The Duggar Family v. Anti-Christians

4 06 2015

 By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

All Hell has broken loose on American TV and in media outlets around the world because one of the stars of the very popular TLC reality show, “19 Kids and Counting,” fondled younger girls including his sisters when he was a minor—age 14 to 15.  He confessed this to his parents; and the girls were sleeping when it happened, and they learned about it from their parents.

The family has been targeted by non-Christians, anti-Christians, Gays, Lesbians and others, who have definite agendas.  The parents voluntarily reported the incidents to the police; and the sealed juvenile records have been released illegally.  The Duggars feel betrayed; and there is little question that they have been victimized by others.

Also, there is no question about what was done by the minor: it was wrong, and the Duggars made this clear to their son and to the rest of their family when they learned of it.  Far too often, apparently, members of families “grope” other members, especially when all are juveniles.  Whether it is part of the learning process about sexuality or not, it becomes a crime when the perpetrator is no longer a child.

The show focuses on the life of the Duggar family who are devout Independent Baptists, and frequently discusses values of purity, modesty, and faith in God.  For those of us who have grown up in Hollywood (or Los Angeles), and known people in the movie, TV and other entertainment businesses, one wonders why anyone would want cameras intruding in their lives day after day, and why they would want their lives to be an “open book.”

Perhaps those who have attacked the Duggars are jealous of their popularity, or offended by their Christian beliefs.  Nonetheless, the rage and hate that have been directed at this family lately—as reported repeatedly by the UK’s trashy Daily Mail and other media outlets—are almost unfathomable.  The family members are called hypocrites; Christian beliefs are castigated; and the family seems to have become a lightning rod for the disgruntled and haters of this world.

Surely, as people are being killed savagely in the Middle East and elsewhere, and dying as a result of other human tragedies, the focus should be turned elsewhere.  As Jesus said:

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.[2]

No one is without sin, period.

© 2015, Timothy D. Naegele

Duggar family

[1] Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate’s Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass).  He practices law in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles with his firm, Timothy D. Naegele & Associates, which specializes in Banking and Financial Institutions Law, Internet Law, Litigation and other matters (see and  He has an undergraduate degree in economics from UCLA, as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University.  He is a member of the District of Columbia and California bars.  He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal.  Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years (see, e.g.,, and can be contacted directly at; see also Google search:Timothy D. Naegele

[2] See John 8:7, King James Version; see also



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4 06 2015


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4 06 2015
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Rod.


6 06 2015

I read your opinion on this sad state of affairs and commend you for analysis. It doesn’t matter how good or profoundly sorry the parents and son are, in today’s media Roman Polansky prevails in acceptance of behavior, the Duggers will forever be distained.

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6 06 2015
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you for your comments, Mary.

Polanski is a fugitive from justice, having pled guilty to the charges against him, and then having fled to France just hours before his sentencing. He cannot enter this country or other countries without being arrested and returned to California to face time in prison relating to his rape of a 13-year-old girl.

Like Bill Cosby, Hollywood looked the other way and even embraced both of them, because their practices have been “standard fare” since the “casting couch” was first used by Hollywood’s power brokers.

See, e.g., (“The Serial Rapist Bill Cosby“) and (“Bill Cosby Deposition Reveals Calculated Pursuit of Young Women, Using Fame, Drugs and Deceit”—”[Cosby] presented himself in the deposition as an unapologetic, cavalier playboy, someone who used a combination of fame, apparent concern and powerful sedatives in a calculated pursuit of young women”—”[T]he deposition [included] Mr. Cosby’s acknowledgment that he had obtained quaaludes as part of his effort to have sex with women”)

Cosby, Polanski and Woody Allen—both of whom are Jews—and so many other show business, sports and Capitol Hill-types make the Duggar son seem like a saint, by comparison. No charges have ever been brought against him; rape did not occur (e.g., I have read the police report); he was a minor when the acts of inappropriate touching happened; the statute of limitations has run; and the Duggar parents handled the situation as well if not better than most parents would have done.

