Is Redemption Possible For Tiger Woods?

17 12 2009

By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

Aside from his porn “stars,” escorts and other bimbos, the issue that may totally destroy Tiger Woods is drug use and abuse, with respect to which rumors have been swirling since his “accident.”

One of America’s finest sports writers, Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, has a lead story dated December 16, 2009[2], in which he asserts that Tiger’s credibility—already eroded by marital infidelity—could evaporate entirely if there is fire to go along with the smoke generated by his reported link to a doctor who promotes performance-enhancing drugs such as HGH.  Plaschke’s comments about the alleged linkage echo a report by the New York Times.

As Plaschke writes: “If a guy is a chronic cheater off the course, what kind of leap is required to believe he could be the same sort of cheater on the course?”  The doctor, Anthony Galea, is apparently under a joint U.S.-Canadian investigation for providing athletes with such performance-enhancing drugs.  One of the athletes that has been under Galea’s care is Tiger, who was visited “at least four times” at his Florida home by the doctor.

Plaschke adds: “The public thinks, if there’s even a chance [Tiger is] guilty of running a harem while married with two young children, there’s a chance he could be guilty of anything.  Once we realize we don’t know him, then we stop trusting him.  And once we stop trusting him, then he becomes vulnerable to people ignoring the amazing flight of his ball and concentrating on the unsettling size of his neck”—a reference to the size of disgraced baseball star Barry Bonds’ neck.

Bonds is a central figure in baseball’s steroids scandal; and his agent pronounced his playing career dead on December 10, 2009, saying it is essentially impossible for Bonds to find work in baseball heading into 2010.  Today, Bonds is remembered not only for his home runs and All-Star Games and Most Valuable Player awards, but also for a federal indictment that accuses him of lying to a grand jury about knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs.

Plaschke notes with respect to Tiger: “You know what’s really recklessly irresponsible?  Dealing with a doctor who has a history of using and prescribing the banned HGH substance, that’s what.”  Clearly Tiger is a sick human being.  No “happily-married man” who cavorts with porn stars and other women with savory reputations—much less in his own home—is anything less.

His popularity is plummeting, according to the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.[3] Since admitting to “infidelity,” his “favorable” rating dropped to 33 percent in the latest poll versus 85 percent from his last poll in June 2005.  His “unfavorable” rating climbed to 57 percent from 8 percent four years ago.  Tiger posted the highest popularity rating in poll history, 88 percent, when Gallup first measured him in 2000.  The swing is the largest drop between consecutive measurements since Gallup began tracking it in 1992, according to its managing editor.

The results of the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll are similar to those of the latest highly-respected Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey—announced on December 9, 2009[4]—which found that just 38 percent of Americans now have a favorable opinion of Tiger.  That is down from 56 percent, shortly after the stories first broke about his auto accident.  Two years ago, 83 percent had a favorable opinion of him.

It is not surprising that women take a harsher view of him as well.  Golf has been predominantly a men’s sport until recent years, and most women—certainly those who do not play or follow golf—probably view him as nothing more than another highly-paid athlete who got caught cheating on his wife.  What is so tragic is that golf gave Tiger an opportunity to rise to its zenith; and he has abused his family, friends, fans, sponsors, and the sport itself.

Tiger has trashed the sport of golf like no other player in its history.  Every American golf pro and others who earn a living from the sport worldwide will be hurt by his conduct.  His golf swing cannot be separated from his reckless life style.  He is a global disgrace.  However, golf will live through the Tiger Woods era and survive.  American golf existed long before anyone heard of him, and it will exist long after he is gone and nothing more than entries in the record books like Barry Bonds.

Tiger and his handlers have devised the ruse of a “hiatus” from golf because they want people to beg him to stay in the game.  An acquaintance of mine has noted: 

”It’s a shrewd political move.  It makes him sympathetic.  It makes the public and the PGA beg for his return.  His alleged ‘indefinite’ leave from the game is no such thing, nor is it designed so he can ‘work on his family issues.’  Rather it’s a cynical way to try to regain favor with the public.”

For many of us, Tiger was never a hero—just a gladiator or human “machine” that his father had fashioned, much like the gladiators who were trained for combat in ancient Rome.  Hence, we feel neither disillusioned nor betrayed, because Tiger is akin to so many other celebrities and politicians of our times, who have unbelievable feet of clay and should not be role models for anyone.  Regrettably, lots of people of all different ages apparently needed a hero and found one in Tiger.

Many of us have enjoyed the game of golf before Tiger came on the scene, where he was certainly dominant at times.  Vijay Singh and other fine golfers excelled too, and many of us applauded them, not Tiger.  What none of us really knew was that Tiger is a fraud and a sick human being, as well as the hedonistic version of the “American dream” gone haywire.

There are reports that Elin has decided to leave him after Christmas, and that she is already talking with one or more divorce lawyers.  Apparently she wants the holiday season to appear normal for her children, but will separate from him early in the New Year.  Tiger is an uncontrollable narcissist who will never change, nor can he be “fixed” by Elin or anyone else.  His marriage seems doomed regardless of what he does, which should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Bill Plaschke has noted: “As the public leaves him, so do advertisers, with global consulting firm Accenture PLC completely dumping him and Gillette pulling his commercials indefinitely.” Accenture’s termination of Tiger is presumably based on a “morals clause” in his contract.  With Gillette and AT&T phasing him out of their ads as well, which means they are dumping him—after Gatorade has dropped him already—the rest of his sponsors may follow suit.

Plaschke adds: “Woods won’t just lose all his endorsements—when was the last time you saw Barry Bonds selling anything?—but he’ll also lose his last bastion of support, his galleries.  Even those guys wearing plaid pants and [smoking] fat cigars don’t much tolerate golf cheats.  If golf fans go nuts when they think a guy is using a juiced driver, imagine what they’ll think about a juiced body.”

Also, there are reports that Team Tiger is coming apart, and that those who have guided his career in recent years may be dropped.  The real “hustlers” of Tiger are Steve Williams, his caddie; Bryon Bell, president of Tiger Woods Design; Mark Steinberg, his manager; and the other leeches who have made their living from him and knew exactly what was happening but kept taking his money.

Williams has said: “What people fail to realise is I [just] work for Tiger Woods  . . .  I am not with him 24/7.  . . .  When he is not competing, I am back in New Zealand.  I have no knowledge of what he is doing . . . .”  Williams claims the scandal has caused strife in his own marriage—perhaps because he lied to his wife like Tiger lied to Elin.

Bell allegedly arranged for the trip to Australia of Tiger’s bimbo, Rachel Uchitel, to join him at the Australian Open.  He even paid for her ticket and accompanied her on the flight.  Steinberg has been Tiger’s agent for 12 years, and the likelihood that he did not know what was happening is slim to none.  Moreover, any notion that these men failed to spot the trouble as it was developing, of course, is naïve and a fantasy.  If anything, it is likely that one or more of them served as high-class procurers or pimps for the golf legend.

When all is said and done, the media made Tiger a celebrity, and sadly it is unmaking him now.

© 2009, Timothy D. Naegele

[1] Mr. Naegele was counsel to the U.S. Senate Banking Committee; and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass), the first black senator since Reconstruction after the U.S. Civil War.  He practices law in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles with his firm, Timothy D. Naegele & Associates (  He has an undergraduate degree in economics from UCLA, as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University.  He is a member of the District of Columbia and California bars.  He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal.  Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years.  See, e.g.,

[2] See, e.g.,,0,3987424,full.column

[3] See, e.g.,

[4] See, e.g.,



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17 12 2009

The Tiger Woods scandal (if you could call it that) has brought on the debate yet again regarding black men date white women


17 12 2009


A fascinating article.


28 12 2009

Sir – thank you for your interesting commentary on the WSJ blog pages. At the end of the day, none of us can read Mr. Woods’ mind, or that of his wife. Mrs. Woods will make a decision during the coming year – either to stay in the marriage and try to rebuild the shattered trust, or to divorce Mr. Woods. After she makes her decision, it will be up to Mr. Woods to react – either by genuinely working to rebuild his marriage, or by establishing a postive post-divorce relationship with his former wife and being the best parent possible for his children. If she returns to Sweden, he may decide to relocate to Sweden as well to be close to his children, and participate in the European tour. This would be in the best interest of his children.

I am saddened, but not surprised by some of the negative comments in the blogs nationwide on this story. Men assume Mrs Woods knew, and should put up with it, because as a billionaire, he has an ‘entitlement’ to this type of behavior. They resent her and assume the worst of her character, that she will greedily ask for half of Mr Woods’ fortune (though she’s never spoken in public or made any formal demands for a divorce). They do not seem to care that Mrs Woods was exposed to potential STI’s and STD’s (and based on the timing, so were her unborn children). They do not seem to care that the 2 children will grow up without the benefit of two parents who demonstrate no a daily basis the commitment to marriage for better and for worse, and the stability of that loving marriage. Instead, they may get the tense negotiations of divorced parents who find fault in anything and everything the other parent says or does, fights over money, and derisive assumptions by their father’s fans, towards both their father and mother.

I’m also saddened by the women who were happy to cheat with Tiger Woods, and who are reluctant to apologize to Mrs. Woods when asked by the media. In the days of yore, a woman felt shame to be involved with a married man. She would tell nearly no one. She certainly would not go to the media, nor would she negotiate for the proverbial ’50 pieces of silver” to buy her story or her silence. Where are the parents of these women? How were they raised that they have such low self worth and lack of character and judgment? How are they received this holiday by their families, are they embarassed? Their names are sullied forever, thanks to Google searches.

Mrs Woods and the children deserve far better. I hope they find it in the new year.


28 12 2009

Thank you for your excellent and very thoughtful comments, Jayne. I agree with much if not most of what you have said, except for one comment: “Men assume Mrs. Woods knew, and should put up with it. . . .” I do not believe that at all. While she may have suspected, I doubt she knew for certain about his bimbos until shortly before Tiger’s “accident.” Also, I do not believe Elin should have put up with his behavior, which has gone beyond the pale. Over the years, I have had lots of male friends who had numerous relationships with women; however, I do not recall one who had a relationship with a married woman. Tiger is a serial adulterer, with lots of women who might have given him STIs and STDs, as you point out. In turn, he might have passed them on to Elin and his children. Such conduct is reckless, irresponsible, and sick. Add in the possibility of drugs, and the whole sad story about Tiger Woods has not been written yet. You concluded: “Mrs. Woods and the children deserve far better. I hope they find it in the new year.” I agree completely.


29 12 2009

On December 24, 2009, a friend of mine told me:

I have a friend who knows the whole Tiger Woods thing personally. This is what he told me:

Right now, Tiger is staying with Arnold Palmer in his home (not far from his house) and [Elin] is at their home with the kids. They are spending 6 hours a day together in marriage counseling sessions.

The entire incident began on Thanksgiving Day when Tiger was lying on the couch watching football games and texting someone (it was Rachel [Uchitel]). He went to the clubhouse and first deleted all the text messages. One came in after he left and he was not carrying his phone. His wife had suspected a lot of what had been going on and had been checking his phone messages when this latest one came in.

When he came back, they had a discussion which later turned into an argument. When it boiled over at night she took a golf club and hit him (he may have hit her too). She broke two of his teeth and did some real damage to his face. She started swinging the club and he got into the Cadillac and she kept swinging, breaking the windows. His facial wounds had NOTHING to do with the accident.

His wife called the agent, Mark Steinberg, when the ambulance came and Steinberg met him at the hospital. After Tiger’s release, Steinberg went with Tiger to Phoenix to a well known cosmetics dentist and a plastic surgeon, where he was recovering for a week. Right now, [Elin] has no plans to divorce, although she has a divorce lawyer.

Here is an article that confirms much of what my friend told me, which I did not mention until it was confirmed—in whole or in part—by the media:


29 12 2009

Just to clarify, I don’t personally believe that Mrs. Woods “knew and should put up with philandering”, what I should have written was “some men” feel this way and have expressed it in comments below online articles .

We react to sexual transgressions of men and women differently. I think if the golf shoe was on the other foot – the wife as the super star, with a loving husband and two young children, our society would judge that woman far worse if she had even 1/4 of the paramours that Mr Woods has taken on. I doubt anyone would say “The husband must have known what he was getting into when he married a super star billionaire athlete”. A female athlete would be crucified in the media for breaking up her family and being a horrible mother, one of the worst insults of all. Somehow being a poor father by spending time away from the kids with the paramour(s) is not as bad in our eyes as being a poor mother. If the husband stayed with the wife to rebuild their marriage, men would lose all respect for him and deride him as a cucold. As a society, it’s been great ratings and large volume hits on websites to report on the Woods family, but very little media coverage has looked at the deeper issues.

I appreciate Counselor Naegele’s attempt to look at this issue from a more sober perspective.


30 12 2009

As stated above:

Here is an article that confirms much of what my friend told me, which I did not mention until it was confirmed—in whole or in part—by the media:

The plot thickens! It has just been pointed out that the link to the Daily Mail’s article above is dead. The Mail must have pulled the story, which is interesting. A copy of the article is available though. See DailyMail.


30 12 2009

Fascinating. The Daily Mail’s link above is working now. See

However, the article has been “doctored.” For those who are interested, they can compare this version with the first one. See DailyMail.

None of this affects my article above, one iota.


26 01 2010

The Wall Street Journal has a fine article about the Tiger Woods scandal and its effect on the sport of golf. See

As I wrote in comments at the Journal’s Web site, I believe the bottom line is:

Tiger Woods is a disgrace to golf, and a very sick human being. His 19th bimbo has surfaced already (see; and there is reason to believe that lots more is to come (e.g., drug use). See, e.g.,

Like the sickos around him who took his money instead of trying to help him many years ago, when it might have been possible to make a difference, too many people in the golf world keep pandering to him and hoping for his return. I will never watch or attend another golf tournament if he is involved; and I am not alone in feeling that way.

The economic meltdown is hitting golf, like it is adversely affecting the U.S. and global economies, which will continue for the rest of this decade. It has nothing to do with Woods. Golf will survive just fine without him. His absence from the sport—possibly forever—will restore some integrity to golf. Like boxing’s loss of Mike Tyson, Woods will not be truly missed except by those who have fed off him, similar to those who fed off Tyson and other athletes.

I had a ticket to Woods’ tournament at Sherwood Country Club in Southern California, and canceled after the scandal broke and got my money back. Lots of golf fans will do the same, or heckle Woods, if he ever returns to the golf circuit. As Bill Plaschke wrote in the Los Angeles Times:

“Woods won’t just lose all his endorsements—when was the last time you saw Barry Bonds selling anything?—but he’ll also lose his last bastion of support, his galleries. Even those guys wearing plaid pants and [smoking] fat cigars don’t much tolerate golf cheats. If golf fans go nuts when they think a guy is using a juiced driver, imagine what they’ll think about a juiced body.”


Hopefully Woods’ absence from golf becomes permanent. Again, it will help restore integrity to the sport.

People Magazine indicates that Elin wants to preserve the marriage, and live together as “friends” if necessary, for the sake of her children. See, e.g.,,,20339434,00.html; see also–means-living-friends.html#addComment What a mistake. He is sick and she cannot change him or fix him. She is deluding herself if she believes that she can. She needs to take care of her kids and herself. If she does anything else, she will become “embroiled” in the sickness.

As the article concludes: “[S]he could be lonely forever.” This is perhaps the worst thing to happen in a marriage that goes bad—being lonely living with a spouse who has cheated on you. One is in “mourning” for the marriage (and family) that might have been. The kids will sense it, and it will be harmful to them too.

Elin would be better off, and her kids would be too, if she moves on and finds another man who will truly love her for the rest of her life.

Tiger is a narcissist, who will never change; and no amount of therapy will affect that. Sadly, he is the “Mike Tyson” of golf.


18 02 2010

Tiger Should Stay Under His Rock

The Wall Street Journal has reported the findings of a company that tracks the appeal of celebrities using online polls of U.S. consumers:

[B]efore the scandal, Mr. Woods was ranked as the ninth most aspirational celebrity out of 2,449 celebrities that are in the firm’s database. In the most recent ranking, Mr. Woods fell to number 2,411.


He continues to be a disgrace to his family and the sport of golf; and there is nothing anyone can do to change or “fix” him. Sure, his sycophants want to make money off him again, and hope his “gravy train” will resume.

Leaving aside his porn “stars” and bimbos, and his lying and cheating, what about his drug abuse? Surely the Wall Street Journal, other mainstream media, and the PGA will not sweep that aside and ignore it.

See, e.g.,,0,3987424,full.column


19 02 2010

Tiger Woods And The PGA Continue To Be Embarrassments

The Golf Writers Association of America, Christine Brennan of USA Today, Jesper Parnevik and Ernie Els must be congratulated for speaking out!

See and

The PGA will not allow comments at the tour site (or at, for obvious reasons. It is a disgrace to golf, and PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem should be fired.

What follows is an e-mail message that I received earlier today from the PGA, presumably acting as a shill for Woods and Mark Steinberg:

Clearly, Parnevik and Els—both of whom I have admired for many years—have spoken out. Yet, too many others on the circuit and in the golfing world have remained silent while this scandal has unfolded.

