Global Chaos And Helter Skelter—Revisited

12 04 2022

  By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

Almost seven years ago, an article was published here that addressed these issues.[2]  Today, after China’s deadly Coronavirus pandemic has swept the Earth and continues to kill[3], and Russia’s KGB-trained killer Vladimir Putin has unleashed unspeakable atrocities in Ukraine[4]—with “co-conspirators” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, who have failed to give the Ukrainians enough help to win and avoid being slaughtered[5]—it is fair to revisit the issues discussed in that article.

They are important and affect each of us, as well as the lives, well-being and futures of our loved ones. The Coronavirus lockdowns alone have changed our lives in countless ways; and just when we believed that the global crisis has passed, a new “variant” or mutation emerges that might take us almost back to square one.  The so-called “experts” tell us that the vaccines and their boosters may not protect us, and that masking and “social distancing” may be necessary again.[6]  Yet, most Americans ignore them.[7]

Although Putin’s death may bring the tragedy of his existence to an end, along with so much suffering, American military “experts” predict that the genocide in Ukraine may last for years, and spread.[8]  If anyone believes that the horrors visited on the world by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung are consigned to the past, think again.  They have been occurring each and every day in Ukraine, brought to that country and its galant people by Putin and his Russian animals.[9]

Also, China may be poised to begin the next phase of “World War III” in Taiwan.  Having destroyed Hong Kong’s fledgling democracy, and enslaved approximately 1 million ethnic minorities including the Uyghurs, and having launched EMP weapons to “fry” Indian soldiers in its border war with that country, China’s Xi Jinping may prove to be just as vicious and inhuman as Putin.[10]

Biden, Putin and China are central to any discussion because they may be in the process of bringing us World War III with earth-shattering horrors, and throwing all of the other issues into a cocked hat.  By launching the Coronavirus pandemic, China changed world history.  By “rigging” America’s presidential elections in 2020, with the help of our woke and Leftist media, Biden assumed the presidency and has been systemically destroying the United States ever since.

His humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan told Putin and Xi Jinping all they needed to know, which was underscored by his televised performances that were embarrassing at best.  Why hold back?  Why not strike while he is still America’s President?  The only thing more catastrophic might be a Harris presidency, or no presidency at all.  And Putin and Xi Jinping could not wait until the national elections of 2022, when the Democrats might lose the Congress, and the pendulum might begin to swing back in a Donald Trump-oriented direction.

As stated seven years ago, for many Americans, the world seems upside down or topsy-turvy, and headed for unbelievable—if not unprecedented—chaos, calamity and helter skelter.  This was and is true today: economically, militarily, socially, and in countless other ways.  Countries and global regions are coming apart at the seams; accepted institutions are attacked; lives are uprooted or ended in truly savage ways; and little seems sacred or even predictable anymore.

An unfathomable global economic crash is predicted, unlike anything that we have witnessed in our lifetimes.  In addition to Russia and China, North Korea continues to be a loose cannon; the Middle East is imploding, with much worse yet to come; and terrorists stalk the world, creating death and destruction.

Human trafficking, organ harvesting and sexual slavery flourish, while the problems with illegal immigration and drugs seem endless and insoluble.  Accepted views of marriage and gender identity are being rewritten; and divorces seem to be the norm.  The inmates are running the asylum.  Organized religion is under attack.  America’s history is challenged as being racist, with attempts being made to rewrite it.  Riots have been occurring in American cities, provoked by hoods, thugs and criminals; and crime is omnipresent.

So-called man-made “global warming” and “climate change” are being pushed worldwide, even though it is clear that our planet has gone through warming and cooling periods for millions of years.  Americans’ trust in business, Congress and our elected officials, the law and judiciary, the police, government in general—and in the future—are shaken each and every day.  The old “norms” seem to be gone.  Replacing them appears to be anarchy, certainly in the Middle East and Africa.  Countries and regions are fragmenting; and order and the value of human lives are in short supply.