The Duggar son has resigned from his job in Washington, D.C.; the family dealt with these issues more than a decade ago when they arose; and sealed and confidential juvenile records have been released illegally—which is legally actionable.

Those who are after the Duggar son and his family—including his wife, their three young kids, with another one on the way—are on a crusade to drive them and other Christians from the media, which is shameful.

If you read the comments beneath articles about the Duggar family, you will realize that this hysteria is an assault on Christianity by those who have different belief systems (e.g., Hollywood’s Jews), or do not believe at all.


17 07 2015
Timothy D. Naegele

Boycott TLC And Related Channels? [UPDATED]


TLC and its parent company, Discovery Communications, Inc., have canceled “19 Kids and Counting,” which is a travesty and a tragedy.

See (“TLC Cancels ’19 Kids and Counting’ Following Josh Duggar Scandal”) and (“Duggar Family’s ‘19 Kids and Counting’ Canceled By TLC”); see also (“Discovery Communications”)

Vast numbers of Christians are likely to boycott TLC and Discovery Communications’ other channels (e.g., the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet), and call for the ouster of David M. Zaslav, Discovery Communications’ President and CEO (e.g., “19 Kids and Counting” was TLC’s highest-rated show).

Many American Christians are sick and tired of anti-Christian, anti-religious movements and sentiments in this country. Indeed, many may seize on this as a catalyst for action.

Because the decision has been made, presumably there is no turning back or reversing the decision. Thus, at the very least, TLC and Discovery Communications, Inc. should release the Duggars from all contractual obligations, so their show can be aired—and reruns can be re-aired—on some other channel(s), with the Duggars benefiting fully.

This is the least that can be done; and it must happen before their dedicated, loyal and very professional crew disbands, and it becomes impossible to “pick up the pieces.”

Otherwise, unnecessary and costly litigation may target TLC, Discovery Communications, Inc. and their decision makers. Indeed, it can be argued the show’s cancelation has fostered hatred of the Duggars by others, and damaged the reputation of each family member irreparably.

See, e.g., (“The Duggars Are Broke or Just Greedy as Hell”) (see also the comments beneath the article); see also (“Inside Jill Duggar’s life as a missionary in EL SALVADOR – along with husband Derick and baby Israel she is living under armed guard in a remote jungle region plagued by gang violence, drugs and lawlessness”) and (“Discovery’s cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting amid Josh Duggar molestation scandal cost the channel $19MILLION”—”19 Kids and Counting, with the Duggars, was TLC’s highest-rated show”)

. . .

The bottom line is that neither the Duggar parents or anyone else would have known about the Duggar son’s actions if he had not been honest and come forward and told his parents. And no one else would have known about it unless the Duggar parents had been honest and taken actions.

For TLC, Discovery Communications, Inc. and their decision makers, and others to castigate the Duggar family and punish them is unconscionable and anti-Christian.


21 07 2015
Kevin Johnson, Ph.D.

Religious Americans traditionally and historically come down very hard on religious nonconformists. Just look at the LDS experiences in this nation. We have freedom of religion in theory, but when people begin experimenting with religious ideas and step outside the mainline, a backlash ensues.

One case in point occurred in 1989-1990 in rural Pontotoc, Mississippi–where the vast majority of residents belonged to either Southern Baptist, National Baptist, or Methodist denominations. A Lutheran single mother of five children who had recently moved to the county enrolled her children into North Pontotoc Attendance Center–the area’s only k-12 public school (and only school in that district).

The mother’s school-aged children (ages 12, 10, 8) were forced to take Bible classes at North Pontotoc AC, which were taught by the deacon of a nearby Baptist Church. After several weeks, the mother learned what her children were learning in this required course and objected to educational authorities. I don’t know what the deacon taught, but in press accounts the mom said that he was emphasizing scriptural passages that attested to female subservience to males and the story of Ham and the creation of human “races.” She asserted her rights to freedom of religion, and that the school’s insistence that her children complete these Bible courses (one religion class per year until 12th grade) abridged her religious freedom. The school district disagreed, and informed the mother that she and her children could move to another district if they didn’t like its policies.