Not only did (1) the timing of Woods’ press conference interfere with ongoing PGA tournament coverage, and not only was (2) the media presence restricted to only “friendly” reporters, but there was NO in depth questioning about and coverage of his possible drug abuses. In fact, by effectively sanctioning Woods’ press conference, the PGA has swept that issue under the rug, and it has allowed Woods to exploit the sport of golf once again.

It is worth repeating what Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times has written:

Woods won’t just lose all his endorsements—when was the last time you saw Barry Bonds selling anything?—but he’ll also lose his last bastion of support, his galleries. Even those guys wearing plaid pants and [smoking] fat cigars don’t much tolerate golf cheats. If golf fans go nuts when they think a guy is using a juiced driver, imagine what they’ll think about a juiced body.


Leaving aside his porn “stars” and bimbos, and his lying and cheating, what about Woods’ drug abuse? Surely the mainstream media will not sweep that aside and ignore it.

Lots of people do not want to see him play golf again. He is a disgrace to his family and the sport itself; and there is nothing anyone can do to change or “fix” him. Sure, his sycophants—including the PGA and Steinberg—want to make money off him again, and hope his “gravy train” will resume.

But there are fans of golf, many if not most of whom are players themselves, who will never set foot on a golf course again if Woods is playing there, and will never watch a tournament on TV if he is in it. Effectively, lots of people will boycott the sport until he is gone, like Barry Bonds.


21 02 2010

Caddie Steve Williams is every bit as pathetic as Tiger Woods is! [UPDATED]

Woods and Williams

“here boy, get my club” . . .

New Zealander Williams is quoted as saying that he won’t tolerate any heckling of Woods whenever he returns to competition.

See; see also and

A clever wag at the USA Today Web site has commented:

Wow, and that’s from the guy who carries the clubs. Anybody know what the guy who mows the grass is thinkin’?

Another one added:

Someone should point out to WIlliams that he is just a caddy and should keep his hands to himself and his mouth shut. Any contact he has with a patron can be considered as assault, so he should get over the thought that he has any position that allows him to interact with anyone besides his Master. Tote the bag, pull the clun, clean the club, speak when spoken to.

See id.

Williams has claimed:

What people fail to realise is I [just] work for Tiger Woods . . . I am not with him 24/7. . . . When he is not competing, I am back in New Zealand. I have no knowledge of what he is doing . . . .


Yes, we remember the three wise monkeys too, which embody the proverbial principle to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Also, Williams has claimed the scandal caused strife in his own marriage (see id.)—perhaps because he lied to his wife like Tiger lied to Elin.

Lastly, as stated in my article above:

[T]hose who have guided [Woods’] career in recent years may be dropped. The real “hustlers” of Tiger are Steve Williams, his caddie; Bryon Bell, president of Tiger Woods Design; Mark Steinberg, his manager; and the other leeches who have made their living from him and knew exactly what was happening but kept taking his money.

Even in his native New Zealand, one sporting columnist is quoted as having said:

[A] whole lot of people would be happy if [Woods] got rid of caddie Steve Williams, whom nobody seems to like.

See; see also and (“Steve Williams ‘a slave’ for Tiger Woods“) and (“Steve Williams finds himself slighted at every turn – but is it any surprise after latest ‘slavery’ comment“) and (“Tiger Woods’ Former Caddie Steve Williams’ Vindictive New Book Lacks Substance“)


4 03 2010

Steve Williams Is Lying

As if we thought this doofus could not get more pathetic, he has. Now, he insists that had he known about Woods’ string of affairs, he would have blown the whistle.


UK’s Daily Mail article adds:

‘In some people’s perception, I’m involved in it and I’ve committed a crime or I’ve done wrong,’ he said. ‘The truth is I knew nothing.”

Sure, Doofus, and we’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that we would like to sell you, and hope you buy it!

His wife added: “People are calling for him to be fired. It’s not fair.”

How much did you tell her, Doofus, and what were you doing on the tour during those lonely nights? At least Williams has picked up his boss’ habit of lying; and he may have picked up Woods’ penchant for porn “stars” and bimbos too.

As stated in the article above, where was Williams when Woods was cheating on Elin? Probably very close by.

Or as one wag put it, when suggesting a title for a new book that Williams might write about spending so many years working with Woods:

Mr. Williams new book, “How to hold and clean a Tigers shaft after every hole”



22 03 2010

The Cover-Up Continues!

The Wall Street Journal and other respected media organizations continue to tout Woods’ return to golf instead of investigating the allegations of his drug abuses, which is tragic and irresponsible.

See, e.g., (“Tiger Can Win by Just Playing ‘Average'”)

In response, I have written:

Articles about Woods’ return to golf, much less to the Masters, seem very premature. After all, the media has swept the drug allegations against him under the rug, and PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and the once highly-respected PGA have debased themselves by becoming cheerleaders and “hustlers” for Woods, instead of doing their duties by thoroughly investigating the serious allegations.

See, e.g.,

Sure, Woods and his manager Mark Steinberg have denied such charges, but he lied about having sex with his porn “stars” and bimbos too, so his credibility is shot and will be forever. If the sport of golf is sacred at all, to anyone—here in the U.S., in Scotland, or around the world where the game is played—the drug allegations must be investigated thoroughly and impartially.

Ideally, law enforcement will do it, but Woods and his lackeys stonewalled them right after his “accident,” denying them access to important medical records and the like. If that happened to any other American, obstruction of justice charges would be pursued vigorously, but there seems to be a double standard regarding Woods, which is tragic for the sport itself.

Both the New York Times and the award-winning Los Angeles Times’ columnist Bill Plaschke (e.g., he has been named Associated Press National Sports Columnist of the Year four times) have raised the drug allegations. For example, Plaschke has written:

“If a guy is a chronic cheater off the course, what kind of leap is required to believe he could be the same sort of cheater on the course?

“That distance is now a mere hop and skip after the newspaper reported that Dr. Anthony Galea is under a joint U.S.-Canadian investigation for providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs.

“One of the athletes who has rehabilitated under Galea’s care is Woods, who allegedly was visited at least four times by the doctor in Woods’ Orlando, Fla., home.

. . .

“You know what’s really recklessly irresponsible? Dealing with a doctor who has a history of using and prescribing the banned HGH substance, that’s what.

“All the healers in the world, the best money can buy, and Woods chooses an eccentric 50-year-old HGH peddler who not only prescribes it to older patients, but says he injects himself five days a week to keep up with a wife who, he says, is 22 years younger?”


Plaschke added:

“The public thinks, if there’s even a chance [Woods is] guilty of running a harem while married with two young children, there’s a chance he could be guilty of anything.

“Once we realize we don’t know him, then we stop trusting him.

“And once we stop trusting him, then he becomes vulnerable to people ignoring the amazing flight of his ball and concentrating on the unsettling size of his neck.

. . .

“[I]f Woods is also sleeping with HGH, the blip becomes a boom.

“Woods won’t just lose all his endorsements—when was the last time you saw Barry Bonds selling anything?—but he’ll also lose his last bastion of support, his galleries.

“Even those guys wearing plaid pants and [smoking] fat cigars don’t much tolerate golf cheats. If golf fans go nuts when they think a guy is using a juiced driver, imagine what they’ll think about a juiced body.

“And, yeah, it’s fair to openly wonder now whether Woods is juiced.”

Until this dark cloud over Augusta and the sport of golf is removed—and again, ideally as a result of a thorough investigation by law enforcement—Woods must not be allowed to return to the links anywhere. Nothing less than the history and sanctity of golf itself are at stake.

See also

Also, the Wall Street Journal must stop touting the golfer like the PGA does, and instead do its duties by uncovering the true facts behind Woods’ drugs scandal.



1 04 2010

It Just Keeps Coming Out . . .

. . . about the involvement of Bryon Bell, Woods’ childhood friend; and Mark Steinberg, Woods’ manager and agent.

See, e.g., and

Apparently the shoe is about to drop with respect to Steve Williams, Woods’ caddie; and Woods’ drug abuses, which may be heating up again too.

See, e.g.,,0,3987424,full.column

According to and the UK’s Daily Mail, Woods paid mistress No 1 Rachel Uchitel $10 million to keep quiet. The articles add: “That speaks volumes about how much Rachel knows.

See and

Steve Williams ought to get at least that much to keep his big mouth shut!

. . .

More lies by Woods!

See, e.g., and

Apparently, telling the truth is NOT something Woods has ever learned.


4 04 2010

Woods Seeks Shelter From “Bimbo Attack”

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, security is being beefed up at next week’s Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia because of fears that one or more of Woods’ porn “star” girlfriends or his other bimbos will confront him.



6 04 2010

Woods Lies About Drug Use And Abuse

See, e.g.,


7 04 2010

None Of Them Really Know Woods

Those are the words of the Los Angeles Times’ sports writer, Bill Plaschke, in describing Tiger Woods’ fellow golfers on the eve of their performances at the 2010 Masters in Augusta.


Perhaps a better and more informative, “no-punches-pulled” article entitled, “Tiger wants you to forgive, and to buy new Nikes,” was written by AP Sports Columnist Tim Dahlberg. Among other things, he states:

[A] new tabloid report . . . , if true, makes him look even more despicable. Without going into detail, it included the words “21-year-old,” “neighbor” and “sex.”



11 04 2010

The Good Guy Won—The Slimeball Lost

The Masters was just won by Phil Mickelson for the third time, in an emotional finish that saw him embrace his wife, Amy, who has been battling breast cancer along with Mickelson’s mother. Amy and their children flew in from California; and she got out of bed to put her arms around him as he walked off the course.

See, e.g., and and (“There was a feeling that the right man and the best golfer had triumphed on the day“) and,0,3130804.column and

The contrast could not have been starker with Woods. Elin was not there. While the slimeball did better than expected, his drug abuse and other issues are not behind him.

He has had his own porn “stars” and bimbos to comfort him, while Phil comforted Amy and his mother and their children, and vice versa.


14 04 2010

Elin And Woods: Kaput

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting:

“All they have to do is work out a few more details on their divorce and they can sign the divorce decree and both can move on with their lives.”


Divorces are tragic, especially when small children are involved. Most spouses do not forgive one dalliance, much less nonstop lying and multiple affairs with porn “stars” and other bimbos.

Elin cannot change or “fix” Woods. All she can do is take care of herself and her children. Surely she will find some man who truly loves her, and is not “sick” like Woods is.

Lots of good luck to her!


29 04 2010

Affair With Neighbor and 120

It has been crystal clear since shortly after his “accident” that Woods is a scumbag, and that any wife in her right mind never should have married him, or should be dumping him now. The latest news only adds more fuel to the fire, and should be the last straw.


How long Nike will want the scumbag as a spokesman for its products remains to be seen. However, its products should be boycotted until it drops him.


1 05 2010


[A] quarter of 71 of Woods’s fellow professionals said in a Sports Illustrated survey published yesterday that they believed he has used human-growth hormone or performance-enhancing drugs. A year ago, no player would have dared suggest such a thing.

See; see also,28136,1985895,00.html

This is what the Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke wrote about Woods, which was quoted in my blog article above:

Even those guys wearing plaid pants and [smoking] fat cigars don’t much tolerate golf cheats. If golf fans go nuts when they think a guy is using a juiced driver, imagine what they’ll think about a juiced body.


Are we closer to knowing the truth?


9 05 2010
11 05 2010

Woods’ Swing Coach Hank Haney Resigns, And Divorce Preparations Proceed

With respect to Haney’s resignation, one London Times’ commenter wrote:

Like rats deserting a sinking ship! There has to be real concern for Wood’s mental state. When this whole story broke, I found it amusing, but it isn’t anymore. This guy seems to have serious problems.

See, e.g.,; see also

Also, it has been reported that Woods has hired “an expert in enforcing international child custody agreements—and sources say the custody agreement is going to be a central issue in Tiger and Elin’s divorce.”



13 06 2010

The End Of Tiger Woods?

The New York Times has an article that is worth reading, about how Woods has lost his confidence as a player:


16 06 2010
30 06 2010

He Has Not Changed

The Daily Mail is reporting:

“It seems that Tiger is still as addicted to taking risks as he always was. . . .

“The root of the problems Tiger has got is that he appears to be programmed to continually jeopardise his home life and his reputation.”

. . .

“It’s well known in media circles . . . that Tiger’s lawyers have told him to keep a low profile until everything is sorted out, but Tiger just says: ‘to heck with that, I’ll take the risk.’

“Despite going into rehab and making those humble apologies on TV, he has not changed.”

. . .

And if that were not enough, just as the formerly invincible golfer attempts to resurrect his tattered career on the course, allegations have surfaced about his close links to a controversial sports doctor facing charges of smuggling illegal human growth hormone into the U.S.

FBI investigators are said to be about to quiz Woods over his relationship with Canadian Tony Galea, who was charged last month with importing the drug and supplying it to a series of American football players he was treating last summer.



30 06 2010

Tiger’s Main Fear Is . . . Sending Him Back To The Gutter

The title of this comment is taken from an article which states that Woods’ former wife will receive $750 million, the biggest payout ever seen in a celebrity divorce, which Forbes Magazine believes is high. Also, a federal investigation is underway with respect to drug allegations; and there are allegations of children born out of wedlock.

See and; see also and


7 08 2010

Collapse And Overt Racism

All one has to do is read the brazenly-racist comments beneath an online Yahoo! News article about Tiger Woods’ performance at the 2010 Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament—which on a second reading, were assiduously scrubbed by Yahoo!—to realize that many Americans are rejoicing at his collapse. The gloves have come off, and overt racist remarks are being applied to him by both women and men. No longer is he the “golden boy” of golf that he once was; and he may never regain his reputation or consistent playing ability.

Compare with; see also (his golf game is collapsing) and (“Woods seems lost with no way out . . . His game is gone. And the increasing reality is, it may not come back”)

As the U.S. economy sinks farther, and as the war in Afghanistan drags on, and as more Americans become disenchanted with Barack Obama’s performance as president, his popularity may fall dramatically and overt racism may raise its ugly head with respect to him too.


23 08 2010

Bravo! It Is Over!

Finally, Elin’s divorce from Tiger Woods has been finalized. While divorces are terrible, and marriages should be sacred, Tiger defiled theirs in every way that anyone could. Elin deserves someone better, who truly loves and respects her. Hopefully she finds life-long happiness in the future.

One would assume that he will find “happiness” with his bimbos and his ever-sinking golf game. Hopefully the ever-irresponsible PGA will investigate the allegations of drug abuse against him, and fire PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem who did nothing but “shill” for Woods throughout his crises thus far.

See,,20414961,00.html and and and

. . .

Also, the sales of Tiger-branded clothing has been falling like a rock. Anything and everything that he is involved with, including his annual tournament at the Sherwood Country Club in Southern California, should be boycotted.

See, e.g.,


24 12 2010
Timothy D. Naegele

Gillette Will Not Renew Tiger Woods Sponsorship Deal

The UK’s Telegraph is reporting:

Procter & Gamble’s Gillette brand will not renew its endorsement contract with golfer Tiger Woods when it ends on December 31, a company spokesman confirmed on Thursday.

. . .

He has since lost several corporate sponsorship deals since news broke of his extramarital affairs a year ago, including deals with AT&T and Accenture, costing him up to $35m.

. . .

His popularity has also waned with the public. In a recent Davie Brown Index, used by corporate clients to determine a celebrity’s ability to influence consumers, Woods’ appeal ranked 2,586th, down from 96th pre-scandal.



13 02 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Woods’ Slide Continues, As His Career Ends

At the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California, Woods tied for 44th, shooting a 75 in the last 18 holes of golf; and at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic, Woods tied for 20th, shooting a 75 in the last 18 holes of golf.

See and

Yes, it is possible that he will win a tournament here and there; however, the career victories for which he was known are in the record books already. Also, he brought shame to the sport of golf, which will never be erased.

He is not a role model anymore, except for depraved, dishonest athletes who give various sports a bad name around the world. He has no remorse. Yes, he will be more “careful” not to get caught again, but that’s all.

Woods “trashed” golf in no uncertain terms. He is a tragic Shakespearean figure who may be consigned to the dustheap of sports history, and ridiculed, like American football legend O.J. Simpson.

Woods’ conduct, in part, is a function of his overarching narcissism. Also, the old adage that an apple does not fall far from the tree seems to apply to him (e.g., apparently his father had a roving “eye” for women as well). Years or decades from now, like Simpson, Woods’ records may be less important than his conduct, which will be considered a sad watershed in history of golf.

Yes, many people who earn a living from the sport of golf (e.g., other players, coaches, equipment manufacturers and retailers) have been helped financially by increased revenues stemming from his presence. Hence, they have been reluctant to voice their true feelings. However, he has been arrogant, obnoxious and narcissistic, which has been well known by his fellow players on the tour. And they have held such feelings not out of jealousy, nor because he was beating them.

Yes too, fans mindlessly glorify athletes; and at one time, Woods was “adored.” Athletes are like rock stars; and many of them have the same moral standards—and feet of clay. Hollywood is full of people like that; and Washington, D.C. has its “seedy” politicians too.

