History Repeats Itself: Thugs Riot In America

2 06 2020

  By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

Much is being made by America’s Left about how George Floyd died, and whether undue police brutality was involved.  There are competing claims in terms of the official autopsy report, and another version commissioned by his family.[2]  All of that is well and good; and the issues need to be put to rest, if that is possible.

The overriding issues, however, are the riots that followed.  They were and are lawless, criminal acts; and they are consistent with earlier acts of mob violence that began in my lifetime with the Watts Riots in Los Angeles.[3]  Put succinctly, the thugs and miscreants who have rioted need to be put down like a pack of rabid animals.  They harken back to the barbarian Mongol hordes that swept across Asia, bringing death, destruction and anarchy with them.[4]

The American thugs have defaced the Lincoln Memorial and other monuments, which underscores the fact that they are ignorant and have no sense of history—and they do not care.  Abraham Lincoln ended slavery and saved the Union.  The ancestors of today’s Democrats and other Leftists brought slavery to America, and perpetuated it with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and segregation.  Thus, how ignorant these thugs and yes, “animals” are today.

The question facing Americans now and in the future is whether they want to be ruled by rogue gangs of savages—or their Leftist, Democratic Party surrogates—much less in the midst of the deadly Coronavirus?[5]  Will the thugs catch the virus?  After all, it has been reported that 4,000 of them are in jails, which are incubators for the virus.  Clearly they have not been “social distancing” during their anarchy; and presumably they will not be doing so in the jails and prisons of our land.

From a macro view, how China’s brutal Xi Jinping[6] and Russia’s equally brutal dictator-for-life Vladimir Putin[7] must be salivating.  Having unleashed the Coronavirus as a bioweapon or inadvertently[8], Xi is moving against Hong Kong now; and Taiwan and other parts of Asia may be next.  Yet, in all likelihood, the American thugs know nothing about these issues, or their global effects and impact on millions of lives, nor is it likely they would care one iota if they knew.  Their rioting must be stopped, period.[9]


Minneapolis riots


© 2020, Timothy D. Naegele

[1]  Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate’s Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass). He and his firm, Timothy D. Naegele & Associates, specialize in Banking and Financial Institutions Law, Internet Law, Litigation and other matters (see www.naegele.com and Timothy D. Naegele Resume-20-5-11). He has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal (see, e.g., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commendation_Medal#Joint_Service). Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years (see, e.g., www.naegele.com/whats_new.html#articles and https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/articles/), and can be contacted directly at tdnaegele.associates@gmail.com 

[2]  Compare https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8371557/George-Floyds-autopsy-claims-died-underlying-heart-conditions-not-strangulation.html (“George Floyd’s family hire their own pathologist after official autopsy finds he died of ‘police restraint combined with heart disease and potential intoxicants in his system’ and not asphyxiation or strangulation by officer”) with https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/01/family-ordered-autopsy-george-floyd-died-of-asphyxiation/ (“Family-Ordered Autopsy: George Floyd Died of Asphyxiation”).

The determination of death will be a central issue in the arresting officer’s trial for murder; and any variances from the initial official report may be subject to scrutiny by the officer’s legal team, and rightly so.  Indeed, there are reasons to believe that the official conclusions were “softened” for political reasons.  If so, it is a travesty.

See, e.g., https://www.foxnews.com/us/results-of-george-floyd-independent-autopsy-expected-today (“George Floyd’s family, county officials release autopsy results declaring homicide”) and https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8377809/George-Floyd-MURDERED-says-independent-autopsy-ordered-family.html (“Coroner confirms George Floyd’s death WAS a homicide as officials walk back initial reports he wasn’t strangled after family’s autopsy found cop’s knee on his neck caused asphyxia”)

[3]  See https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2020/05/30/minneapolis-burns/ (“Minneapolis Burns”); see also https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8377723/Husband-wife-brutally-attacked-group-looters-tried-destroy-store.html (“Disturbing moment a husband and wife are brutally attacked by ‘a group of looters who tried to destroy store below their apartment in Upstate New York'”)

Later, it was the Rodney King Riots, where the mistreatment of one man was a spark that ignited a fire that went nationwide, much as is true of the riots now.  Yet, ongoing black-on-black crimes are ignored, which in many cases involve young thugs who target elderly blacks, and especially elderly black women who are terrified.

