President Donald Trump speech in Cullman, Alabama

22 08 2021

See (1) or (2) and (3) (“Donald Trump Plays Gen. Patton Speech at Rally: We’re Tired of ‘Woke’ Generals”)

See also (“‘It’s the greatest military defeat of all time’: Trump rages at Biden over chaotic Afghanistan exit at rally and calls it a ‘total surrender’ that ‘would never have happened if I was president'”)



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23 08 2021
Richard Koranda

It is a disgrace that the current Democratic party and Biden would throw America under the bus like they did…. and not just Afghanistan, every topic, economic, and security front this administration has blown it ….. It’s becoming very apparent that they (Democrats, & all who support this disastrous administration) are unable and not fit for running this country! It is also becoming very clear that the Biden family is extremely corrupt and have displayed criminal behavior, and are now still involved with criminal behaviors…. The entire family!!!!

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23 08 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you for your comments. I agree completely.

See also (“15 Million U.S. Ballots Are MISSING, These Ballots Exceed The Margin Of Victory In 3 States That Biden Won”)

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9 10 2021

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