Today, many golf fans—who love the sport—would like to see Woods “disappear” into history, once and for all, for a variety of reasons. First, he is fully capable of damaging the sport even more. Despite the P.R. “spin,” he has not changed, any more than Simpson changed.

Second, having him continue to play competitively “sullies” the sport and the rest of the field, and detracts from them. The media still “fawns” over Woods because many are sycophants, and that is unhealthy.

Third, like the aging boxer whose time has passed, and who will only embarrass himself and his fans as he stumbles again and again, and cannot relive past glories, we are witnessing something very similar regarding Woods, which is likely to continue in the years to come. His glory days have passed. Among other things, lots of golfing fans are hoping that he loses and falls flat on his face, which surely cannot help him.

Fourth, for his sake and that of the sport, it would be best if he retired gracefully and left his records intact, as well as the memories of his remaining fans. He probably will not do it, because his caddie Steve Williams and others feed off him and need his money, but it might be best all around if it happened.

Lastly, he may never win another major tournament. His “bubble” of invincibility has burst. Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall.


13 02 2011
Carlton Johnson

Sad but true; I agree wholeheartedly!


13 02 2011

Sorry Tim,

You are very far off. You seem to follow golf, you might even play, but you have no clue how hard this game is, and really how good Tiger is. Tiger woods is better than most of the field on his worst days. Look at his finish in the last 2 tournaments.

If he was shooting 10+ every tournament, maybe he would consider real help, but he still shooting “pro” scores, he almost won his own tournament a Sunday in December.

He is in the middle of a swing change. Not an easy task.

Media wannabes such as yourself get your jolly’s hitting a man while he is down. While I personally may not like him, at least I am honest with my observation of what this man really can do.

Stop being pathetic.



13 02 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Matt, for your comments.

As I wrote in my article above:

Many of us have enjoyed the game of golf before Tiger came on the scene, where he was certainly dominant at times. Vijay Singh and other fine golfers excelled too, and many of us applauded them, not Tiger. What none of us really knew was that Tiger is a fraud and a sick human being, as well as the hedonistic version of the “American dream” gone haywire.

I grew up loving the sport of golf, which my father taught me. I have followed it and played it since I was a kid. He taught me the best about the sport; and at one time, he had a three handicap.

I know how hard the sport is, in spades. However, there are lots of fine young golfers on the tour today, with more to come worldwide. My guess is that they will eclipse him, in spades. As I have written, his glory days have passed.


13 02 2011

This is an excellent article … and I say “bravo to you sir” for having the moral backbone to stand up and speak out about the truth. I like many others, took up the game of golf when Tiger first burst onto the scene, back in the late nineties. He was an exciting and likable young man then … in fact, you almost couldn’t not like him. But over the following years, he unfortunately became a narcissistic, mean-spirited, self-righteous, megalomaniac … completely intoxicated on own his self-grandeur. The private revelations of last year, repugnant as they were, were not the reason for my dismay at this man … I’d already “thrown in the towel” with him some years before, due solely to his arrogance and poor behavior on & around the course. Nonetheless, he remains a fascinating and compelling figure to watch, whether you love him or hate him. As for your suggestion that he bow out now gracefully … that is likely the right thing for him to do. But I suspect that he won’t and so this incredible story will continue to still unfold.


14 02 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments.

Among other things, you stated:

The private revelations of last year, repugnant as they were, were not the reason for my dismay at this man … I’d already “thrown in the towel” with him some years before, due solely to his arrogance and poor behavior on & around the course.

I agree with you completely. Some world-class golfers—who have beaten him—have detested him because of just the qualities that you have described.

Right before his “accident” in front of his Florida house, I was scheduled to attend his tournament at the Sherwood Country Club in Southern California, which I had attended many times before. I was supposed to meet the business partner of a world-class golfer there, whom I had met before. Instead, they canceled out, and I did too.

I will never attend this or any other tournament again as long as Woods is involved with it.


14 02 2011

Thank you Timothy for your reply. Your account of your own experience surrounding that Chevron tournament in ’09 is very are interesting … and I think it safe to say that many others likely opted out as you did ! You’re writings here-in are both factual and much needed in the public forum. All too often, “decency” and “doing the right thing” are shoved aside by the power of money … this entire Woods saga is a classic example of that. Nonetheless, I believe that decency and doing the right thing will “always” carry the day in the end. After all, it’s the essence of that which separates us from wild animals. Woods will reap what he has sown … in fact, he’s reaping it in bushels right now. And I personally have absolutely no sympathy for the man. What he did to his own little family was depraved, not to mention the millions of children whose hearts were broken, the world over. He is indeed “on the way out” as you’ve said. I just hope that he doesn’t inflict any “lasting or irreparable” damage to the game of golf, while his sad and pathetic story plays out.


14 02 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again. Your comments are very kind. Also, I agree with you.

Like you, I am concerned about the future of golf. It is not a one-man sport, period.


13 02 2011

I tend to agree with Tim. Tiger Woods is a great golfer, but his language and demeanor on the golf course is deplorable. He has said all of the right words at the right time and expects to be forgiven by all for his betrayal of his lovely (now) ex-wife; however, he is morally and ethically bankrupt. I realize that he went into treatment but I feel it was because he wanted his fans to think he was sincere in his apologies. He appeared nervous at the podium when he spoke someone’s well-written words. I made a bet that he would not win one tournament in 2010 and I believe it was devine intervention that kept him from doing so. It is not up to me to judge him, but he will be judged one day. Perhaps one day he will realize what he has lost, his wife, respect of most of his fans, endorsements, divorce settlement, all because he thought he would not get caught. hope I live long enough to see how this all plays out. Not many mention his cursing on the golf course, there are children standing behind him at times when he does this. This shows a lack of self control and I truly believe that he was groomed to think that only winning counted. Sad, but true.


14 02 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Beth, for your thoughtful comments.

First, I believe it is important for women to speak out, as you have. He was not simply caught in one lie—or one dalliance—but in a string of them, with prostitutes.

Over the years, I have had a number of male friends who had voracious sexual appetites; however, they never dealt with prostitutes. And to a person, each found the “love of his life,” and settled down.

Woods is “sick” in the eyes of men. I can just imagine how women must view him—unless, of course, they fancy themselves as his next conquest. Having grown up in the shadow of Hollywood, and having worked on and with Capitol Hill for most of my professional career, I have no doubts that he has been both a predator and the prey.

See, e.g.,

Second, his words were written in whole or in part by his “handlers,” and he has not shown any sincere contrition. As a true narcissist—which he is—I doubt that he ever will. Life is all about him, and no one else.

Third, missing from your list of those who have been and will continue to be hurt are his two kids. They will pay emotionally for his misdeeds during the rest of their lives, like O.J. Simpson’s kids are doing to this day.


14 02 2011

Thanks Tim,
I was remiss in mentioning his children. Thankfully, they are too young to be affected at the present time; however, they will suffer later, just as O.J. Simpson’s children have suffered from the stigma of Mr. Simpson’s actions, albeit “murder suspicion” does not appear on Wood’s roster.
It sickens me to think of all of the women Tiger Woods has been with, some he even professed to love, not all prostitutes, but all knew he was married and it appears that one even tried to become pregnant for whatever reason she may have had at the time. I am still mulling over the idea that he had unprotected sex with numerous women of flawed characters and, in doing so, he was putting his wife in harm’s way as a result of this.
Your comments are well received. Thanks for taking your time to respond to my concerns. The fans who still follow and cheer for him must also be of like charater.


14 02 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again, Beth, for your comments.

My guess is that Woods’ kids are suffering now, and will suffer throughout their lives because of his irresponsible lifestyle.

I concur that what he has done with women is “sick.” Also, no one can “fix” him or change him.

I have zero doubts that he had unprotected sex, and that Elin has run the risk of contracting some Sexually-Transmitted Disease (STD) from him. Clearly, he never thought of her or his kids—just his pleasure—but it takes a real pervert to do what he did.

Next, the fans who still cheer for him are like those who cheer for wayward rock stars, and politicians like John Edwards, and the list goes on and on.

Lastly, women should stand up against him—just as they have stood up against all-male clubs, and rightly so. Also, I believe women must continue to support the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan and other countries, which are at risk each and every day.


14 02 2011

Thank you for you insight, I appreciate your comments. I will be out of State starting tomorrow and will return on February 25th. Do not hesitate to post comments to me anyway.


24 02 2011

The article is right on.
Golf is a sport first of honesty and honor , with winning of lower priority.

This concept is completely foreign to the general public. They simply cannot grasp that a competitor could report himself for a violation where there was zero chance of getting caught. They consider such players as idiots and fools.

I believe Woods may win again, but I believe it will only happen when he truly embraces his mistakes and is able to play with a calm, clear conscience .


24 02 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Harold, for your very thoughtful comments.

I agree completely that golf is first a sport of honesty and honor. This is what my father taught me, and I have never forgotten it.

I agree too with respect to self-reporting. I played in a pro-am once, but not in other professional golf tournaments. I always reported all of my strokes though, even when I might have preferred not to do so. 🙂

I did tournament bill fishing in South Florida and the Bahamas, on a very competitive basis. I had a mate on our last boat who accidentally touched my rod as I was reeling in a Blue Marlin; and we had a temporary captain onboard who told me to forget it, and that no one would know the difference. I knew the difference, and told the tournament officials and disqualified myself, and fired the captain for suggesting that I lie.

As you know after reading my article above, Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times has written:

If a guy is a chronic cheater off the course, what kind of leap is required to believe he could be the same sort of cheater on the course?

My guess is that this applies to Woods completely, in ways that neither of us will ever know about.

Lastly, I believe Woods is a narcissist who will not change his stripes.


3 03 2011
Ben Dover

He’s the greatest golfer in the world. He needs to get more women, now, since he’s plays better when he’s playing [the] field, pastor. LOL


3 03 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Thanks for your comments, “Ben.”

At least they are humorous. 🙂


10 04 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Tiger Woods Is Finished

The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke put it best when he wrote:

The roar engulfed Tiger Woods as he walked up the final fairway, but he never smiled, never touched his cap, never even looked up, and how could he?

The cheers were not for him. The cheers were for the next him.

As Woods was splattering the finishing touches on a round that decorated Augusta National like some unrecognizable graffiti, the kid in the pairing behind him was sinking a 30-foot birdie putt to complete a masterpiece.

Woods approached the giant scoreboard just as a large red “12” was posted next to Rory McIIroy’s name, and the fans erupted. . . .

. . .

McIlroy made this tournament’s trademark gesture thus far with a rousing over-the-top fist pump after sinking that last birdie putt. Woods, who practically created the fist pump, instead applied his stamp with a rousing curse word that was mouthed on television and clear to millions.

. . .

Judging from the way Woods played, it’s safe to wonder if he has passed that red sweater to his younger admirers for good.

McIlroy and [Jason] Day have talked this week about being inspired as young children by watching Woods’ 1997 Masters victory. They have both since made it clear that this is not the same Woods.

After a brief period of pleasantries a day earlier, Saturday’s Woods once again missed putts he should make, slipped on approach shots he should nail, and reacted with the same immature club pounding and wailing that has long been his trademark.

As I was walking the course late Saturday afternoon, I heard a loud and painful cry from the middle of a fairway. The air was thick, the heat was searing, there were fans taking ill in the shade behind the bleachers, I figured the scream was from another stricken patron.

No, it was just Woods shouting at his ball in the middle of a fairway, which he did a lot, although the ball rarely listened, as it found a sand divot on the first shot of the round and never paid much attention to Tiger after that.

. . .

When asked if he still thought he could win the tournament, he brightened and said, “Absolutely,” but for that to happen, he would have to do something he never really did when he was still Tiger Woods—mount a big comeback to win a major on Sunday. There’s not only seven strokes, but 11 players and what seems like a million years between him and McIlroy.

See,0,3327411.column; see also and (“Casey at the Bat”)


13 05 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Golf’s Spoiled Cry Baby—In Decline

Tiger Wood's smile

Among other publications—in an article entitled, “Is it all over for Tiger Woods? Shamed former world No1 golfer pulls out of ANOTHER championship after hitting just nine holes”—the UK’s Daily Mail reported:

It has been an awful couple of years for Tiger Woods, plagued by scandalous revelations about affairs and the very public break up of his marriage.

And it seems that personal turmoil has now well and truly spread to work, with the former world No1 golfer pulling out of his second golf tournament in a week.

Woods limped out in the middle of the prestigious Players Championship after hitting a disastrous six-over par over the opening nine holes.

. . .

At the time of Woods’s withdrawal from The Players Championship today, he was last among the 72 morning golfers in what would almost certainly have been his worst round ever at the competition.

After bogeying the first hole, Woods found water twice at the par-four fourth where he ended with a triple bogey. Further bogeys came on the fifth and ninth holes.


Woods is like a spoiled “cry baby” who cannot win so he takes his toys home with him. Imagine if Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus or other legendary greats of golf—who have truly cared about the sport, and been responsible for its growth—had pulled stunts like this. Tragically, as a raving narcissist, life is all about Tiger, not about his sport or his family.

He should retire now before he becomes even more of an embarrassment. The problem is that at his age, he probably does not know what to do with himself. He has no family left, except his mother; he has a new waterfront estate in Florida, but has no family to live there with him; and he really has no purpose to his life, after having climbed to the “top of the mountain” of golf.

Those around him, like his caddy Steve Williams and his management people at IMG, are “takers” and sycophants; and his drug use (e.g., performance-enhancing drugs such as HGH) may prevent his body from ever really healing and recovering. At some point, even his lap dog Williams may get tired of going out with him and having zero chances of truly competing, much less winning; and he may decide to retire.

When all is said and done, Woods’ name will be always linked to one of the biggest sex scandals in the history of sports; and in the minds of many people, this may take precedence over his obviously-substantial accomplishments. In a very real sense, he is a tragic Shakespearean figure.

See, e.g., (“Tiger Woods confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage. . . . The world’s top golfer, 34, is said to have told estranged wife Elin Nordegren the amazing number of women he bedded during her visit while he was in rehab”)


7 06 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Woods Is Finished, And It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before Everyone Realizes This

He has dropped out of tournaments, and not participated in others, based on supposed injuries. His long-time sycophant and agent Mark Steinberg, and IMG where he worked, have parted company too; and Woods’ and Steinberg’s future together is uncertain.

See, e.g.,

The handwriting is on the wall: Woods’ career is finished. Despite the fact that USGA Executive Director Mike Davis and PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem continue to “shill” for Woods, and should be fired from their respective jobs, Woods is history.

See, e.g.,

He is finished, for mental and physical reasons. The physical contentions are merely part of the story, and may have been caused—at least in part—by his drug use and abuse. It is merely a function of time before even the most ardent of Woods’ sycophants realize this.

Clearly, the “powers that be” at IMG understand it fully, which is why they effectively terminated their relationships with both Woods and Steinberg. “Hollywood” or Los Angeles, where I grew up, is a very tough town, and proceeds on the premise: “What have you done for me today, not just lately?”

They know Woods is finished, and are acting on that fact.

See also (“Mark Steinberg . . . was recently shown the door by International Management Group, the super sports management company”)


20 06 2011
Russell A Nicholson

His peers have quite rightly judged him and dispensed the punishment————–
A Total Disgrace-The record books should delete his name-and leave just a quesion mark.
and i feel his saga has much more to run.
And now with 2011 Winner by a mile,will set a new Precedence for years to come.
How can any Caddie Caddy for Tiger.another soul searching dilema


20 06 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Rory McIlroy’s Wonderful Win!

Rory McIlroy's U.S. Open win: 2011

Thank you, Russell, for your comments.

Yes, I agree completely. Woods is a total disgrace and fraudulent; and if the true facts become known about his conduct (e.g., possible drug use and abuse), he might be indicted, convicted and jailed. Also, if his doctor Anthony Galea ever tells the truth as part of a plea bargain or otherwise—or if his caddie Steve Williams ever spills the beans in a tell-all book—Woods might be in very deep trouble.

See, e.g.,

At the very least—under such circumstances—all or most of his tournament wins should be deleted from the record books, and he should be required to refund his winnings from those tournaments. The NFL and NCAA impose harsh penalties, but the PGA under Tim Finchem’s reign is a disgrace and a mirror image of Woods’ conduct in terms of its cover-up and/or enabling of his actions.

. . .

On a positive note, today was a victory for the record books when Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy won the U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club outside of Washington, D.C. His play was brilliant; and he and the other young players are exciting and a breath of fresh air for the sport of golf after Woods has “trashed” it so.

The world is celebrating Rory’s victory; and it is clear that time has passed Woods by. He is finished. The world knows this; his former talent agency, IMG, knows it too, which is why it ended any relationship with Woods and his agent, Mark Steinberg; and even Woods knows it. The future of golf is in the hands of young wonderful players like Rory; and has-beens like Woods are yesterday’s news.

Even Phil Mickelson, who is a fine golfer and person, ended the U.S. Open today in a signature manner, with a double bogey on the 18th—as if to make an emphatic statement that he too is reconciled to the fact that the torch has been passed to a new generation of golfing stars.