Those who stay abreast of the news see barbarism in action, which is all too reminiscent of what is portrayed in Hollywood films.  Yet, whether one is a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent or something else—and regardless of one’s skin color, ethnicity or religious beliefs—there is hope.  God does exist, and guides our individual and collective lives, albeit we may ignore that fact at times.[11]


© 2022, Timothy D. Naegele


[1]  Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate’s Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass).  See, e.g., Timothy D. Naegele Resume-21-8-6  and  He has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University.  He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal (see, e.g., Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years (see, e.g., and, and studied photography with Ansel Adams.  He can be contacted directly at

[2]  See (“Global Chaos And Helter Skelter”)

[3]  See, e.g., (“What Should Anyone Believe About The Coronavirus And Its Mutations?”)

[4]  See, e.g., (“More than 1,200 bodies have now been discovered in mass graves in towns and villages near Kyiv, claim officials – as horrified relatives break down and Zelensky calls for perpetrators of war crimes to be punished”) and (“Russia ‘unleashes chemical weapons on Mariupol'”)

See also (“Putin sends nearly 100,000 Ukrainian refugees to Siberia, the Far East and even the ARCTIC CIRCLE after his troops interrogate them and ship them out of their homeland on buses”)

How many of them will return to Ukraine, alive and unharmed? When the Russians’ Soviet forbearers did this, very few returned.

[5]  See, e.g., (“As war enters bloody new phase, Ukraine again calls for more weapons”) and (“Ukraine, Russia Gear Up for War’s Biggest Battles”) and (“No Long War in Ukraine”); see also (“Biden Is Brain Dead”) and (“Brain Dead Joe Biden Has Picked Willie Brown’s Ho As Our Next President”) and (“The Tragedy Of Joe Biden Is Clear For All To See”)

[6]  See, e.g., (“Fauci concedes its up to individuals to deal with pandemic”) and (“Philadelphia to BRING BACK mask mandate”); but see (“White House pandemic czar is not ‘overly concerned’ about Covid uptick”)

[7]  See, e.g., (“Americans say COVID is OVER: Just 9% think the pandemic is a ‘serious crisis’ in a warning to lawmakers planning to bring back mask mandates and restrictions in response to latest wave”)

[8]  See, e.g., (“‘Life, Liberty & Levin 4/10 – Fox News – Life, Liberty & Levin FULL SHOW’ on YouTube”) (see especially the interview with David Mamet)

Ukraine must be supplied with all of the weapons that it needs.  Sanctions may not make a significant difference in deterring Putin’s butchery.

[9]  See, e.g., (“The Silent Voices Of Stalin’s Soviet Holocaust And Mao’s Chinese Holocaust”) and (“Wave of Russian dissent against Putin’s war hits social media”); but see (“Inside wartime Russia, Putin isn’t losing”)

[10]  See, e.g., (“China’s Echoes of Russia’s Alternate Reality Intensify Globally”)

[11]  See, e.g., (“What And Where Is God?”)



16 responses

13 04 2022
H.Craig Bradley


We may have better “communications” and technology to access current developments and information from quality sources and outlets. However, it does little good if we don’t take the time to do our own independent research. Most Americans really could care less. Go with the flow ( Wear the Mask, Hate Antivaxers, Hate Trump, Hate Putin, and so-on ). Mindless automatons.

All too often, we just accept the Mainstream Media’s version of news and events, as is, even though its often uncollaborated with “facts on-the-ground”. In the case of Ukraine, there are no independent journalists reporting regularly about developments in the battlefield for one single reason: They are shot on-sight if discovered by Russian troops, according to Bill O’Reilly. ( However, there is one official Russian reporter embedded inside a Russian company.)

Did you notice, for example, that Russia signed a agreement with Saudi Arabia last August, 50 years to the day that President Nixon took us off the international gold standard and ushered in the era of floating currency exchange rates (Fx Market)?

The era of the petro-dollar was another policy achievement of the Nixon Presidency, as effected by Sec. of State Henry Kissinger and Saudi Arabia. We agreed to provide military protection to the Royal Family in-exchange for an agreement that all Saudi Oil would be priced exclusively in U.S. Dollars. That agreement is kaput, as of August 5, 2021.

