Imagine Being The Greatest Killers In History

1 12 2021

  By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

Adolf Hitler is usually described as one of history’s greatest killers—of Jews in the Holocaust, and others.  However, his Nazi death machines were dwarfed by the number of those who were killed by China’s Mao Tse Tung and the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin.[2][3]

Eclipsing all of them are the so-called “Justices” of our Supreme Court, who have single-handedly been responsible for the deaths of more than 55 million Americans since Roe v. Wade, as part of their judiciary-sanctioned killing of human beings—or Infanticide.[4]

How can any of them sleep at night?  Shouldn’t they be paraded before the world like the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials?  Shouldn’t they be hung for their actions against humanity?[5]  What vile, despicable and God-less human beings they must be. Surely, like Hitler, Mao and Stalin, they will be welcomed at the Gates of Hell.

As the Court considers its next decisions with respect to abortions, its tragic legacy of massive killings overshadows everything else.  When will they stop?[6]



© 2021, Timothy D. Naegele



[1]  Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate’s Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass).  See, e.g., Timothy D. Naegele Resume-21-8-6  and  He has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University.  He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal (see, e.g., Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years (see, e.g., and, and studied photography with Ansel Adams.  He can be contacted directly at   

[2] See (“The Silent Voices Of Stalin’s Soviet Holocaust And Mao’s Chinese Holocaust”) (see also the comments beneath the article)

[3]  There is no question that China launched the deadly Coronavirus pandemic—inadvertently or as a bioweapon—which has killed or hurt millions globally, with even more deaths to come.  It may be years, if not decades, before accurate figures will be available with respect to the number of deaths.

See (Timothy D. Naegele, “The Coronavirus and Similar Global Issues: How to Address Them”)

[4]  See, e.g., (“Abortions And Autos Kill More In America Than Guns”) (see also the extensive comments beneath the article)

[5]  See, e.g., (“Nuremberg trials”)

[6]  See, e.g., (“‘A post-Roe strategy’: The next phase of the abortion fight has already begun”) and (“A ‘Political Explosion’ on Abortion Might Be What We Need”)

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