See, e.g., and (“Coronation of Rory: McIlroy wins record-setting U.S. Open”) and (“Rory McIlroy’s 2012 could power PGA Tour revival”)

The UK’s Telegraph had a fine article about Rory, which concluded:

Sitting at a table with the US Open trophy at his side he was asked how it felt to win £1 million.

“We play for a lot of money. We’re fortunate that we can do that.

“But the thing about these major championships is the history, the prestige, and just to be able to add your name to a list like Ben Hogan, Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer, you know, that’s the most satisfying thing.”

[McIlroy’s manager, Andrew “Chubby” Chandler]’s right. The kid is special.

See (“US Open 2011: Rory McIlroy opens door to making of a Holywood legend”)

. . .

Rory McIlroy is a wonderful U.S. Open champion; and we expect lots of terrific wins during the young, likable golfer’s bright multi-year (or rather multi-decade) career ahead.

Just as the torch has been passed to a new generation of golfing stars, the wonderful Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic dominate tennis today, and will probably do so in the future.

Clearly, all of these young stars need to avoid the mistakes of former golfing great Woods, whose career and marriage ­imploded in a string of sex scandals.


21 06 2011
David Robertson

I wonder how much of Tiger Woods’ fall from grace depended on his father’s death. Rory also has a close relationship with his father so i trust that Mr. McIlroy Sr. will continue in good health for years to come.


21 06 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, David, for your comments.

One will never know for certain. From all reports, Woods’ father cheated on his mother, and may have been similar to Michael Jackson’s father in that respect. If anything, Woods may have learned some of his tawdry habits from his father.

See, e.g.,–future-father-law-unfaithful-likely-husband-too.html (Tiger and Earl Woods: “Like father, like son: Men more likely to cheat on wives if their fathers were unfaithful, survey shows”)

However, having had several friends who have been real “swordsmen”—with more women in their lives than Tiger Woods—none of them were involved with prostitutes; and all of them were faithful and monogamous after they married.

One commentator has written about Woods at a golf Web site:

Tiger is a pig. And anyone who can defend what he did isn’t playing with all his clubs in the bag, in my opinion.

Even more than that, Woods is a true “sicko,” for whatever deep-seated psychological reasons; and it is doubtful that he can be “fixed” or changed. He is “damaged goods.” In a sense, his father may have created a “golf machine” or “monster,” which perhaps he was only able to control during his lifetime.

By way of contrast, from all reports, Rory’s parents never pushed him into golf, but rather encouraged his natural skills and talents. He seems relatively humble, and down to earth and family oriented; and he may be cut from very different cloth, psychologically, than Tiger Woods.

. . .

A UK Telegraph article about former European Tour golfer Andrew “Chubby” Chandler—whose sports management agency, International Sports Management Limited (“ISM”) represents leading golfers including Rory McIlroy, 2011 Masters champion Charl Schwartzel, as well as Ernie Els, Louis Oosthuizen, Lee Westwood, Darren Clarke and David Howell—said:

Now Woods wobbles like a withered giant. Chandler sees a man who has lost the respect of his peers, who has let down his fans and who could justifiably be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

. . .

[Chandler] has long been one of the more articulate voices in golf.

. . .

[He] is deeply unimpressed with the conduct of the PGA Tour and he is scathing about Tiger’s behaviour in recent years.

. . .

“The PGA Tour think they have to pander to Tiger because their ratings depend on him. Ours don’t. The Open at St Andrews might have 5,000 less fans watching if Tiger isn’t there, but not many less. St Andrews is a bit bigger than Tiger Woods.

. . .

When Tiger Woods crashed into that fire hydrant he tilted the planet on its axis. Goodbye world. Golf will never be the same again.



8 07 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

The Fall From Mount Olympus

In the article above, one of America’s finest sports writers, Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, was cited for what he had written about Tiger Woods; and his words are prophetic today. Woods’ doctor, Anthony Galea, has entered into a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Whether Woods’ culpability is leaked to the media, or whether he is charged with perjury or obstruction of justice, the fact is that the Woods’ scandals may not be finished yet.

Lots of Americans and people of other countries believed in Tiger Woods, and respected his considerable accomplishments. Today, he is both a tragic Shakespearean figure, and a mere mortal who has fallen from grace and the summit of Mount Olympus. He has everything material, yet he has nothing.

He may be a sociopath, a raving narcissist, and whatever terms psychiatrists and behavioral therapists ascribe to him in the years to come. He cannot be “fixed,” and he cannot be “changed.” Indeed, his former wife Elin did the only thing that she could; she left him, and is taking care of herself and her children.

If he lied and cheated, much less on the golf courses, then punitive actions must be taken against him. He should voluntarily forfeit his golf championships and send back the trophies; and his awards should be vacated. Clearly, more than this will happen if criminal charges are brought against him, at the very least for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Golf will be better for complete disclosures and transparency, rather than continued coverups, which only hurt the sport and prolong the agony of its fallen hero.


16 07 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Is Tiger Woods Broke—As IMG Is None Too Broken Up About Losing Him?

In an article entitled, “Is Tiger Woods Running Out of Money?” America’s trusted Fortune business magazine has reported:

With only a few endorsement deals left, a recent divorce settlement, a hefty house mortgage, and even a pay cut from Nike, Tiger Woods’ lifestyle is looking a lot less glamorous.

When news broke a few weeks ago that Tiger Woods had signed an endorsement deal to hawk a heat rub in Japan, it was hard not to think of “Lost in Translation,” or of the “Entourage” episode when Vincent Chase goes to China to do an energy drink commercial because he’s out of money.

. . .

It’s no secret that Woods, once king of the sports world, has suffered financially since his fall from grace. His endorsement list shrank and his marriage ended in a divorce settlement reportedly worth $100 million. But now he may actually be hurting for funds. At the very least, there are signs that he isn’t generating enough to comfortably cover his costs.

Earlier this week, the golfer’s agent, Mark Steinberg, announced he would be joining the agency Excel Sports. Although that means Excel gets Woods too, the icon was conspicuously absent from the announcement. Steinberg left IMG at the end of May. It took two weeks, but on June 7, Woods announced via Twitter that he would be leaving with Steinberg.

IMG declined to comment on the details of Steinberg’s departure, or on Tiger Woods, but a trusted Fortune source with reliable information tells us that IMG was none too broken up about losing Woods, because his endorsement earnings have fallen so dramatically. The source says IMG’s commissions for 2011—they’ll continue to get a chunk of Tiger’s endorsement deals through 2013—will be as low as $1.5 million.

Recent valuations of Tiger’s overall endorsement earnings for 2011 have been between $60 million and $75 million. But based on our information about Nike, and on the Kowa [heat rub] estimates, the real number is likely closer to $20 million.

Woods’ agent adamantly denies the assertion that the golfer is facing financial strain. “Tiger Woods is financially sound and strong, contrary to wide-ranging rumors and inaccurate figures in the media,” Steinberg wrote in an email. “Stating anything else is incorrect and factually baseless.”

The Woods P&L

. . .

As Tiger’s revenues have declined, his expenses have only climbed. To begin with, there’s the reported $100 million divorce settlement. And last August, Woods took out a $54.5 million mortgage on his home in Jupiter Island, Florida. According to the public document, Woods is required to pay off the mortgage in full by January of 2016, giving him a mere five and a half years to shed the debt. He’s therefore paying more than $10 million each year, including his $431,042 in annual property taxes.

That 2010 property tax information comes from the district offices of Martin County, FL, where the home Woods now occupies alone is located. The property, which Woods purchased in 2006 for $44.5 million, is valued at around $47 million (the county values the house at $26.48 million, the land at $20.5 million). His 2010 improvements to the dwelling and the property cost him $6 million, including three separate residential pools, a tennis court, a golf green with a few holes, an elevator, and a 14,736-square foot improvement to the interior of the house—evidence that Woods is not used to living cheaply. But the pace of his home improvements has slowed, according to online records of the county appraiser’s office. So far there have been none in 2011.

Mark Steinberg says simply that there is no debt on Woods’ Jupiter Island home, and declined to elaborate. But the Martin County clerk’s office confirmed that their records show that the mortgage has not been paid off.

The Jupiter Island mega-mansion isn’t the only Woods property. Among others, in 2007 he bought his mother property near his own, in Jupiter Island, for $2.4 million. In 2010, construction on that cost him another $2.6 million. Presumably, it’s Woods himself that pays and will continue to pay all taxes on the home.

Between the divorce settlement and his recent mortgage, Tiger has faced recent debts to the tune of at least $160 million, though it’s unknown how much of this he has now paid down. His endorsement earnings will not come close to this in 2011, and he’s no longer adding much to his pot with golf winnings. Nike’s decisive slash to his contract has not helped matters.

See; see also (“Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren finds new man”) and (“Woods Axes His Loyal Caddie Steve Williams”)


20 07 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Woods Axes His Loyal Caddie Steve Williams

Tiger Woods and Steve Williams

“here boy, get my club” . . .

This was and is totally predictable. The “rats” are leaving the sinking ship!

See (“Tiger Woods no longer working with Steve Williams”) and (“Steve Williams reacts to being let go by Tiger Woods”) and (“With Williams gone, who is left for Woods?”) and (“Williams says he has lost respect for Woods through problems, firing”); see also (“Is Tiger Woods Broke—As IMG Is None Too Broken Up About Losing Him?”) and

As Fortune magazine has reported, Nike cut Woods’ revenue stream from that company in half. How long can it be before he has no meaningful sponsors left and/or his cash flow is simply inadequate to meet the debt service on his new house and that of his mother? Presumably his creditors are watching these developments closely.

If his former doctor Anthony Galea “spills the beans,” as part of his plea bargain—or what he says is leaked to the media—all Hell might break loose. Woods could be prosecuted for perjury and/or obstruction of justice; his agent Mark Steinberg might be prosecuted too, and the two of them might be forced to hire separate legal counsel and severe their business relationships; and it is not beyond the pale to believe that Steve Williams or others would write “tell-all” books, which might be worth a fortune.

Next, one can be relatively certain that Woods will not remain celibate for long, if at all. One cannot picture him watching “home movies” in his new house—as long as he still owns it . . . unless they are porn movies—or watching grass grow on his golf holes, or boats go by.

Indeed, how many STDs (or worse) has Woods contracted, and in turn passed on to the women with whom he has shared a bed? After all, if he has “infected” any women, this might add to his woes in the months and years to come (e.g., aside from possible perjury and/or obstruction of justice charges stemming from the Galea plea bargain; creditors chasing him as his cash flow collapses because his remaining sponsors are running for the hills; books that truly “tell all”).

Lastly, while Woods might be well advised to “retire” voluntarily, the demands on his cash flow may not allow this. Obviously if criminal charges were to be brought against him, he might end up retiring involuntarily.

Woods is finished as a competitive golfer. No amount of professional help will change him or “fix” his narcissism and other psychological illnesses (e.g., possibly sexual addiction). His former wife, Elin, seems to have correctly assessed the situation, and left him to take care of herself and her children. Indeed, his downward spiral is apt to accelerate and become even more erratic and dramatic.

. . .

For some humor relating to this Greek or Shakespearean tragedy, a clever animation has been created that is worth watching.

See (“Tiger Woods drops long-time caddy Steve Williams”)

. . .

Also, as one wag has stated:

Tiger’s biggest fault, and what’s angered so many people, is that he and his handlers crafted this squeaky clean, perfect family man image. And the reality is, it was all a lie. Not just a mere fabrication, it was an outright LIE. I’m almost surprised that one of his sponsors hasn’t sued him for breach of contract. They were relying on his image to promote their product.

See also (“Tiger Woods tops list of worst celeb tippers”)


10 08 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Is Race A Factor In My Comments About Barack Obama and Tiger Woods?

First, as I have said and written:

I believe in this country, and I believe in Americans of all colors, faiths and backgrounds. The United States is the only true melting pot in the world, with its populace representing a United Nations of the world’s peoples. Yes, we fight and we even discriminate, but when times are tough—like after 9/11—we come together as one nation, which makes this country so great and special. Also, all of us or our ancestors came here from somewhere else. Even the American Indians are descended from those who crossed the Bering Strait—or the “Bering land bridge”—according to anthropologists.

See’s-legacy-more-suffering-to-come/ (Interview with Timothy D. Naegele: “Greenspan’s legacy: more suffering to come”) and (“America: A Rich Tapestry Of Life”); see also

Second, race is still an issue in our society, and discrimination exists; and neither Woods nor Obama have changed that fact. One would be very naïve to think otherwise. However, both Woods and Obama have taken giant steps to tear down the color barriers that had existed, just as others before them had done.

Third, if anyone thinks that African-Americans who voted for Obama overwhelmingly in 2008 will not be upset—and, indeed, angry—if he is not reelected, such a person is naïve and knows essentially nothing about race relations and national politics in the United States today.

Fourth, many African-American women are very sensitive about African-American men who do not date and/or marry African-American women. This is a fact. Because Woods seems never to have dated an African-American woman, African-American women are not likely to defend him or come to his aid if the scandals swirling about him intensify even more.

See, e.g., (see also the footnotes and comments beneath the article)

This is not present in the case of Barack Obama. Indeed, there is every reason to believe that he is happily married to his wife, Michelle, who is a very strong-willed and talented African-American woman.

Fifth, my favorite golfer for many years has been Vijay Singh, who is at least as “black” as Woods in terms of skin color. My only regret is that Singh has not beaten Woods in their every encounter. if anyone has followed Singh around at tournaments and/or talked with those who know him well, they will realize that he is personable and well-liked, and not arrogant, aloof and unbearingly narcissistic like Woods. Also, the scandals that have surrounded and hounded Woods (e.g., prostitutes, bimbos)—and have brought shame to him, and hurt the young kids who revered him as a hero—have not blemished Singh.

Sixth, I have very definite and deep-seated substantive, philosophical and political differences with Obama, which I have not been timid or defensive in writing about. I never realized the depth of these differences until I read and analyzed his book, “Dreams from My Father” twice after he was elected in 2008. These differences have become greater, much greater, as his presidency has unfolded.

See, e.g., (“Is Barack Obama A Racist?”) and (“Barack Obama Is A Lame-Duck President Who Will Not Be Reelected”) (see also the footnotes and all of the comments beneath both articles)

Seventh, some people have suggested that the level of hatred towards Woods would be much less if we did not have a president who is half African-American, and a country with serious economic problems. However, the linkage between Woods and Obama is almost nonexistent. Among other things, Woods’ “accident” in Florida that triggered his “bimbo eruption” and subsequent divorce occurred in late November of 2009, when Obama was still very popular. Indeed, essentially all of the facts about Woods’ prostitutes and bimbos came out while Obama remained popular.

Lastly, I am very proud of the federal housing laws that I authored on behalf of Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass). They included the “Brooke Amendment” relating to public housing; and the national “Housing Allowance” program, which morphed into the Section 8 housing program that has helped millions of African-Americans and others.

Brooke was the first African-American to serve in the U.S. Senate following Reconstruction at the end of the American Civil War; Barack Obama was the third. As a young attorney, I staffed Senator Brooke on the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs of the United States Senate; and I served as chief of staff to the senator during his re-election campaign of 1972.

Also, on behalf of Senator Brooke, I established a summer program for disadvantaged kids in Massachusetts, in conjunction with the Pentagon, which involved underutilized military facilities within the State (e.g., the Boston Navy Yard, Otis Air Force Base) and served approximately 100,000 kids during its first year alone.


On most issues, I was politically in tune with Senator Brooke; I am not with Barack Obama at all.

See also (“Poll respondents chart racial progress since MLK”)


18 08 2011
Timothy D. Naegele

Woods Is A Poster Child For Narcissists Who Are A Disgrace And Depraved

Unfortunately, in the minds of many people, golf became a “one-star” sport, and the star was Tiger Woods. There is no other sport where this has happened, except perhaps professional heavyweight boxing; for example, during the Mike Tyson-era. Now boxing is a “faceless” sport, and fewer people follow and support it, much less know who the current champions are.

Golf is a relatively minor, insignificant sport, certainly when compared with NFL and NCAA football, world soccer, baseball and basketball.

When Woods came “crashing down” like Tyson did, it hurt the sport dramatically. Examples are given repeatedly, such as the decline in TV ratings when he has not played, and the risk that tournament purses will fall, and the decline in golf-related sales. Some of these factors are tied to the state of the American economy, and not attributable to Woods at all, such as the closure of golf courses that are no longer viable financially.

Yet, having “confessed 121 affairs” with bimbos during his marriage to Elin, surely no depths of disgrace and depravity are beyond the pale with respect to his whore-mongering and him.

See, e.g.,

Woods’ “permanent” absence will help the sport of golf to heal and recover ultimately. It will allow the focus to shift to the young stars who are emerging—with many more to come—and away from the “stench” of Woods.

Among other things, people will follow the sport for the right reasons again; namely, to enjoy it, instead of hoping that Woods will fail. All one has to do is read some of the comments beneath articles relating to him at other Web sites (e.g., USA Today) to realize how many people genuinely hate him, and how deep their feelings of utter contempt are. This is not good for golf.