Saudi Arabia is no longer obligated to price their oil exclusively in U.S. Dollars. So, forget about cheap gas returning any time soon. This means inflation is embedded at a higher level for a very long time to come, as well. So, the next President will have learn to live with it and find any potential work-arounds, if possible. Saudi Arabia is not coming back to the former dollar agreement, circa. 1973.

The Book of Revelation was written in 91 A.D. during perilous times, yet Rome did not completely “collapse” until 480 A.D. Just like contemporary America, decline is a long process but things move much faster in modern times than in the time of Christ. John wrote this final Book of the Bible in seclusion. ( A Camp David sort of retreat ?).

We are not likely going-back to the world we once knew back in 2019, rather entering a “brave new world” of increasing resource scarcity, austerity, and conflicts. If a major bear market evolves in stocks, bonds, and real estate then we can anticipate truly hard times not seen since the 1930’s. Many won’t make it because America has grown weak and soft, unable to endure real hardships, including a new foreign war and do so for a long time (15 years).


13 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Aw yes, the Romans, Craig.

As we have discussed before, nothing is “written.” Reagan proved that when he turned the views of naysayers like Henry Kissinger on their head. Instead of the United States collapsing, the Soviet Union did. It is no more.

It was a house of cards economically, and it collapsed. Russia is an even smaller house of cards today. Take away its energy sales, and it will implode too, and “scatter” into small republics.

Our problem is that we have far-Left woke morons in the White House. They have not hesitated to implement policy changes to destroy our great nation. But they do not represent a majority of Americans, including blacks and Hispanics. The latter two groups, in particular, have been hurt by the flood of illegal aliens into this country.

I respectfully disagree with the conclusions of your first paragraph. Americans aren’t stupid, and yes they do care. And I believe their collective wisdom will be reflected in November’s election results.

We’ve discussed Bill O’Reilly before, who reportedly paid Lis Wiehl $32 million to settle her sexual claims against him, and millions to other women. He lost all credibility when that happened, at least for lots of us.

See, e g., (“Lis Wiehl”)

Saudi Arabia has a litany of problems, and will “dance to our tune” when the time is right. As we’ve discussed before, we don’t have a “presidency” now, and must weather the storm until Brain Dead Joe, Willie Brown’s ho Kamala, and Nancy Pelosi are gone. I expect Nancy to retire in conjunction with November’s election results.

Rome had a succession of corrupt/totally-corrupt emperors, so I do not believe that comparison is valid.

Next, the Democrats’ house of cards may be collapsing and they know it, which is why 30 or so of the House members are retiring, so they can keep their “perks.”

Lastly, like Hitler and Stalin before him, Putin will be gone. How exactly it happens, and when, I will not wager about.

See, e.g., (“Paranoid Putin ‘bracing for military coup’ after purging 150 SPIES over Ukraine invasion failure”)


13 04 2022
H.Craig Bradley


Many of our Blue Cities are “cesspools” such as Chicago, ILL or NYC. In-fact, violent crime is already out-of-control in many of America’s largest cities. This has fueled a massive, multi-year migration out of the bluest cities and states and into Red states and smaller cities or suburbs far away from the collapsing urban core.

Consequently real estate prices have been rapidly increasing in far away places like Whitefish, MT to Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as Sarasota, Florida ( average house costs $410,000 in a low wage region). Quality smaller markets are oversubscribed as a result of Blue State emigration.

Many of our cities are in-fact, rotten to the core. I do not care about rotting American cities, as it’s been a work-in-progress for many decades. Local voters choose and then they suffer. Rinse and Repeat. This is real justice. Now, we can see and even feel the stench of homelessness. Let them lose their souls, as only Rev. Al Sharpton really “cares” about minorities anyway, sure not those filthy rich political elites and beltway limousine liberals in the Democratic Party.


13 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again, Craig.

I have never been a fan of cities. Having grown up a mile or so west of the UCLA campus in Westwood – or West Los Angeles – I have contended for years that there was no reason for residents of the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area to ever go into downtown LA.