The mom hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit. The school district caved quickly and allowed the mother’s children to opt out of the required Bible classes. School officials at North Pontotoc responded by making the woman’s kids sit in the hallway as these classes were taking place. Naturally, the children’s peers asked why they were not in the required Bible classes. The eldest informed her peers that they were Lutheran and not Baptist and disagreed with the religious interpretation of scripture. At which point, all three of the woman’s school-aged kids were ostracized. Some were beaten up. School district officials repeated their offer to the mom: move out of the district to escape the ostracism. The woman had few options given her $15,000/year salary while working at a nearby furniture factory. So she again filed a cease and desist lawsuit against the school district. By this point the ACLU had gotten involved to handle the legal issues pro bono for the mom.

The news media got the story–local only at first, and then it became a national story at a time before the 24-hour news cycle. The woman’s male children were beaten up, the female child suffered countless indignities until the mom had to take the kids out of school. Pontotoc authorities then prosecuted the mom for truancy.

The mom’s neighbors placed a defused bomb in her car as a warning. They burned crosses in her yard. She received multiple death threats. 250 to 300 protestors berated her, her children, in a round-the-clock spectacle in the mom’s front yard while Pontotoc County Sheriff Deputies joined in with the protestors.

So even Christians in this nation only have religious freedom when their Christian beliefs are in alignment with the dominant sect in a given locality. Christians can indeed be mighty cruel.


21 07 2015
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Kevin, for your comments.

There is no question that there can be abuses based on religious beliefs, here in the U.S. and globally. History has shown us this; and the treatment of “prisoners” by ISIS/ISIL in the Middle East underscores this fact.

However, the Duggar family show has been very fair. I never would have watched it, if I believed it were otherwise.


21 08 2015
Timothy D. Naegele

More About Josh Duggar [UPDATED]

The UK’s Daily Mail has an article entitled,”‘I have been the biggest hypocrite ever’: Josh Duggar ADMITS being unfaithful to his wife after being exposed as an Ashley Madison user – but tries to ERASE his admission of a PORN addiction.” Other media outlets have run similar stories.


Watching porn is not illegal or immoral, in and of itself. Both men and women do it, just as they fantasize about sexual acts. They have probably done so since the time of Adam and Eve. Indeed, Adam was tempted in the Garden of Eden. No one is perfect, except God.

See; see also (“What And Where Is God?”)

If Josh did not do more than that, he should not be castigated. It would be absurd to do so. Remember Jesus’ words: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone. . .” Also, Bill Cosby and so many other “heroes” are at the other end of the spectrum from Josh.

See (“The Serial Rapist Bill Cosby”)

. . .

It has been reported that Josh had unprotected sex with at least one prostitute during his wife’s last pregnancy, which is just dumb and reckless.

See (“Porn star says she had ‘terrifying’ rough sex with disgraced US reality star Josh Duggar TWICE while his wife was pregnant with their fourth child”)

Lots of men do this, but not with prostitutes. That smacks of Tiger Woods.

Having admitted to 121 affairs during his marriage to Elin, surely Woods has picked up one or more STDs that will be shared with any of his sexual partners in the future.


Hopefully Josh has not done that with Anna . . .


26 05 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Judges Are The Very Worst Of The Legal Profession

See (“Father-of-seven Josh Duggar is sentenced to 12.5 years in prison and is banned from using the internet and unsupervised access to his OWN children after downloading ‘worst of worst’ child porn from computer at his Arkansas car dealership”)

The thugs, slugs, hoods and mongrels of “Black Lives Matter,” Antifa and other far-Left groups have burned our cities; killed or hurt innocent Americans including our police; and destroyed black and other businesses. Yet, they walk free.