Like Shakespeare’s tragic figures and those of ancient Greece, hope springs eternal for the sycophants, groupies and others who shill for and worship Woods, regardless of how futile it may be.

We have lived through a period of “excess” for years now: of economic “overheating” and stratospheric housing prices, and soaring debt, and celebrity worship. Woods is merely one example of where this has come crashing down, with much worse yet to come. In a sense, he is a “poster child” for Hedonists and Narcissists who are depraved; and his misconduct did not begin with his “accident” in Florida.

See, e.g., (“Woods needs to clean up his act”); see also and (“A crushing loss for Woods” and “[i]n the 112 matches of various formats that Woods has played in his professional career, he never had a loss like this one,” and Woods ties the Presidents Cup record for the “worst loss ever”) and (“Young Golfers Emerge as Woods Fades From View”)


13 02 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Mickelson Crushes Woods By 11 Strokes In The Final Round At Pebble

Yes, you read it correctly. Playing in the same group, Phil carded a blistering 8-under-par 64, while Woods collapsed, falling all the way down into a tie for 15th with a 75.


Woods is F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D as a truly competitive golfer.

His missed putt on the 18th green—after Phil’s wonderful triumph—emphasized and underscored this fact. It was embarrassing to watch.

See, e.g., (“Mickelson crushes Tiger and wins Pebble Beach”); see also (“Nick Watney ousts Tiger Woods in Round 2 of Match Play”)


3 03 2012

who cares about his personal life, you come across as a condescending, judgmental, imbecile that is the ultimate arbiter of morality.


3 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you for your comments. I assume your user name describes you aptly. 🙂

The sport of golf is all about honor. Players are expected to report their own errors, and they lose strokes in the process. As one of America’s finest sports writers, Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, has written in comments that I cited in my article above:

If a guy is a chronic cheater off the course, what kind of leap is required to believe he could be the same sort of cheater on the course?

Enough said. Everything is set forth in the article above, and in the footnotes and comments beneath it, to address your issues fully.


4 03 2012
Barry LaValley

This is the first time that I have read your blog and I am amazed at how judgemental you are. You make comments about someone’s personal life as if you have no skeletons in your own closet. Psychologists will suggest that you do this in order to make yourself feel better; I can’t comment because after all, I have no business speculating about your personal life. If you wish to be a serious journalist, my suggestion would be to stay away from the gossipy approach that you have taken and stick to the things you know for sure.


4 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Barry, for your comments; and thanks for reading the blog.

First, you hold yourself out as “a leading educator.” Yet, if you bothered to read the article above, and all of the footnotes and comments beneath it, you would realize that there is ample support for my contentions.

Second, I have spent time at tournaments with professionals who know Woods well, some of whom have competed against him in his prime and beaten him. I have never heard a nice thing said about him. And those opinions were formed well before his “accident,” which sent his reputation and morality into a tailspin. His life was and is one big lie—or rather a plethora of them—exposed for all to see like the little child in Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Third, for young kids, he was their role model and they believed in him. Tragically, he is as morally depraved and “sick” as anyone in Hollywood or Washington, D.C., two world power centers that I know a great deal about.

Fourth, no real man does with he did, period. No real man spends any time with bimbos. Unless you are condoning his conduct as a lifestyle that you accept—if not aspire to emulate—it would seem that you should find it as repugnant as many of us do.

Fifth, I do not “feel better” writing what I do about him. I did not care about him before his “accident,” and I do not care about him now. I followed other golfers, and never him. However, I do care about the sport of golf, and have since I was a kid. My father, who was an outstanding golfer, taught me to respect and honor the sport. Woods trashed it.

Sixth, I am not a “serious journalist.” That is not my goal in life, although I have friends who are, some of whom are nationally and internationally recognized as such. I am a lawyer, and I have always enjoyed the sport. The idea that Tim Finchem and others at the PGA acted as shills for Woods as his scandals were breaking is something that I find equally repugnant. Finchem should be fired, and there should be a wholesale “housecleaning” at the PGA. Instead, they are revelling in Woods’ return to tournaments, as if their “cash cow” had come back to the barn.

Lastly, there is nothing “gossipy” in what I write. I have lots of articles that are in draft form, which will never see the “light of day” until I am satisfied that a “critical mass” has been reached, in terms of supportable facts. Opinionated and intentionally provocative, yes; gossipy no. At this blog, I have made it very clear what my goals are, and what this blog is all about.



4 03 2012
Barry LaValley

I actually liked your reply! Well played


4 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele


Rory McIlroy #1


Bravo. Well done!

Congratulations to Tom Gillis as well, who tied with Tiger Woods for second place at the Honda Classic, two strokes behind Rory. He has worked long and hard for that honor, which has been described as “the best story of the event.”

See, e.g., (“Rory McIlroy holds off Tiger Woods, rises to No. 1”) and (“Amid the Tigers, Rorys and Lees of the game, Jupiter’s Tom Gillis never gives in, finishes tied for second“); see also (“[H]ow to keep fighting, no matter how insurmountable the odds“) and (“Both the tennis and the golf follow the sun”)


5 03 2012
Barry LaValley

“The report of my death is an exaggeration”

Mark Twain


5 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again, Barry. The precise quote is, “The report of my death was an exaggeration,” but you are very close. 🙂

See, e.g.,

What you say is true, but nothing that happened yesterday has changed Woods’ character, honesty, proclivities . . . or him as a human being. Like the American female track star, Marion Jones, it is arguable that Woods should have served time in prison by now for lying about his use of performance-enhancing drugs such as HGH.

See, e.g.,

Once again, if you take time to read the article above, as well as the footnotes and all other comments beneath it, I believe you will understand what is set forth therein.

Have a nice day . . . and go Rory and Tom—the real heroes of yesterday!


19 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Publicly shamed Woods’ Rude, Selfish, Egocentric, Truly Evil Behavior

The UK’s Daily Mail has reported about Tiger Woods’ former swing coach Hank Haney’s new book:

He writes during their six years together, Woods showed little respect for those around him, making others pay for takeout and simply leaving a restaurant when he was done eating—whether or not those around him had finished.

. . .

In the tell-all, Mr Haney depicts Woods as bad-mannered, cheap, and a lover of pornography and potty-humour.

. . .

The ex-coach said Tiger let his fame go to his head.

When he would go out to eat with now ex-wife Elin Nordegren, he’d get up and leave, expecting her to follow—even if she hadn’t finished her meal.

‘When he was done—and he habitually ate fast—you were done,’ he wrote.

Though Tiger said he hated the ‘vultures’ in media for picking apart his personal life, he oddly loved his South Park depiction, in which he is seen calling Ms Nordegren a ‘fat Swedish cow.’


Next, the Daily Mail reported:

Publicly shamed golfer Tiger Woods banned his ex-wife from smiling on the golf course, according to his former swing coach Hank Haney.

In a revelatory book he reveals the pro sportsman’s controlling attitude towards Elin Nordegren.

He claims Woods banned Nordegren from smiling on the golf course if he won, because he felt that he was ‘supposed to win’.

. . .

Three months after the couple married, Nordegren apparently wanted to celebrate her husband’s victory at Torrey Pines.

She suggested they throw a party like they used to when she worked as a nanny for fellow golfer Jesper Parnevik.

But Tiger shot her down, saying: “E, that’s not what we do. I’m not Jesper. We’re supposed to win.’


Also, the Mail reported:

Tiger Woods was so obsessed with Navy SEAL training that he once put his swing coach in a special hold and told him: ‘From here I could kill you in about two seconds’.

The champion golfer—who secretly wanted to join the military—told Hank Haney to stand up then put his arm round his neck so he could not move at all.

Faced with the prospect of near-instant death, Haney feebly replied: ‘Please don’t’.

In his explosive tell-all book Haney also reveals that Woods became so obsessed with the soldiering he spent most of his spare time playing Navy SEAL computer games or watching the Military Channel on TV.

He became so concerned about the 14-times PGA tour winner that he sent him an email which read: ‘Man, are you crazy?’

. . .

Woods, 36, . . . wanted to become a Navy SEAL like his father Earl, who was a green beret who served two Army tours in Vietnam.

. . .

Haney writes that Woods’ ‘fixation really came out when he played a SEALs video game’.

He says: ‘Tiger would put on headphones, through which an animated commander would give him orders for the next mission to be carried out.

‘The objective was to keep overcoming increasingly difficult tests. Tiger would get totally immersed, sitting on the edge of the couch, as intense and focused as if he were playing in a major championship’.

Woods would go running in his army boots and repeatedly watched the official Navy SEAL training DVD to see if he was doing the moves correctly, Haney says.

As the BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs) film played yet again Woods would sit there saying: ‘That would be cool’.

Woods’ world came crashing down in 2009 when he was exposed as a serial cheat.

See–Tiger-Woods-bragged-kill-swing-coach.html; see also (Haney: “[A]s I reflect back I never saw Tiger happy. . . . No other golfer or athlete has seen more slip through his grasp than Tiger”)

Woods was and is a very sick human being. He is not a national hero, much less one whom any kid should admire or try to emulate.

. . .

Some have asked why I bother to write about Woods as I do, in my article and comments above. As indicated, I was taught by my father from a very young age to appreciate, respect, revere and honor the sport of golf. Indeed, there are very few sports that are based on personal honesty and self-reporting like golf. Honor is integral to the sport’s existence.

Woods is a very sick Narcissist. None of us can “fix” or change him. Elin tried, and she gave up. In a sense, he is like a monster “machine” that has spun out of the realm of reason and gone berserk. If he had not fashioned an image, which was sold to the world—and especially to young kids—of honesty, virtue and being “squeaky clean,” he would not matter. Perhaps his fall from grace is akin to the tragedies of ancient Greece or of Shakespeare.


22 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem Must Be Fired Immediately

The contrast between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the “bounty” scandal, involving professional football players’ and coaches’ abuses, and the total failure of Finchem to investigate Tiger Woods’ alleged wrongdoing—which is outlined in the article above, and the other comments beneath it—is too striking to ignore. Goodell acted positively, refusing to sweep the wrongdoing under the rug, and he is being hailed and applauded for doing so. Finchem not only ignored the allegations, but he has shilled consistently for Woods.

Compare with and and

Finchem’s conduct and that of Woods are travesties, which will forever mar the sport of golf. What Finchem did is tantamount to saying that if a player is a “cash cow” for a sport, no amount of wrongdoing will ever be investigated. This sends all the wrong signals to the players, and to young kids who want to play golf and—in some cases—make it their career.

Nothing less than the termination of Finchem is warranted; and it must be done immediately. The PGA is an embarrassment, and its house must be cleaned. The NFL is standing tall, thanks to its courageous commissioner, Roger Goodell.

Golf will remain a relatively minor, insignificant sport—certainly when compared with NFL and NCAA football, world soccer, baseball and basketball—as long as Finchem and his ilk are involved with it.

. . .

Floyd Landis was formally stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title by the International Cycling Union. Also, Barry Bonds was a central figure in baseball’s steroids scandal. In 2007, he was indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice for lying to the grand jury and testifying that he never knowingly took any illegal steroids.

Indeed, one of America’s finest sports writers, Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, probably put it best when he wrote about Woods—in comments that I have cited in my article above:

“If a guy is a chronic cheater off the course, what kind of leap is required to believe he could be the same sort of cheater on the course?” The doctor, Anthony Galea, is apparently under a joint U.S.-Canadian investigation for providing athletes with such performance-enhancing drugs. One of the athletes that has been under Galea’s care is Tiger, who was visited “at least four times” at his Florida home by the doctor.

Plaschke add[ed]: “The public thinks, if there’s even a chance [Tiger is] guilty of running a harem while married with two young children, there’s a chance he could be guilty of anything. Once we realize we don’t know him, then we stop trusting him. And once we stop trusting him, then he becomes vulnerable to people ignoring the amazing flight of his ball and concentrating on the unsettling size of his neck”—a reference to the size of disgraced baseball star Barry Bonds’ neck.”

Obviously those people who run international cycling, the NFL and other major sports organizations, take all of this very seriously. Finchem does not. More importantly, he has shilled for Woods, and arguably participated in his cover-up.

All of Woods’ actions, not just cavorting with prostitutes and other bimbos—which no real man does—dramatically affected golf. He was the face of golf, certainly for young kids around the world. He hurt his sport much more than any NFL players; and Finchem should have been fired ages ago.

Woods’ life is replete with, and underscored by fraud. In essence, he is a very sick Narcissist who has zero morality and has led a “double life.”

American fans are not that forgiving, nor are they star-struck with winners. “Celebrity worship” has its limits.

Woods “unraveled” before our eyes ages ago; and if one queried his fellow players—some of whom had beaten him, before his “accident” in Florida—they have genuinely detested him. However, they do not say this for public consumption.

Today, probably as many Americans are watching and waiting for him to fail, as those who are cheering him on. He is the Mike Tyson and Barry Bonds of golf.

When his golf game falls apart—because of injuries, or his inability to compete with the young stars on the tour today as well as those to come—he will be history. Few people, except his sycophants, will really care about him . . . or miss his absence from the sport.

Both Woods and Finchem have disgraced their sport.


26 03 2012

Hear hear. Agree with your summary and would also add that time catches up with all men, so what do you do when Tiger isn’t around but you have invested more heavily in the ‘Tiger’ brand than the sport of golf itself.

btw just one teeny point from a Brit. It’s football not ‘world soccer’


26 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you for your comments.

First, if you read my article above, as well as all of the comments beneath it, you will realize fully that my concerns have been about the sport of golf itself.

I never liked Woods before his “accident” in Florida, but realized that others did. I followed golfers such as Vijay Singh, and cheered every week for them to beat him. Yesterday, at Bay Hill, I was cheering for Graeme McDowell or Ernie Els—whom I have liked for many years—to win. But alas, both faded.

Second, I realize that for you Brits, soccer is “football.” However, we Americans have our own brand of football, as you know; and I wanted to distinguish between the two. No offense intended. 🙂


27 03 2012

Just want to know how you feel about some political cheaters. Remember NY Gov. Spitzer and his prostitution playground, or SC Gov. Sanford and his mistress on the side. And how could you ever forget the, “Terminator” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress who bored [sic] a child out of the affair!!! All three married and supposedly living the proper life. My, my, my. Oh, by the way, these are public FACTS and not hearsay or unfounded rumors.


27 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Bruce, for your comments.

First, Eliot Spitzer is very similar to Woods, certainly with respect to prostitutes. According to reports, Spitzer paid up to $80,000 for prostitutes over a period of several years while he was Attorney General, and later Governor of New York.

See, e.g.,

With respect to Woods, as noted above:

Tiger Woods confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage. . . . The world’s top golfer, 34, is said to have told estranged wife Elin Nordegren the amazing number of women he bedded during her visit while he was in rehab.

See, e.g.,; see also (“Tiger Woods’ Former Flings To Release Porn Film About Alleged Sexploits”)

Their actions do not constitute differences in kind, but at most differences in numbers. Both are Narcissists and hypocrites who sold themselves to Americans as being “squeaky clean” role models, when in fact they are despicable human beings. No real man does what they did.

Second, with respect to former Governor Mark Sanford and María Belén Chapur, the most recent reports are that they are still very much in love.

See, e.g.,

Adultery is wrong, and should not happen. However, divorce is a fact of life, with approximately 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce. Often, adultery is a factor.

Third, having grown up in Hollywood—or Los Angeles—and having spent much of my professional career in Washington, D.C., I will not seek to defend the morality of those in the entertainment industry or the world of politics. Most who reach the very top are driven Narcissists; and Maria Shriver is no saint or stranger to that world.

See, e.g., and


27 03 2012
Colin Barnes

Having just read many of your comments, mostly in regards to Tiger Woods, I can only say, you seem to have a great deal of contempt for anything that does not march in step with your perception of right and wrong.


27 03 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Colin, for your comment.

I do not ask you to share my views. That is not what this blog is all about.

See, e.g.,

It would seem that you are just as opinionated as I am. 🙂


6 04 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

“Tiger Has Lost His Game . . . Mind . . . And Temper”

These were the words of the ESPN play-by-play commentators at the 2012 Masters in Augusta, as Woods threw down his club and kicked it “fifteen yards.” He finished his second round with a 75, and came close to missing the cut.

His four-round scores were 72-75-72-74, five over par for the tournament.

Yet, his sycophants in the media and elsewhere keep touting him to win.

See; see also (“Woods posts highest career score in Masters”)


14 08 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Rory Wins PGA Tourney By 8-Stroke Margin!

Rory wins PGA

Rory McIlroy, at the age of 23, dominated the final round of the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island on Sunday, and won his second major by a PGA-record eight shots.

He underscored his record-setting U.S. Open win last year by blowing away the field. One last birdie from 25 feet on the 18th hole gave him a 6-under 66 for an eight-shot victory, breaking the PGA Championship record for margin of victory that Jack Nicklaus set in 1980.

. . .

The ever-pathetic Tiger Woods was 11 strokes back.