The only attractions might be the Staples Center or the Disney Concert Hall, or the convention center, or the Coliseum where USC football games are played – which has really been replaced by the new state-of-the-art SoFi Stadium near LAX..

When the devastating Northridge earthquake hit LA, and the Loma Prieta quake hit the San Francisco area, I thought telecommuting would take hold. But it didn’t.

Then, the Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns hit, and I felt certain that telecommuting was the answer for LA, San Francisco, New York City and other big cities; and that they would die. Why sit in hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic, when your work could be done with ease from where you live?

Now with gasoline prices going through the roof, thanks to Brain Dead Joe Biden, how many people will be forced to telecommute? Defying my last sentence is the fact that Sunset Boulevard in LA is clogged again in the afternoons coming east from the fancy homes in Brentwood and Malibu.

Workers have to work on those homes, and nothing changes for them.


13 04 2022
H.Craig Bradley


America has enjoyed a significant advantage in the global economy because more or less, our Dollar has been the Global Reserve Currency. We took it for granted for over 75 years and increasingly, abused our authority & monetary advantage over the years.

Joe Biden has exceeded all previous financial impositions upon our allies & others by weaponizing the SWIFT inter-bank transfer system ( You don’t play ball, we freeze you out).

Next, he disappointed and alarmed our allies by abruptly pulling-out of Afghanistan and abandoning our friends and long term partners. His withdrawal was total and unannounced, leaving lots of loose ends. One of the casualties of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal was to alarm our allie Saudi Arabia.

Biden’s Defense policy forced Saudi Arabia to look for a new regional power to provide (reliable) military security for the Royal Family. (We previously provided such security since 1973, a period of 50 years). President Biden has effectively ended our petrodollar arrangement with the Saudis. So, Putin was only happy to negotiate a new exclusive security arrangement and payment system (other than U.S. Dollars) for Saudi Oil. I consider this agreement to be irreversible for obvious reasons ( Primarily a increasingly menacing Iran ).


13 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again, Craig.

The Middle East is a cesspool. I do not care what happens to any of the countries in the region, except perhaps Jordan, because I like its king.


13 04 2022
H.Craig Bradley

RIP PETRO-DOLLAR ( 8/5/1971 to 8/5/2021)

The ONLY possible way in which the world’s is priced in non-U.S. Dollars on the global spot market for oil would be if we become largely self-sufficient in fossil fuels. North America and Alaska have sufficient proven natural resource reserves to enable true energy self-sufficiency and still have enough surplus to export for “hard currency” to Asia and Latin America. ( If we choose to use it)

However, our environmental lobby and Litigation by environmental interest groups such as Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have had a choke-hold on domestic energy policy for most of the past 54 years, regardless of political party ( Democrats in-charge or RHINO’s in-charge). No new dams (snail darter), No more Nuclear Power Plants, or Coal-Fired Power Plants, or Oil Refineries ( last one constructed in the United States was in 1978). Therefore, I can NOT be optimistic about meaningful energy policy improvement given the lengthy legal and legislative history ( NEPA, Endangered Species Act, etc.)

Unless and until this is changed, we will be importing ever more oil and gas from unstable, corrupt Third-World countries who are anti-Democratic and with ever depreciating dollars. ( See inflation?) In-addition, we first have to pay in dollars, then translate those dollars into some other acceptable currency ( currency conversion costs add to the oil bill ). So, our dollar buys less and less offshore as time goes on while the cost of energy goes up and up and up.

One can see even the possibility of bouts of “hyperinflation” in America before Biden and the Democrats are kicked-out of the White House. 45% annual inflation would seem like “hyperinflation” to spoiled, stupid American voters, but it won’t be even close to the real deal ( Zimbabwe, or Venezuela, for example) So, before we can expect any “gain” lies much more economic “pain”. In-fact, its only getting started. Just wait!


13 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again.

First, I watched the video, and urge others to do so. What this means is that the courageous Ukrainians are likely to suffer even greater atrocities, followed by China’s actions against Taiwan and elsewhere; and that the biggest losers may be Americans and our position in the world (e.g., the centrality of the U.S. Dollar).