Allegedly Josh Duggar has possessed porn on his computer, and his life is being ruined. Where is justice? Missing in action, because of some Obama-appointed hack judge. Obama is racist and anti-Semite, who should be in prison for treason, at the very least. The same thing is true of Brain Dead Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

See, e.g., (“Justice And The Law Do Not Mix”) and (“Timothy L. Brooks”) and (“Is Barack Obama A Racist?”) and (“When Will Barack Obama’s Trial For Sedition Begin?”) and (“The Tragedy Of Joe Biden Is Clear For All To See”)

Lastly, a totally-talentless cousin of Josh was given face-time on the Duggar family’s show, which was a mistake. She’s a jealous witch.

See (“Josh Duggar’s cousin says she can sleep after he’s jailed for 12 years”)


5 10 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Crime Is Spiraling Out of Control In America, Yet The Anti-Christian Far-Left Focuses On Josh Duggar

See (“Josh Duggar looks scruffy and unkempt in prison, new photo shows”)


22 11 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Like The Duggar Family, Innocent Members Of The Chrisley Family Are Targeted By Anti-Christians

TheTopics21 from Uzbekistan commented on MailOnline:

“Seems like a hefty sentence considering murderers in most cities spend about 30 minutes in jail. But I guess they’re not the right color.”


Compare (“Todd Chrisley Gets Candid On His Faith In God”) with (“What Religion Are the Duggars? Learn About Practices, Strict Rule”)

See also (“American Blacks Constitute Less Than 14 Percent”) and (“Facebook Is Engaged In Criminal Censorship”) and (“Julie Chrisley breaks cover at Nashville mansion a day after being sentenced to seven years in prison: Husband Todd hides inside after vowing to appeal fraud and tax evasion conviction”)

Noneyour added on MailOnline:

“How did they get more time than Josh Duggar who did something 1,000,000 x more awful. I dont get it.”


The answer is that the Duggar imprisonment was a non-Christian “witch hunt.” Unlike the thugs, slugs, hoods and mongrels of “Black Lives Matter,” Antifa and other far-Left groups whose members walk free, Duggar didn’t kill anyone — much less our police or other members of Law enforcement. He did not burn our cities, or destroy black and other businesses.

At most, he was imprisoned for possessing porn on his computer.


12 02 2023
Timothy D. Naegele

Double Standards

See, e.g., (“Former Fresno elementary teacher admits to having child pornography, could go to prison”)

Anyone who engages in any level of perversion should face the consequences. This is especially true of those who participate in sex change procedures involving minors, in any capacity.

Josh Duggar is paying with his life because he is part of a devout Christian family, while the pervert Hunter Biden walks free — and is subject to round-the-clock Secret Service protection in Malibu, California and elsewhere.

The UK’s Prince Andrew engaged in elicit acts with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s girls, but so far he has been immune to any punishment. Vladimir Putin’s thugs have engaged in atrocities involving Ukrainian children, but the world is not punishing them.

Where is justice?


21 02 2023
Timothy D. Naegele

America’s Prisons Shouldn’t Be “Fun Houses,” But They Shouldn’t Be Staight Out Of Les Misérables Either

See (“Savannah Chrisley claims her mother’s prison facility ‘has no air'”); see also (“Les Misérables (2012 film)”)


17 03 2023
Timothy D. Naegele

Sick, Draconian, Anti-Christian Punishment

See (“Josh Duggar’s 12-year prison sentence for child pornography conviction extended by almost two months – as he ‘remains in solitary’ after being caught with contraband cell phone”)

The totally-despicable thugs, slugs, hoods and mongrels of “Black Lives Matter,” Antifa and other far-Left groups burned our cities; killed or injured innocent Americans including our police; and destroyed black and other businesses. Yet, most were never punished.

Josh Duggar is ostensibly being punished for having child pornography on his computer. But he is really being punished for his family being Christians. This travesty underscores the fact that justice is absent from much of our legal system.


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