See, e.g.,


17 08 2012

“The ever-pathetic Tiger Woods” – granted he’s not made some great choices in his personal life, but deserves much more respect than this for the golf he has played over the years. Fourteen majors. Wasn’t just no.1, but arguably the worlds greatest at his peak, with some great golf to come.

Whatever your motivation for slamming Tiger is (being deliberately controversial), how can you deny him his golfing past?


17 08 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Darren, for your comments.

Woods is pure scum as a human being. Please read the article above, as well as all of the comments beneath it. If there is any reason to praise the scumbag, I defy you to find it.

He is truly a “monster,” who was created for celebrity worship, and represents the worst that it can produce. There is nothing admirable about him. Nothing.


17 10 2012
Timothy D. Naegele


Nike logo

Nike has issued the following release with respect to Lance Armstrong, which states in pertinent part as follows:

Due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him. Nike does not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner.

See (emphasis added)

Such hypocrisy is outrageous. The company did nothing about Tiger Woods’ doping.

By looking the other way with respect to Woods, Nike became complicit. Clearly, the company’s products should be boycotted.

Also, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has not gone after Woods at all, much less with the same ferocity that Lance Armstrong has been pursued. Certainly, justice demands it!

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and the once highly-respected PGA have participated in, if not spearheaded, an unprecedented cover-up of Woods’ doping activities as well.

Indeed, the PGA acted as a “cheerleader” for Woods, right when it should have been authorizing an independent investigation of the doping allegations against him. What Finchem and the PGA did by covering up his wrongdoing constitutes, or certainly borders on, criminality.

Woods has been hated by others in the sport; however, because he was golf’s major “cash cow” in the past, few have been willing to speak up. Until his scandal hit, golf was essentially a one-player sport, from an economic standpoint.

By reading the article above, and the comments beneath it, one will realize that an unbelievable cover-up has taken place, orchestrated in no small part by Finchem and the PGA. Realize too that Nike has to have known about this, yet failed to act.

See; see also (“When Will Tiger Woods Come Clean About His Doping?“)


22 10 2012
Ewan Ferguson

You are a racist scumbag who has not earned the right to comment on such sporting icons.


22 10 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Ewan, for your thoughts.

First, are Lance Armstrong’s “critics” racists too?

Second, if the allegations of Woods’ doping were proven (e.g., where there is smoke, there is generally fire), and even greater numbers of critics come forward like they have with respect to Armstrong, would all of them be racists too?

Clearly, massive numbers of critics have arisen worldwide since Woods’ “accident,” and even more may appear in the future. Are all of them racists as well?

Third, one must assume that you want the allegations of Woods’ doping covered up and buried, like Finchem and the PGA have done.

Fourth, in the celebrity-driven, too-often-“plastic,” Hollywood-esque world in which we live, “sporting icons”—of which Woods is one—and other celebrities often appear “teflon-coated” and worshipped by their groupies or sycophants, and sheltered from criticism . . . until the balloon bursts and the truth is known and they come crashing down from the pedestals on which their worshippers have placed them. How will the world ever know the truth about Woods if the cover-up continues?

Lastly, Armstrong’s foundation LIVESTRONG (see has helped lots of people who deal with cancer; and he and the foundation have given them courage and hope. Those wonderful efforts must continue, regardless of what you and I might think about Armstrong or Woods.


22 10 2012

Tim, the Armstrong affair only opened up after people made their views public. For any alleged wrongdoing of Woods to gain air, those sitting on evidence or with strong suspicion must speak out. Fence sitting solves nothing, as we know only too well in the UK when looking at the recent revelations of Jimmy Savile and child porn.


22 10 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Gary, for your comments. I agree completely.

Unfortunately, at the time of Woods’ “accident” and the doping revelations, golf was essentially a one-player sport, from an economic standpoint, and Woods’ critics were too few. However, some did speak out and they were courageous to do so—including Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, The Golf Writers Association of America, Christine Brennan of USA Today, Jesper Parnevik and Ernie Els.


Today, if an independent investigation were to take place and find doping, Woods would come crashing down from “Mount Olympus,” even more than has happened already.

This may be why Nike is hedging its bets and reputedly working on a 10-year, $250 million endorsement contract for Rory McIlroy.


22 10 2012
Ewan ferguson

As an attorney, I’m sure you are very familiar with the American virtue of innocent until proven guilty. I don’t think anyone has the right to pre-judge anyone because the rumours suggest one thing or another. If we were to believe the right wing press in America, Barack Obama was born in Kenya and shares some kind of lineage with saddam Hussein – both claims I hope you will agree are untrue. The Lance Armstrong case has been presided over, and an overwhelming body of evidence has been weighed against him, so I think it is fair for people to criticise him. Tiger on the other hand hasn’t really had a case to answer so far, so I think common sense should prevail until we are better judged to form an opinion. The fact I made, quite crudely I apologise, is that America (as in the United States) still has large undercurrents of racism, of which you seem to be very much a part of, which don’t like to see black people being successful, or worse still, see them as some kind of underclass.


22 10 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Ewan, for your additional comments.

First, I fully agree that one must be considered innocent until proven guilty. This does not always operate in the United States, but I believe in it completely.

See, e.g., and

Second, my views about Barack Obama are outlined in articles that I have written about him and in my comments beneath them. I believe there is overwhelming evidence that he is a fraud, but not based on the arguments that you have suggested. Indeed, I believe both Obama and Woods are fraudulent, which does not help African-Americans or anyone else.

See, e.g.,

Third, neither Armstrong nor Woods has been subjected to a jury determination of their guilt.

Fourth, I realize that the United States “still has large undercurrents of racism,” and that discrimination exists with respect to all minority groups in our great country. I doubt it will ever go away completely, inter alia, because that is the nature of human beings . . . but our country is much stronger than that. Indeed, it is part of our nation’s fabric of greatness.


Fifth, I had the privilege of working with and heading the U.S. Senate staff of former Senator Edward W. Brooke, who was the first black U.S. Senator since Reconstruction, following our Civil War. Obama was the third black senator.

Brooke was a trailblazer too, however as I have written:

[H]e did not try to change America because of any deep-seated hatred of whites or our capitalist system. After reading “Dreams from My Father,” most Americans will have few if any doubts why Obama associated with and befriended Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Their radical views seem consistent with his.

See; see also (“Is Race A Factor In My Comments About Barack Obama and Tiger Woods?”)


25 11 2012
Timothy D. Naegele

Rory McIlroy Wins The Race To Dubai And The DP World Tour Championship

Rory and Caroline in Dubai

Photographed with his girlfriend, former World No. 1 tennis player Caroline Wozniacki—after winning the Race to Dubai and the DP World Tour Championship—Rory McIlroy caps a spectacular year. As the UK’s Telegraph reported:

Golf’s 23-year-old world number one finished his 2012 with five brilliant birdies to add the DP World Tour Championship to everything else he has achieved.

. . .

“I could not have wished for any better. To back up 2011 with another major (like the first by a runaway eight-shot margin) and to be part of an unbelievable story at the Ryder Cup has made it an incredible year.

“But hopefully I can emulate it or do even better next year!”

See; see also and



18 01 2013
Timothy D. Naegele


Woods and Armstrong

After Lance Armstrong’s mea culpa, when will Tiger Woods confess to having used performance enhancing drugs as well? The time has arrived for him to come clean; and for Nike to terminate its contract with him, just as it has done in the case of Armstrong.

Nike and the PGA are complicit in Woods’ doping. Indeed, PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and the once highly-respected PGA have participated in, if not spearheaded, an unprecedented cover-up of Woods’ doping activities.

Like Armstrong, Woods should be stripped of his titles, and required to pay back tournament winnings and sponsorship monies.

See (see also the article above, as well as the other comments beneath it)

. . .

For those who would argue against “outing” Woods’ doping, there is a need for justice, and not covering up the truth. Armstrong has paid a very heavy price for his mistakes, and he is apt to pay even more. Justice and fairness require nothing less in the case of Woods—who must not be “sheltered” or given a pass because of the color of his skin or the fact that he has been a “cash cow” for the sport of golf.

There has been no honesty, much less contrition, on his part. I revere the sport of golf, which is undergirded by honesty and truth (e.g., self reporting) and always has been. He has trashed it.

Lots of people have tuned out Woods, and will never follow him again. Others, principally his sycophants, do not care.


23 02 2013
Timothy D. Naegele

Obama And Tiger Woods Cost American Taxpayers At Least $1 Million

The UK’s Daily Mail has reported:

Barack Obama has spoken publicly about playing with Tiger Woods[,] having returned to the highest office in the land after spending President’s Day weekend on the golf course.

‘He’s on another planet,’ marveled the president. . . .

The two met up for their first-ever round together last Sunday at a luxury golf resort in Florida.

. . .

The traveling pool of journalists who follow the President’s every move were reportedly furious after being shut out [of] the club grounds.

. . .

The president played with the notorious philanderer last Sunday after getting a private lesson from Woods’ former coach the day before.

. . .

ABC News reported that in 2012, it cost $179,750 per flight hour to run Air Force One.

Using that rate—even though it is likely higher now since gas prices have risen—the cost of the flights to Florida and back to Washington on Monday totaled $943,687.50.

He rented out all three of the four-bedroom guest cottages on the grounds of The Floridian for the whole of the long weekend, as well about 20 hotel rooms from the nearby Holiday Inn—which is about 20 minutes drive from the course—for his traveling entourage and security.

Expectantly, their price differentials are significant, as one night in a guest cottage costs $1,500 while the Holiday Inn told MailOnline that they charged the government a day rate of $77 per room.

On top of the logistical expenses, the whole point of the trip was to relax on the golf course, which involves a whole host of expenses in itself.

Guest greens fees at The Floridian are $300 per person, and each player hires a caddy who costs $200 per round.

For three guests to play two rounds of golf over the weekend, greens fees come to $1,800 and the caddies fees for the foursome total $1,600.

Another personal expense that Mr Obama racked up came from the eight hour one-on-one lesson with golf pro Mr Harmon. Since those lessons typically cost $3,000, that means that Mr Obama’s bill came to a tidy $24,000 after his intensive session on Saturday.

. . .

The disgraced golfer [Woods] did a reading at one of President Obama’s inaugural festivities in 2009 and followed that up with a visit to the White House.

See; see also (“Krauthammer: Obama’s Golf With Tiger Travel Expenses Would Pay for a Year of White House Tours“)

Obama is correct: Woods is “on another planet.” He engaged in doping, which has been covered up by the PGA and others; and he has confessed to 121 affairs with prostitutes and other bimbos during his marriage to Elin.


For Obama to waste a million dollars of American taxpayers’ monies on this is scandalous and repulsive, to say the least, but it is totally consistent with his character—and that of Woods—and his presidency.


26 03 2013

Congratulations to Tiger on his return to the # 1 World Ranking!

It’s wonderful to see him return to form, as he continues his journey to becoming unequivocally the greatest golfer of all time!

I’d also like to thank Tiger for all of the great charitable work he’s involved in, particularly the work of The Tiger Woods Foundation.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate him for finding some stability in his personal life, as he and Lindsey Vonn (one of the true greats in the history of skiing) embark on their romantic relationship.

(As a side note: Congratulations on your re-election, President Obama, and thank you for all the good that you have done for the country and for the world, and all that you will continue to do in the years ahead.)


26 03 2013
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Paul, for your comments.

First, I prefer to see Rory McIlroy and others at the top, but I understand your feelings.

Second, I do not believe Woods will ever be considered “the greatest golfer of all time,” but I respect your beliefs on the subject. As the article above indicates, the truth about his doping will come out with the passage of time, which will forever tarnish his place in golf.

Third, as I am sure you know, there are essentially no other black (or African-American) players of any prominence in golf today. Indeed, there are now fewer black players on the PGA Tour than when Woods began. He has done nothing to change this . . . except to line his own pockets as Narcissists do.

Years ago, there were Lee Elder, Charlie Sifford and Jim Dent.

Fourth, he has never dated a black or Filipino woman in his life, yet this is his heritage. As cited above, he confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage, so at least it is refreshing to see that he is seemingly dating only one woman today.

Lastly, I agree with Barack Obama on some issues, and disagree with respect to others. I did not vote for him in 2008 or 2012.

See, e.g., (see also the comments beneath the article)


26 03 2013
Gary Johnson

Why do you think that Tiger—after the revealing of Armstrong, Johnson and other high profile sportsmen—gets way with it?


26 03 2013
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Gary, for your question, which is a good one.

I have discussed the answers above, but let me try to be succinct.

First, he is black or African-American; and to some extent, “political correctness”—which I do not believe in at all—shields him from criticism. There will be cries of “racism,” which is absurd.

Second, as stated above, he is the only black player of any prominence in golf today.

Third, before his “accident,” he was golf’s “cash cow.” People followed golf because of him, and lots of people made plenty of money because of him.

Fourth, the PGA is a disgrace, and Tim Finchem should have been fired ages ago. The commissioner of any other sport would have ordered an independent investigation of the doping charges against Woods, but Finchem swept them under the rug and was Woods’ cheerleader.

Fifth, to their credit, Woods’ advisers have put a “lid” on his multiple scandals; and now with Lindsey Vonn in tow and some touranment winnings, he and his advisers believe he is “Teflon-coated” once again. They may be in for some great surprises and rude awakenings ahead.


26 03 2013
Gary Johnson

Ok, but why no David Walsh-quality journalists taking on the task on the mainstream press?


26 03 2013
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again, Gary.

If you read my article above, you will see that one of America’s finest sports writers—Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times—had a lead story dated December 16, 2009, which did this. I commend the article for your reading.



27 03 2013
Gary Johnson

Yes I read that, but what I am surprised by is the absence of follow up articles, investigative journalism, revelations from former confidants and a lack of substantive evidence. I take on board the interested party angles and authorities and others not wishing to rock the boat, but the same could be said of the whole Armstrong affair where governing bodies, teams, sponsors and commercial partners all gradually leaked enough evidence to make Armstrong position untenable. I find it hard to accept that a water tight level of protection could still be in place around Woods some 4 years after the first revelatory articles.


27 03 2013
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Gary. Your comments are right on point.

First, there is a smaller group of people who surround major golfers than those who surround cyclists like Armstrong.

Also, international cyclists were out to nail him for a very long time.

Second, the costs to other golfers of coming forward might have been their careers.

Third, I know at least one person who knows the inside story with respect to Woods, and will probably tell it sooner or later. I have encouraged this to happen; and the revelations would be “shattering.”

Fourth, race is a big factor that protects Woods, which cannot be underestimated. Obama has gotten passes from the Leftist media, and Woods has too.

Fifth, at the time that the Woods scandal broke, and in its aftermath, it was argued that to take down Woods was tantamount to taking down the sport of golf. I never believed this at all, and still believe it is a bogus argument. Golf survived before he arrived, and it will flourish long after he is gone.

Sixth, I began playing golf with my father when I was around 7 years old; and he had a 3-handicap at Los Angeles’ finest club. I was brought up believing that honor and honesty were sacred to golf, above all else (e.g., it is a self-reporting sport).

My game has never approached my father’s level, but I have loved it anyway. Indeed, I have almost always carried a counter with me to accurately keep track of my strokes so I did not cheat myself.

Seventh, Woods let down the kids who have followed him, if in no other way than his prostitutes and bimbos. No real man does what he did. I have seen it too often in Hollywood and Washington, D.C., and it is sickening.

See, e.g.,

Lastly, America has become a celebrity-driven society, in which anything goes—including lying, cheating, prostitutes, bimbos and the like.


27 03 2013
Timothy D. Naegele

The Dow of Tiger Woods

This is the title of a Wall Street Journal article, which is worth reading at least in part:

Tiger Woods reclaimed the top spot in the World Golf Rankings this week with his win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose nearly 112 points to 14559.65, an all-time high close.


Before his “accident” in Florida, Woods was under the care of a doctor who promoted performance-enhancing drugs such as HGH: Anthony Galea, who visited Woods “at least four times” at his Florida home, and was under a joint U.S.-Canadian investigation for providing athletes with such performance-enhancing drugs.

Also, as I have written:

Tiger is akin to so many other celebrities and politicians of our times, who have unbelievable feet of clay and should not be role models for anyone.

See (see also all of the comments beneath the article)

It is unlikely that Woods will ever be considered the greatest golfer of all time, inter alia, because the truth about his doping will come out with the passage of time, which will forever tarnish his place in golf.

Indeed, I know at least one person who knows the inside, true story with respect to Woods, and will probably tell it sooner or later. The revelations will be “shattering.”

Next, there are fewer black (or African-American) players on the PGA Tour today than when Woods began. He has done nothing to change this . . . except to line his own pockets as Narcissists do. Years ago, there were Lee Elder, Charlie Sifford and Jim Dent.

Woods confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage, and this will haunt him forever as well.

See, e.g., (“Tiger Woods confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage. . . . The world’s top golfer . . . is said to have told estranged wife Elin Nordegren the amazing number of women he bedded during her visit while he was in rehab”)

It is often asked how Woods was able to get away with doping and his sexual escapades. The short answer is that he is black; and to a large extent, “political correctness” has shielded or sheltered him from criticism. If cyclist Lance Armstrong was black, he might have been treated differently too. Clearly, race is a big factor that protects Woods, which cannot be underestimated.