See, e.g., https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2019/05/07/the-brooke-amendment-and-section-8-housing-revisited/ (“The Brooke Amendment And Section 8 Housing: Revisited”) and Timothy D. Naegele [NOTE: To download The Banking Law Journal article, “The Brooke Amendment And Section 8 Housing: Revisited,” please click on the link to the left of this note]; see also https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/edward-w-brooke-is-dead/ (“Edward W. Brooke Is Dead”) and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Brooke (“Edward Brooke”) and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_Los_Angeles_riots#Rodney_King_incident (“1992 Los Angeles riots”—”Rodney King incident”)

[4]  See, e.g., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destruction_under_the_Mongol_Empire (“Destruction under the Mongol Empire”—The Mongol army conquered hundreds of cities and villages and also killed millions of men, women and children.  It has been estimated that approximately 5% of the world’s population was killed either during or immediately after the Turco-Mongol invasions.  If the calculations are accurate, the events would be the deadliest acts of mass killings in human history”)

[5]  See, e.g., https://buchanan.org/blog/assaulted-and-vilified-the-cops-save-the-cities-138625 (“Assaulted and Vilified, the Cops Save the Cities”) and https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2020/05/30/the-coronavirus-and-similar-global-issues-how-to-address-them/ (“The Coronavirus And Similar Global Issues: How To Address Them”) and Timothy D. Naegele, “The Coronavirus and Similar Global Issues: How to Address Them,” 137 BANKING L. J. 285 (June 2020) (Naegele June 2020) (Timothy D. Naegele) [NOTE: To download The Banking Law Journal article, please click on the link to the left of this note]  

[6]  See, e.g., https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2020/05/12/coexistence-with-china-or-war/ (“Coexistence With China Or War?”)

[7]  See, e.g., https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/the-death-of-putin-and-russia-the-final-chapter-of-the-cold-war/ (“The Death Of Putin And Russia: The Final Chapter Of The Cold War”)

[8]  See supra n.5.

[9]  See, e.g., https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8377833/Protests-held-New-York-Washington-DC-riots-broke-out.htm (“Horrific video captures cops being RAMMED in Buffalo as looters ransack Macy’s and target Manhattan stores and the army is deployed in Washington DC – as violent George Floyd protests erupt across the US”) and https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/video-rioters-beat-woman-with-two-by-fours-after-she-asked-them-to-stop-T3zIoDpXP0KESbOK2rkqDw (“VIDEO: Rioters Beat Woman With Two By Fours After She Asked Them To Stop”) and https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8376551/Minneapolis-looters-seen-hacking-safe-inside-abandoned-police-precinct.html (“Minneapolis looters are seen hacking at safe inside charred shell of abandoned police precinct as protests over George Floyd’s death have turned into ‘total lawlessness’”) and https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8375985/Armed-vigilante-tries-stop-bank-robbery-Santa-Monica.html (“Moment armed vigilante tried to stop a bank from being robbed as looters cash in on George Floyd protests”) and https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8378113/Tyler-Perry-says-George-Floyds-family-adamant-call-peaceful-protest-amid-unrest.html (“Tyler Perry says George Floyd’s family is ‘adamant in their call for peaceful protest’ amid national unrest”)



5 responses

2 06 2020
Richard Schultz

Tim, Right-on. I*f only the perps would read it ! Richard*


2 06 2020
Timothy D. Naegele

Thanks so much, Richard, as always.


2 06 2020
Timothy D. Naegele

A British View Of America’s Riots

See https://www.economist.com/united-states/2020/06/02/the-violence-in-american-cities-reflects-the-fury-of-polarisation (“Anger and politics – The violence in American cities reflects the fury of polarisation“)

You have to love the Brits. They seem to get most things wrong.