Needless to say, most Americans have no training in or understanding of global economics, but they do have a wealth of “commonsense,” which I believe will be reflected in November’s election results.

Second, the “might” of the Russian military is an illusion, but its atrocities and savagery are on full display each and every day. The courage and war-fighting skills of the Ukrainians are an inspiration to the world.

Third, if Donald Trump was President, it is unlikely that Putin would have moved against Ukraine. Yet, when Ukrainian women are raped and killed, it resonates with American women and women globally.

Even though Joe Biden and his administration may be totally incompetent, that fact cannot be hidden any longer. American women see their counterparts in Ukraine suffer, and it resonates.

Fourth, I have said here many times recently that I had a secretary who was a young girl in Berlin when the Soviets overran that city near the end of World War II, and raped an estimated 2 million German women. Putin’s forces are savages and inhuman, like the Soviet forces were.

Women understand suffering, and they relate to it. Men, women and children are suffering because of one man, Putin, which may get much worse. At some point, I believe, the women of Europe and America may say: “Enough is enough.” And they may be liberal and conservative women alike – and yes, even Russian women whose spouses and children are dying or being maimed in Ukraine, because of Putin.

Lastly, the worst may be coming, although I hope not.

See, e g., (“Ukrainian tunnel fighters of Mariupol put up a hellish last stand in Stalingrad-esque abandoned steel plant – as Putin masses thousands of troops in East for new offensive to crush resistance by ‘victory day'”) and (“Putin’s war crimes exposed as Biden accuses him of trying to ‘wipe out’ Ukrainians in ‘genocide’ : Damning international report released as ‘beautiful’ girl, 16, is identified as Bucha victim ‘raped and shot in the head’ by Russian troops”)


13 04 2022
H.Craig Bradley


I agree, If President Trump had been reelected, everything might have been different, as you say. However, the “powers that be” wanted President Trump out so the forces against him were victorious and ‘the people” ( 80 million voters) just went along with it all, as too often is the case ( Russia-gate, etc.). Sadly, many Americans still can not and will not concede the fact they made a grievous (terrible) mistake. The ball is already rolling now. Try to manage it, if at all possible

Anybody alive remember this issue on the cover of the Economist Magazine (1988)? Bet NOT:

We can not simply go back and remake a decision under changed circumstances and terms or conditions. As the saying goes, “You can not cross the same river twice”. We have to cope and try to manage what happened since January 2021, like it or not. Its our collective fate. We all must grin and bare it, as the old saying goes.

If the voters truly learned a lesson as a result of their huge mistake then maybe I would be a little more optimistic about the rest of this decade. I can not. History proves voters (people) have short memories and seldom learn much of anything from the experience.

Therefore, I can no longer necessarily trust the judgement or personal opinions of my fellow Americans. Like it or not, I have to learn to live with this contemporary (social) fact of life. We are all truly on our own whether we realize it or not. The government won’t be taking care of anyone. Its NOT their job.


13 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Craig, I do not believe for half of a nanosecond that 80 million Americans voted for Brain Dead Joe and Willie Brown’s former ho Kamala.

I agree with your third paragraph . . . and understand/agree with your subsequent comments.

Maybe, just maybe, Zelenskyy will “bail us out” and actually win, or someone will terminate Putin. 😊


13 04 2022
Gary Flynn

Ukraine is the dirty money, guns, organs, and child trafficking laundering capital of the world. Its why all the left wing maggots are mounting a full court press to save it. Putin is the only one left to save us all being ruled and run over by the globalist Soros, Rothschild’s and Klaus Schwab coterie of devils leading the World Economic Forum.
When you see the likes of Hillary, Obamas, Bidens, Pelosi and a few dozen Democratic Congress in America alone defending Ukraines cash cow then you know its the last bastion of 4th Reich Nazism; will be all to clear who the real enemy was. …is. Soon.
Someone in America murdered Kennedy in 63….and they willing to kill the country now rather than see it healed……Obama’s proxy Biden is doing the job Obama couldnt finish….but he’s on his own death’s door….
Its going to be a rough landing.


13 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Gary, for your comments.

First, I began studying the Soviet economy as an undergraduate in college. It was clear then that it was a “house of cards.”