Also, before his “accident,” Woods was golf’s “cash cow” and it was essentially a “one-player” sport. People followed golf because of him, and lots of people made plenty of money because of him. Indeed, the PGA and its disgraceful commissioner Tim Finchem—who should have been fired ages ago—never ordered an independent investigation of the doping charges against Woods, which were swept under the rug and buried. No other sport would have done this.

The media has buried the facts because of the reasons cited above, and because America has become a celebrity-driven society in which anything goes—including lying, cheating, prostitutes, bimbos and the like.

Regardless of his golf scores, Woods is a doping, cheating, utterly disgraced, porn “star”/escort/and other bimbo-seeking, Narcissistic philanderer. Like the Dow, what goes up often comes crashing down, especially in troubled times like these—which will only get far worse between now and the end of this decade.

See, e.g., (see also the article itself, as well as the other comments beneath it)


13 04 2013
Timothy D. Naegele

Tiger Woods Cheats And Gets Away With It . . . AGAIN! [UPDATED]

As the New York Times has reported:

Tiger Woods was three strokes off the lead in the Masters when he completed the second round at Augusta National Golf Club on Friday. But he began his third round five strokes behind the leader Jason Day after being assessed a two-stroke penalty on Saturday for an illegal drop on the 15th hole of the second round.

Woods, 37, was summoned to Augusta National hours before his tee time Saturday with his participation uncertain for the third round of a tournament he has won four times.

He could have been disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. But after reviewing the episode with Woods, the rules committee at Augusta National chose to add two strokes to Woods’s score and allow him to play the weekend. The committee invoked Rule 33-7, which allows a penalty of disqualification to be waived or modified in exceptional cases.

. . .

On the hole in question, a 530-yard par 5, Woods laid up. His approach shot clanked off the flagstick and caromed into the water. After taking a one-stroke penalty, Woods dropped his ball in the fairway, a few feet behind his original divot, and hit a wedge shot to within three feet and made the putt for a bogey 6. After the ruling, his score was changed to an 8.

When choosing to drop near one’s divot, a golfer should play his ball “as nearly as possible” at the spot from which the original ball was last played. After his round, Woods said he purposely dropped the ball two yards from his first divot.

He said: “Well, I went down to the drop area, that wasn’t going to be a good spot, because obviously it’s into the grain, it’s really grainy there. And it was a little bit wet. So it was muddy and not a good spot to drop.

. . .

The possible violation by Woods was brought to the tournament’s attention by a television viewer.The rules committee reviewed his drop while his round was in progress and had seen nothing wrong. Hearing Woods’s explanation brought the issue of intent into play, and so he was asked to explain his thought process while preparing for his fifth shot.

. . .

It was the second time this year that Woods had been penalized for an illegal drop. In the second round of his season opener in Abu Dhabi, he missed the cut after taking a two-stroke penalty for wrongly taking a free drop.

Some people said that Woods should disqualify himself from the Masters. On Golf Channel, Nick Faldo, a six-time major champion, called on Woods to “do the manly thing” and withdraw.

David Duval, a former world No. 1, wrote on Twitter: “I think he should withdraw. He took a drop to gain an advantage.”

See (emphasis added); see also (“Television Viewer Prompts Rules Committee To Issue Penalty To Tiger”) and (“The Masters 2013: under-fire Tiger Woods facing player backlash for not withdrawing after wrongly signing his scorecard“)

This did not involve an “exceptional case,” nor was his violation “inadvertent” at all. It is one more shining example of where the rules of golf have been bent for Woods—by the PGA, its commissioner Tim Finchem, and others—and it is disgraceful.

. . .

In an article by national sports columnist for The Associated Press, Jim Litke, it was noted:

Strip away the hours that elapsed between the crime and punishment, the conflicts of interest, tortured logic and technicalities, and this much is clear: Tiger Woods behaved badly.

The green jackets in charge of the Masters behaved worse.

. . .

On Friday, Woods was tied for the lead at 5-under. He threw a lob wedge into the 15th green for his third shot. It hit the flagstick and ricocheted into the pond.

With three options from where to play his next shot, Woods elected to play from the original spot. Under Rule 26-1, he had to drop a ball “as nearly as possible at the (original) spot.” Intentionally or not – it doesn’t matter – Woods violated it by dropping the ball 2 yards behind the original spot, because that distance better fit his plans for the next shot. He hit that close enough for a tap-in bogey 6.

A viewer called into Augusta National to point out the violation.

. . .

Masters officials review the video of Woods’ shot sequence as he plays No. 18. They see no violation, don’t consult Woods, and he signs an incorrect scorecard for 71.

After his round, Woods says during an ESPN interview, “I went back to where I played it from, but went two yards further back and I tried to take two yards off the shot of what I felt I hit.”

CBS announcer Jim Nantz sees the interview Friday night and calls Masters officials.

They call Woods on Saturday morning and review video of the shot with him. He acknowledges dropping the ball two yards behind where he should have. . . .

But because of Rule 33-7, which states in part: “A penalty of disqualification may in exceptional individual cases be waived, modified or imposed if the committee considers such action warranted,” Masters officials fall on their sword. They waive the penalty of disqualification for signing an incorrect scorecard and instead assess a two-stroke penalty.

. . .

Woods tees off at 1:45 p.m., EDT, to polite applause and nary a boo.

Nantz opens the CBS broadcast at 3 p.m., essentially saying now that the controversy has been explained, all is right with Augusta and golf.

Except it’s not.

. . .

Anyone have the feeling that if the golfer under investigation was, say, Vijay Singh, the first official review of the drop would have gone differently? Just a day earlier, saying “rules are rules,” those same officials slapped 14-year-old Chinese sensation Guan Tianlang with a slow-play penalty, even though there was no evidence that his indecisiveness over which club to hit was actually slowing down play.

See (emphasis added)

. . .

Since golf is a sport of honor and integrity—with self-reporting undergirding it—at the very least Woods should withdraw from the 2013 Masters tournament and self-assess that penalty against himself . . . but alas, he has no honor or integrity. His doping merely underscores that fact, which is discussed in the article above and the other comments beneath it.

. . .

See also (“Marshals: Tiger Lied – Tiger Woods Under Fire for Claims Made in Sergio Garcia Dispute (VIDEO)”) and (Woods cheats again)

Woods is a liar and a cheat. This has been true for many years. It is who he is. Just ask his former wife, Elin.


9 08 2014
Timothy D. Naegele

Tiger Woods’ Last Gasp? [UPDATED]

Woods last gasp

The AP has reported:

At No. 7, Tiger Woods bent over so gingerly to pick up his tee that you wondered whether he’d get back up.

At No. 8, he leaned so heavily on his putter while retrieving a ball from the cup that the shaft bowed like a guitar string.

By then he was 3-over par for the day, a half-dozen strokes on the wrong side of the cut line with a still-sore back and one foot already out the door. Sympathy for Woods might be in short supply, but it was still sad to watch.

Sadder still, we might look back someday and remember what happened at this PGA Championship as his Willie Mays moment.

Like Woods, Mays was the greatest player of his era. But Mays was already 41 and a shell of what he used to be by the time he returned to New York to play his final two seasons for the Mets. In Game 2 of the 1973 World Series, he stumbled and fell trying to run down a ball in the outfield and said not long after, “growing old is a helpless hurt.” He batted in Game 3 and never appeared in a major league contest again.

Woods may not be done winning majors, but he’s close. He’s 38 and the physical breakdowns are gradually piling up closer together, like some slow-motion car crash. The days when he was better than everyone with every club in the bag are a fast-fading memory. He drives the ball erratically and can’t make short putts when they matter most.

Woods said Friday after shooting a second consecutive 74 that his back nearly went out on him while practicing on the range. If nothing else, his performance on the golf course afterward made that easy to believe. He made only one birdie in the first round—holing out from 100 feet with a wedge—and didn’t make his first conventional birdie until he rolled in a 12-footer on No. 15 in round two. About the only time he looked out from under the bill of his cap and up at the gallery was to acknowledge a warm ovation for his third and final birdie at No. 18.

Afterward, Woods said most of the same things he’s been saying a lot the last few years. He needs to get stronger. He needs to fix some technical flaws. His game is close to coming back together. The only revealing thing Woods said was when someone asked whether he felt old.

“I felt old a long time ago,” he replied, smiling. “It’s darn near 20 years out here.”

Golf desperately needs Woods, but now the converse is true, too. That much was clear when he rushed back to play in this tournament just a few days after he withdrew from last week’s barely able to bend over far enough to tie shoes.

Speculation ran the gamut earlier this week on what Woods genuinely hoped to accomplish: win the tournament, impress U.S. Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson enough to make the team as a wild-card pick, get enough face time to add another sponsor to his dwindling stable—take your pick. No matter what his real motivation was, he’s leaving town empty-handed yet again. He hasn’t contended on the final nine of a major since that November day in 2009 when his SUV careened out of control down the driveway of his Florida mansion.

Woods’ critics were out in force long before then. Some portion of the audience found him too arrogant right from the start, and even after he ascended to the top of the game and tournament after tournament put on the best show in sports. Another big chunk peeled off after the scandal. Every time he’s humbled—and despite a combined eight tour wins in 2012-13, there have been no shortage of those instances—Woods gets carpet-bombed on social media and barroom conversations.

Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess. Woods said he has no idea what his schedule the rest of the year looks like. Asked what he’d tell Watson if he calls about the Ryder Cup, Woods was glib.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “He hasn’t called.”

At this point, Watson shouldn’t bother. The soon-to-be-65-year-old captain didn’t make the cut, either, but he still beat Woods here, and at last month’s British Open to boot.

Woods wasn’t waiting around in any case. Not long after his round was done, he threw his golf shoes, along with the rest of his gear in the back of a car, and slipped into a pair of sneakers—this time without even bothering to tie the laces.

See (emphasis added); see also (“PGA Championship Hits 5-Year Ratings High—WITHOUT WOODS…“) and (“[C]onsigning the Woods era to sepia“) and (“Tiger Woods shoots 82 at Phoenix Open in worst round as a pro“) and (“Tiger Woods, Lost in the Desert”—”There were moments this week when it was hard not to think of Willie Mays stumbling around in center field in his final season with the Mets”) and (Woods quits Torrey Pines in First Round}

As indicated in the article above, and in the comments beneath it, Woods is a liar and a cheat, and the consummate Narcissist . . .

Indeed, he is the “poster boy” for depravity and Narcissism in the sport of golf.

Having “confessed 121 affairs” with bimbos during his marriage to Elin, surely no depths of disgrace and depravity are beyond the pale with respect to his whore-mongering and him.

. . .

Perhaps what is equally tragic is that in all of the years that Woods has been playing golf, there are no American blacks at or near the top of the leaderboards. Like most Narcissists, he has taken care of himself, but has not nurtured others.

Woods in Phoenix


1 10 2014
not who you think

Has anyone told you yet that the reason USADA doesn’t “pursue” Wood is because the PGA and USADA have no agreement to work together? I ask this since I keep running into old comments on Armstrong/USADA articles about this from you. You seen thoroughly obsessed with Wood’s wrongdoings but act as if Armstrong is some victim when he was one of the biggest cheaters, frauds, liars, and bullies in athletic competition history.


1 10 2014
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you for your comments.

Any person or organization like the PGA can refer any matter to prosecutors to investigate and pursue. There is reason to believe that Tim Finchem failed to do this, and failed to set up an independent investigation of Woods.

Finchem has only served as a cheerleader for Woods, and has always looked the other way. Any other “leader” of a sports league would be fired for doing this. but the other members of the PGA’s leadership have looked the other way too.

There needs to be a housecleaning from top to bottom.


12 05 2015
Timothy D. Naegele

Tiger Woods Cheats Again [UPDATED]

Tiger Woods Cheats Again

The UK’s Daily Mail has reported:

When Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn split over a week ago, the Olympic skiier posted on Facebook the explanation that ‘both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart.’

Daily Mail Online can now exclusively reveal that during one of those ‘times apart’ Tiger cheated on Lindsey – with a ‘faceless, nameless woman’, a friend reveals.

‘He had a relapse in the sex department,’ a close friend reveals to Daily Mail Online. ‘Lindsey found out about women again. Always while he’s on the road. Just like when he was with Elin.’

It was after Tiger was eliminated from the San Diego-based Farmer’s Insurance Classic in February, somewhere near his old stomping grounds in Southern California, that Tiger had a one night stand, the friend divulged.

‘He withdrew from Farmer’s. You have to understand, while it’s not right, it’s not really wrong either. Tiger isn’t married. He doesn’t really drink or do drugs. So what else does he have when he can’t afford to lose again? He is allowed to find some relief.

‘Most men would drink over such losses.Tiger has sex over it. Usually with local hookers whom he pays exorbitant amounts to, probably so they will want repeat business and won’t tell.’

Michelle Braun, a former Hollywood madame revealed that between 2006 and 2007 Tiger paid upwards of $40,000 for six ‘pay-for-sex dates.’

But this time he was spotted with the woman.

‘When Tiger realized he was seen, he became concerned and eventually he decided to confess to Lindsey. Something he didn’t do with Elin. He came clean and I give him credit for that.

‘Yes, Tiger cheated again. But it wasn’t with anyone special. He really wanted Lindsey to be the one. But he blew it again. He can’t help himself. He’s got an addiction. He relapsed,’ says the friend.

‘Knowing Tiger, he doesn’t even see it as cheating because there’s no romance or feeling there. It’s just a stress reliever, like a high-ball or two after a bad day.’

The friend tells Daily Mail Online that despite pleas from peers and relatives to keep going to his self-mandated therapy sessions, Tiger stopped going completely — leading to the alleged ‘one-time slip’.

But that ‘one-time slip’ was enough to send Vonn, 30, packing.

In fact, she made sure to announce the mutual split right in time to be physically out of the country. She’s tour[ing] in New Zealand, Chile and Europe before she returning to Vail, Colorado for training in few months.

Vonn, who won her 63rd World Cup race in January is collecting $22 million in endorsement deals and is gearing up to hit the Olympic slopes and promoting her new Lindsey Vonn Foundation to empower young girls.

‘Lindsey found out about the cheating the easy way, if there is an easy way. She didn’t check his texts. Tiger confessed. He took the opposite strategy he did with Elin and instead of hiding it, he admitted it before getting caught.

‘He doesn’t even see it as cheating. It’s just stress relief. It’s hard for him to see that he’s bad. Maybe he’s not. He’s not married to Lindsey. But he also won’t get her back. She’s another strong woman like Elin who respects herself too much.

‘Why would she think her Tiger would change its stripes? She knew what she was in for. She reads the papers. We all read about the blonde table full of women in New York.’

Media reports claimed Tiger was seen going into a Manhattan restaurant last December, only to flirt and eventually leave [] with women.

‘Lindsey should have known then that Tiger was getting ready to slip, if he’d hadn’t already. But then came the Farmer’s loss,’ reveals the friend.

Cheating wasn’t Lindsey’s only problem with Tiger.

‘She always flew in to be by his side, but he rarely flew to be by her side. A relationship goes both ways. Not just Tiger’s way.

‘She started to see how Tiger’s really obsessed with himself, his game, making money, controlling everything around him. The girlfriend takes a back seat. Only golf is front and center.’

‘This really started to bother her. She was turning into a golf wife, and she’s not. She’s an Olympian. Tiger loves her. I’m sure he wished she forgave him when they went to therapy.’

Sources say that a few weeks ago, a fellow golf wife finally succeeded in convincing Lindsey to go with Tiger to therapy, at least once, despite her desire to cut and run. Lindsey reconsidered and ended up taking in one session with Tiger.

The friend reveals Lindsey refused go at first. She said it was his problem. But it was also affecting his game so he begged her.

‘She worried for him. He was hitting bottom maybe, and she wanted to support him. It’s how he kept Elin for those extra months. And he did it to Lindsey.’

‘Well she refused to go the first time. And then Tiger arranged for a second time and she went. That’s when he confessed, but it backfired.

‘She didn’t walk out of the session but she walked out on him.’

‘I mean, these things happen. It’s like falling in love with a rock star or an NBA player. It’s going to happen. Mistakes are going to be made.

‘But Lindsey is not like Elin, the long-suffering wife who will turn a blind eye. She knew that one relapse could lead to two and three and then he’s off to the races.’

The source explained that Tiger’s transgressions and self obsessions were two problems Lindsey had with Tiger. There was a third.

That was just the beginning. A flurry of women came forth – 120 in all – with claims of affairs and kinky, expensive sex with the golf star. Elin, now 35, divorced Tiger in 2010, after six years of marriage. Her prenup gave her an estimated $200 million.

Tiger, who was ranked No. 1 in the world at the time, collecting an additional $110 million a year in endorsements, disappeared for the next 54 days, only to be discovered behind the prison-like walls of the Gentle Path Sex Addiction Center at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Miss.