From losing the Colonies, to losing their Empire, to almost being overrun by Hitler if we hadn’t saved them, to dumb and dumber Harry marrying the z-actress #MEGXIT and losing everything, to seemingly botching Brexit, they can be aptly described as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

See, e.g., https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8376883/Meghan-complains-Kate-Middleton-gets-backing-Palace-bad-press.html (“‘This is really a slap in the face.’ Bitter Meghan complains that Kate Middleton ‘snaps her fingers’ and gets backing of the Palace after negative Tatler article, while she was crucified by the media and received no support”)

Now, their once-great Economist is opining on race relations in America. What they fail to mention is that educated blacks from African countries who come to Washington, D.C. and other cities to study and work speak perfect English; and they look down on American blacks such as the thugs who are rioting, inter alia, because they are uneducated and lazy.

Years of the Democrat’s “Great Society” and other welfare program have split up black families and produced economic dependence on Government. The consummate racist and anti-Semite, Barack Obama, described this in his book “Dreams from My Father.” Why should many of them work when the Government pays them; and they are waiting for the “Holy Grail” of reparations.

See https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2009/12/05/is-barack-obama-a-racist/ (“Is Barack Obama A Racist?“) and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Society (“Great Society“)

Other minorities (e.g., Hispanics, Asians) have risen up the economic totem pole and left the thugs behind, so their anger erupts periodically in violent riots that set back race relations even farther . . . sadly. The American blacks who are hurt the most are educated and ambitious, and who have never embraced the ghetto mentality—and who reject the riots as senseless and vicious.

See https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2020/06/02/history-repeats-itself-thugs-riot-in-america/ (“History Repeats Itself: Thugs Riot In America“)


3 06 2020

Mr. Naegele,

I couldn’t agree with you more. Over the years, I have read numerous stories in the UK print media that were related to America. Their “reporting” is astonishingly, and consistently, dishonest. According to their “reporters,” American law enforcement officers are wantonly shooting innocent Black people on literally a daily basis … all because of America’s deep seeded, long history of racism. The UK media simply ignores entirely the rampant, violent crime wave that is plaguing Black communities across the entire country.

The Brits also love to paint America as a lawless, racist, gun toting society that is on the verge of lawless anarchy. They typically ignore news accounts such as this: this past weekend, *Chicago had 84 shootings with 23 ending in fatalities. Nearly all of these victims were as a result of Blacks shooting other Blacks. (Most of this is as a result of drugs, criminal gangs, etc. fighting “turf wars). Google search Chicago’s violent weekend and try to find any mention of it in the UK media.

Another question begs to be asked; why hasn’t there been any “protesting” for this ongoing, never ending, violence to stop? Apparently, these lives don’t seem to “matter” very much.

The last I checked, the race baiters “Rev” Jesse Jackson and “Rev” Al Sharpton are not planning any “protest” activities in Chicago. If there was such an award for being a lying hypocrite, these two would have won it multiple times.

*Due to Chicago’s extremely strict anti-gun laws and regulations, it is almost impossible to purchase a gun legally, giving credence to the often repeated statement; “outlaw guns, and only the criminals will have them.”


3 06 2020
Timothy D. Naegele

Ray, how very nice to hear from you. 😊

And yes, I agree completely with what you have written. Among other things, black-on-black crime has been horrendous, especially directed by young black thugs and hoods against elderly blacks who are terrified.

See “Black woman slams looters for destroying her New York store,”

The late Senator Edward W. Brooke and I wrote the Brooke Amendment, and the Housing Allowance that morphed into Section 8 housing, with the plight of elderly blacks (especially women) firmly in mind. They are petrified to this day.

See “The Brooke Amendment And Section 8 Housing: Revisited,”

These riots, like earlier riots, celebrate the lawlessness and viciousness of black thugs, slugs and hoods.


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