Second, I was in Berlin when it collapsed, and Soviet soldiers were selling their uniforms and plumbing fixtures from their barracks, and going back to “tent cities” in the USSR.

Third, I have followed Putin since his rise to power began. He is a KGB-trained killer who “mastered” his trade in the DDR, or East Germany, which was one of the most repressive regimes in the Soviet Union’s orbit.

Fourth, I do not care about Soros at all. I began as a Democrat, and despise Brain Dead Joe and Willie Brown’s ho Kamala; and I will never vote for a Democrat again.

Fifth, I am focused on Putin’s butchery in Ukraine today, vis-a-vis women who are being raped, and whose children are being killed. Putin needs to be terminated, which should have happened years ago.

Sixth, the world will cheer when he dies, like the death of Hitler, Osama bin Laden and other brutal killers.

Clearly, you do not agree.

Lastly, when the Soviets overran Berlin in World War II, approximately 2 million German women were raped. I had a secretary who was a young girl there. She told me that she had seen things that no human being should see.

Putin needs to suffer like no one is history has ever suffered. That is his destiny.


4 05 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

We’ve Been Cheated

See, e.g., (“The Roe Leak Isn’t an Accident, It’s a Distraction – Look What Else Just Happened”) and (“Cops clash with pro-abortion protesters in LA as thousands demonstrate across America one day after leaked draft opinion showed the Supreme Court is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade”) and (“American justice lurched toward mob rule after the leak of a Supreme Court draft overturning Roe v Wade. Then Biden couldn’t resist giving it another shove, writes former White House legal adviser MAY MAILMAN”)

WalleyBear from Dallas, Texas commented on MailOnline:

“You know how DISGUSTING LIBERALS are…if they aint indoctrinating babies, they’re killing them.”

See; see also (“Chief Justice Roberts Goes Nuclear, Activates Police Force Answerable Only to the Court Itself”)


7 05 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Trump in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

See (“President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Greensburg, PA – 5/6/22”)

Years ago, I represented Greensburg Savings and Loan, which was run by a wonderful person, “Connie” Semler. I was honored to spend time with him.

He had a great sense of humor, and made me laugh and laugh. I joined the lovely Pike Run Club in Jones Mill, Pennsylvania as a Non-Resident Member, because of him.

Our great President was in Greensburg, and the people loved him. Any doubts? Watch his speech.


6 10 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

With All Of The Tragedies That Occur Each And Every Day, It’s As Though The Gates Of Hell Have Opened Wide

See, e.g., (“Mass shooting at child daycare centre in Thailand kills 31”) and (“Four members of kidnapped California Sikh family are found dead”) and (“Putin ‘wants to take the world with him when he dies’ expert claims”) and (“Suspect stabs two to death during knife rampage on the Las Vegas Strip”) and


9 12 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

The UK’s Dumb And Dumber Harry, And His Narcissistic Ho #MEGXIT

See, e.g., (“As Harry and Meghan share intimate details of their relationship on Netflix, Femail charts the Duchess’ love life before she married the royal”) and (“Meghan Markle’s half-siblings hit back at the first three episodes of the Duke and Duchess’ Netflix series as ‘horrible’ and ‘hurtful’ towards their family after Prince Harry said Meghan ‘doesn’t have a father'”) and (“The $100m ‘Harry and Meghan’ is panned… and finally the karmic wheels of justice turn against two untalented, ungrateful hypocrites. No one deserves it more – so let’s savor it!”)

Ho, ho, ho . . . She’s a lying ho.

See, e.g., (“Royal aides accuse Sussexes of MORE falsehoods in their Netflix docuseries: Meghan’s claims that she was not prepared for life in the monarchy is branded ‘a total lie’ by sources who say she was handed a 30-point DOSSIER detailing her future role”)

When #MEGXIT drops Harry and keeps his kids, where will he go?

See (“‘They were happy to lie to protect my brother’: Harry and Meghan fire new attacks at William and the Royal Family in explosive trailer for Netflix series as they say they were victims of ‘institutional gaslighting'”)


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