonti, Italy’s Minister of Economy and Finance, perhaps said it best:

Greenspan was considered a master. Now we must ask ourselves whether he is not, after [Osama] bin Laden, the man who hurt America the most.

That speaks volumes. However, the human suffering and economic devastation that Greenspan’s actions (and inactions) spawned are not limited to the United States, but are truly global in scope.

Third, I have not followed the implementation of “Agenda 21,” much less carefully. I am opposed to the actions of the UN in most respects; and have been since I studied the UN while getting my LLM at Georgetown University’s law school. Generally speaking, the Republicans are opposed to UN actions like this, while the Democrats are its “handmaidens,” which is why I vote for Republican candidates for the presidency, with few exceptions.


21 02 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Tea Party Nation

Tea Party Nasties . . . And Madness

The rump Tea Party Nation’s leader, Judson Phillips, has an article that is worth reading and reflecting on. In pertinent part, it states as follows:

Romney is not really running on anything other than “I am the inevitable nominee” (not true) and “I am the one who can beat Obama” (also not true).

. . .

Now, in one of his twenty or so home states, Mitt Romney is being beaten. Most of us only have one but if you are Mitt Romney, you have quite a few home states.

. . .

Rick Santorum is winning and if Mitt Romney loses to Rick Santorum in Michigan, it will be over for him.

The Republican Establishment is already looking at the lifeboats. A number of prominent Republicans are already publicly saying if Romney does not win Michigan, they need a new RINO candidate. The names that are most often mentioned are Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

Mitch Daniels took a pass on running at the insistence of his wife and children.

. . .

Chris Christie is just another Northeast Republican liberal. Earth to the Establishment: There is a reason why the GOP thrives in real America and not in the Northeast. Fortunately, Christie has said he has no interest.

Jeb Bush? No one named Bush should be allowed near the Oval Office for the next two centuries. The Bush name is so damaged right now, none of them could get elected dog catcher or beat Barack Obama.

The good news is, we may well be seeing the implosion and the end of the campaign of liberal Mitt Romney. Given how late it is and the almost impossibility to get someone else on the ballot, that bodes well for conservative Newt Gingrich.

See (“Mitt Romney’s Final Days”) (emphasis added); see also see also, n.3.

Members of this group would rather destroy the Republican Party’s chances of winning the presidential election in November of 2012—and in the process give Barack Obama four more years in the White House, by a landslide—than see Mitt Romney elected president.

There is no other adjective that properly describes them than political “wackos” and “Neanderthals.” They are on a suicidal march to political oblivion; and tragically they are determined to take the American people with them.

Four more years of Obama would be a nightmare. Yet this is what these people will have wrought if their “favorite son,” Newt Gingrich, were to become the GOP’s nominee—which thankfully will not happen.

This Tea Party group and Gingrich deserve each other—for example, lots of the group’s members are certifiable wackos, weirdos, misfits and extremists—and their attacks on the Bushes are reminiscent of how Gingrich dealt with Ronald Reagan.

See id.; see also, (“Newt Gingrich Must Be Stopped!”)

Obama has made the flat-out prediction that he will be reelected—”I’ve got another five years coming up”—which will be a certainly if groups like the Tea Party Nation have their way.

See, e.g., (“Obama makes bold reelection prediction”)

Also, there is reason to believe that the Tea Party Nation continues to operate illegally. See n.3; see also (“[T]he venue of any lawsuit will be Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee”)


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