Michelle Braun, 39, a former Hollywood madame who supplied Tiger with call girls six times between 2006 and 2007, told the New York Post that Tiger paid upwards of $40,000 for the six ‘pay-for-sex dates.’

She claimed Tiger paid $15,000 for a date with stunner Loredana Jolie for one night in Manhattan.

‘He liked girl-on-girl. He had sex with them together,’ Braun said.

During that fateful holiday season, Tiger took to his own website to confirm affairs, that he previously called ‘transgressions’. He admitted he was ‘profoundly sorry’ for the pain he’d caused Elin.

‘I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children,’ he wrote.

All told, Tiger has admitted to having more than 120 affairs, prior to meeting Vonn. He also lost $23 million in endorsements in 2010, due to his extramarital flings, including losing Gillette, General Motors, Gatorade and AT&T.

To make matters worse, Tiger suffered another loss on Saturday. The former No. 1 player in the world now ranks No. 125 as he was eliminated in Round 4 of The Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

See (“Disgraced sex addict Tiger Woods CHEATED on ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn – the real reason they split“)

Having admitted to 121 affairs during his marriage to Elin, surely Woods has picked up one or more STDs that will be shared with any of his sexual partners in the future. Thus, aside from money and fame, why would any woman date him, much less consider a long-term relationship with him?

See, e.g., (“Tiger Woods confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage. . . . The world’s top golfer, 34, is said to have told estranged wife Elin Nordegren the amazing number of women he bedded during her visit while he was in rehab”); see also (“Tiger Woods Needs to Pay ex-Wife $54.5 Million . . . OR LOSE HIS HOUSE“) and Report: Tiger Woods still owes ex-wife $54 million (“Tiger Woods still owes ex-wife $54 million“) and TIGER WOODS HUMBLED, BUT NOT IN PANIC, OVER HIS 85 (“TIGER WOODS SHOOTS WORST ROUND OF CAREER, 85, AT MEMORIAL“) and (“US Open 2015: Tiger Woods implodes at Chambers Bay”—”Tiger Woods’s 10-over shambles in the first round of the US Open was the 14-time major winner’s most humiliating round ever – it was hard to watch”—”His worst score in 20 years of playing the US Open unfolded on prime-time viewing on US television”—”[H]e was being beaten by a 15-year-old, Cole Hammer, who shot a 77″—”Woods’s 10-over shambles was really not that surprising. Not for all of us who saw him shoot 85 at the Memorial two weeks ago and have charted his downfall to 195 in the world rankings in an horrific 2015″—”He continues to command the spotlight, but now in the style a court jester with all the craziness. . . . Woods appears lost”)

By cheating in so many ways, Woods can be fairly described as the Bill Cosby of golf.

Indeed, a double standard is operating with respect to both of them. If they were white, every women’s rights group in the United States would be up in arms against them—trying to destroy them.

See (“The Serial Rapist Bill Cosby“)


4 07 2017
Timothy D. Naegele

Tiger Woods: Is The End Near?

Tiger Woods arrested 17-5-29

The UK’s Daily Mail has reported:

Tiger Woods revealed he’s completed a ‘private intensive program’ to tackle his problem with prescription pills, following his DUI arrest.

The legendary golfer, who reportedly booked out the entire male inpatient unit at The Jupiter Medical Center, Florida, last month, says he has checked out but will ‘continue to tackle this going forward.’

‘I recently completed an out of state private intensive program,’ Woods said in a statement on Twitter. ‘I will continue to tackle this going forward with my doctors, family and friends. I am so very thankful for all the support I’ve received.’

The treatment follows Woods’ arrest on a DUI charge after he was found asleep at the wheel in Jupiter, Florida, around 2am on May 29. No alcohol was found in his system but he did tell cops he was taking various prescription drugs.

Woods said in a statement last month that he was receiving professional help to manage his medications and how he deals with pain and a sleep disorder.

His agent confirmed that the 14-time major champion, who had back surgery in April, was seeking in-patient treatment.

‘I’m currently receiving professional help to manage my medications and the ways that I deal with back pain and a sleep disorder,’ it read. ‘I want to thank everyone for the amazing outpouring of support and understanding especially the fans and players on tour.’

The statement was released after Tiger was seen spending Father’s Day at the cinema with his two children, nine-year-old daughter, Sam, and eight-year-old son, Charlie.

If he breaks it, he could see his time with the children cut by 20 per cent – leaving them with Elin 70 per cent of the time and giving him just 30.

Woods’ high profile DUI arrest on May 29 prompted her to consider applying for full custody of the children, the source claimed.

According to the Radar Online, Woods visited the rehab center with his children on June 2 and signed up for treatment just days later.

The former couple’s divorce came after a parade of women, including strippers and sex workers, revealed themselves as mistresses of the golf star.

Afterwards, Woods checked himself in to the Pine Grove Rehabilitation Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, for sex addiction treatment.

Later, he received treatment for Vicodin addiction at The Meadows in Arizona.

The most recent incident was sparked when Woods was arrested by the side of the road on May 29 near his mansion in Jupiter and charged with driving under the influence.

He had taken a cocktail of prescription drugs when police found him asleep inside his damaged $220,000 Mercedes with the engine running.

The 41-year-old was then filmed swaying in the street and slurring his words as he tried to take part in field sobriety tests.

He was later taken to a Jupiter police station where he struggled to blow into a breathalyzer and fell asleep on a chair while he was being processed.

Though he had no alcohol in his system, Woods had taken Soloxex, Vicodin, Torix and Vioxx – four different prescription drugs.

In a statement after his arrest, he said his sleepy state was an adverse reaction to them.

‘What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications,’ Woods said in the statement. I didn’t realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly.

‘I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions, I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved,’ he said.

He also apologized to his family and friends, adding: ‘I expect more from myself too.

‘I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again.’

Woods is due to face court over the DUI charge on August 9.

He could qualify for a diversion program in which the DUI charge is downgraded to reckless driving, which results in probation, fine and other conditions such as taking a DUI course.

See (“Out of the Woods: Tiger tells fans he’s completed an ‘intensive program’ to tackle his problem with prescription pills after his DUI arrest“) (emphasis added)

Anyone who believes this serial cheater is lacking a brain. As indicated in my article above, he confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage to Elin.

He never had any humility. I used to watch him at his tournament in Thousand Oaks, CA, and he was a totally-arrogant SOB.

He is finished as a golfer, and is on a destructive path that might end tragically with his death.

Tiger Woods mug shot


23 03 2018
Timothy D. Naegele

Rory And Erica McIlroy After Win At 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational

Rory and Erica McIlroy after 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational win

See also (“Rory McIlroy reveals all on how he celebrated Arnold Palmer Invitational win“)


27 03 2018
Timothy D. Naegele

Tiger Woods Must Be Banned From Golf For Life

Tiger Woods mug shot

As indicated in the article above and the extensive comments beneath it, Woods has cheated on and off golf courses. Yet, the PGA’s despicable Tim Finchem looked the other way and applied a different standard to Woods—or no standard at all—and allowed Woods to continue playing, because he was considered to be the sport’s “cash cow.”

Clearly, he is a Narcissist who has helped himself and few others in golf, as evidenced by the fact that since his career began, there have been zero black golfers at the top of the PGA’s leaderboards.

Daniel Bates has written in the UK’s Daily Mail:

The influence of Tiger Woods’ father on his golfer son was considerable, helping turn him into a ‘cold-blooded assassin’ on the green – and an out-of-control womanizer in his personal life.

Earl Woods was a cheater, who spent his final years sleeping with dozens of women in a ‘house of horrors’ where sex toys were stuffed into every drawers, according to a new biography.

Earl Woods’ house – Tiger’s childhood home – became a ‘f***ing rodeo’ where women young enough to be his daughter paraded around.

One young woman who came in wearing a miniskirt and sat on Earl’s lap was immediately hired as Earl’s executive travel assistant.

Porn played on screens in the background all the time, sex toys filled the cabinets and a huge staff were paid in cash to perform sexual favors ‘at Earl’s request,’ write sports journalists Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian in their compelling new biography of the golfer titled Tiger Woods.

Benedict, a New York Times bestselling author, and Keteyian, an 11-time Emmy Award winning CBS contributor, write that Tiger’s relationship with his father is responsible for his astonishing success – but also laid the roots for his ruin.

Earl subjected his son to psychological warfare in his youth and called him a ‘little n*****’ during brutal training sessions to improve his golf game.

But another lesson that Earl appears to have taught his son was about how to behave around women.

According to the book, Earl’s womanizing was ‘well known’ to his family and that Tiger would break down in tears on the phone to friends talking about how he cheated on Kultida, his mother.

Earl’s habits included drinking, smoking and pornography that ‘drove a wedge between him and his family’.

The family creed was to keep quiet because ‘part of being a Woods was keeping secrets all in the family’, but Tiger was deeply conflicted about his father.

Tiger, 42, saw him as his hero but he could not bear his darker side.

Earl’s power over his son lasted until the early 2000s when Tiger began to shun him.

The book says that by then, when Tiger was on the best winning streak of his career, he ‘was his own man, weary of Earl’s antic’s’. Tiger grew closer to his mother, who moved out of his childhood home, leaving Earl there alone.

Earl ‘filled the voice by hiring a bevy of women’ to come to the property in Cypress, California, the book says.

According to Benedict and Keteyian, the women were ‘mostly blondes and brunettes, most of whom were young enough to be Tiger’s sister’.

‘Earl had his own executive assistant. He also had a personal assistant, traveling assistant, foundation assistant, cook, personal trainer, dog trainer, massage therapist, housekeeper and even a pedicurist.

‘According to one of them, a few of these women were employed by Tiger’s corporation but some were not and were paid in cash, their unspoken job description to do whatever it took to please Earl’.

Tiger knew by this stage that his father had repeatedly cheated on his mother and Earl made little attempt to hide it.

The authors write: ‘By 2000 Early had largely stopped showing up at tour events and the scene at Tiger’s childhood home had gotten out of hand.

‘Women came and went. Pornography played steadily on the television. Sex toys were stuffed in drawers and sexual favors were performed at Earl’s request.

‘It was a house of horrors’, recalled a former employee. ‘Every drawer, every cabinet’.

Benedict and Keteyian say that it is not clear how much Tiger knew about his father’s day to day life, but those who saw it first hand were appalled.

According to one individual with direct knowledge of the atmosphere, he called it a ‘f****ing rodeo’.

‘At one point a young woman who showed up for a job interview wearing a super-short mini skirt and cropped halter top promptly took a seat on Earl’s lap and hugged him.

She was immediately hired to be his executive travel assistant’.

By 2005 however the environment in Earl’s home completely changed as health problems meant that he was ‘virtually incapacitated’ and the only person who was a regular visitor was the full time assistant.

Earl died in May 2006 aged 74.

Although Tiger’s career remained on track, he gradually became unstuck.

In December 2001, as Tiger’s relationship with Elin gathered steam, he went to Vegas to party at Light, the new club inside the Bellagio where he had been given an all-expenses paid complimentary ticket by a friend.

The club became Tiger’s destination of choice and one Vegas insider described it as ‘absolutely crazy, out of control’.

One night Tiger and another high profile athlete, who is not named, were in the VIP section when they saw some attractive women partying at a table nearby and sent a host to ask them over.

The women, a brunette and a blonde, were told: ‘Tiger Wood would like you at his table’.

They came over and the foursome ended up in Tiger’s suite in the Bellagio where they stripped off and got in the hot tub.

The book says that shortly after, Tiger led the brunette by the hand out of the tub and walked her towards the bedrooms.

But instead of choosing one he ‘walked her straight into a closet and had his way with her in the dark’.

The book says: ‘The rough nature of the encounter shocked the brunette. She was left wondering why he couldn’t have at least taken her to a bed’.

In 2009 his double life as a sex addict who had repeatedly cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren became public when she found out and chased him out of their house with a golf club.

Tiger had apparently absorbed his father’s philandering ways and copied them in his own life.

By that time Earl had been buried for years – after his death Kultida flew his ashes to Manhattan, a small town near Kansas City where he was born.

For reasons Kultida never publicly explained, she buried his ashes in an unmarked grave.

The book suggests that it could have been a subtle act of revenge for the lifetime of hurt he inflicted on her.

Earl had brought Kultida to America from her native Thailand whilst still married to his first wife.

Over the years he ‘degraded her with verbal abuse and insults’ and made impossible predictions about Tiger’s success from an early age.

Then he took all the credit when he miraculously achieved what he had said he would.

In the early years of Tiger’s career both his parents exerted a staggering level of influence over their son.

In fact they orchestrated the breakup of his relationship with the love of his life Dina Gravell in 1995 while he was a student at Stanford after four years together by spreading rumors about her.

Dina was one of the very few people Tiger trusted outside of his family and the suggestion is that it was a power play to kick her out of his inner circle by his parents.

Dina was watching him play at the American College Invitational in Palo Alto, California, when she tried to speak to Tiger’s parents, but they ignored her.

Later on she was shocked to get a note from Tiger that said he wanted to ‘inform you of my absolute anger and disappointment in you’.

The letter said: ‘Today I heard from my parents that you were telling everyone in the gallery who would listen that you were ‘Tiger’s girlfriend’.

‘Then you have the nerve to tell me in the clubhouse when a reporter asks who you were, you responded with ‘just a friend’’.

Woods said that his family ‘never want to talk or hear from you again’.

He wrote: ‘Reflecting back on this relationship I feel used and manipulated by you and your family. I hope the rest of your life runs well for you. I know this is sudden and a surprise but it, in my opinion, is much warranted’.

Dina was shocked because ‘none of it made sense’, the book says.

She had not spoken to anybody in the clubhouse or the stands and actually had made a point of avoiding people. Nor had Dina spoken to Tiger’s parents, who made a point of avoiding her.

Dina collapsed in her own mother’s arms, sobbing. The book says that her mother was ‘galled that Tiger’s parents had accused her daughter of being something other than his best friend.’

Eight months later Tiger wrote her another letter saying he was ‘truly sorry for what I did to you and your family’ and that he regretted the way he’d spoken to her.

The book also goes over Tiger’s wild days in Las Vegas where he learned how to party and gamble under the tutelage of former NBA star Charles Barkley.

Tiger quickly became a ‘whale’, meaning a high stakes gambler, with a credit line of a cool million and celebrated his 21st birthday at the MGM casino where he would stay at one of the ultra exclusive villas.

There he could [get] anything he wanted on request, be it fine dining, alcohol, women and, most importantly, complete discretion.

The book describes Vegas as Woods’ private playground’ where he could indulge himself without fear of scrutiny.

In the book Barkley is described as Woods’ ‘long lost older brother’.

He says that his advice to Woods, who had spent his whole life being told what to do by his dad, was to loosen up.

Barkley said: ‘I would always say, it doesn’t do any good to be Tiger Woods if you’re not going to f***ing enjoy being Tiger Woods. Part of being great is you have to enjoy it’.

One night at the craps table where Tiger was playing Barkley paid tribute to his friend, saying that other golfers were ‘soft as s***’ and that Tiger was ‘Black Jesus’.

Another Vegas mentor for Tiger was Michael Jordan, the NBA legend, who was one of the few people who had been as famous as Tiger would become.

Jordan reinforced Tiger’s stingy approach to money and his entitled attitude toward his staff, the book said.

Although Tiger was already known for being parsimonious, having somebody he regarded as a big brother doing the same showed him it was okay.

The authors say that staff who worked in casinos at the time found Jordan to be aloof and arrogant and he would barely tip caddies, bar staff or servers, or just not bother at all.

Jordan thought it was acceptable to blast past people on the golf course in his cart with music blaring out, shouting: ‘Hurry the f*** up! You guys are slow as f***’.

As one Vegas insider put it, Jordan was a ‘complete f***ing a**hole’ and he took the young Woods right under his wing.

See (“How Tiger Woods was tricked into dumping his first love, became a $1 million Vegas gambler and embraced the womanizing ways of his cheating father who played porn 24/7 and stuffed sex toys into every drawer“) (emphasis added)

Woods has taken serial cheating and depravity to new levels. He is the Harvey Weinstein of golf; and he must be banned from the sport for life.

Today, lots of Americans boycott the sport when he is playing, or they watch in the hopes that he will implode.


31 03 2018
Timothy D. Naegele

Bubba Watson: Home Again


3 04 2018
Timothy D. Naegele

Tiger Woods: A Gift That Just Keeps On Giving [UPDATED]

Tiger Woods mug shot

Michelle Ganney has written for the UK’s Daily Mail:

Tiger Woods is reportedly embroiled in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend and a non-disclosure agreement.

Kristin Smith dated the golfer from 2015 to 2017 and supposedly ended their relationship after he was unfaithful,TMZ reported.

Smith allegedly accepted the agreement and hush money but is now hoping to break it.

Woods wants to avoids a public scandal and is said to have threatened to release ‘curious’ photos of Smith if she breaks their prior agreement.

Things have escalated to the point where lawyers are now involved.

With regards to his most recent [infidelity] ‘Kristin suspected it, but he would always deny it by belittling Erica’ a source told Radar Online.

The source added ‘Kristin eventually caught them together. It was a big mess.’

Woods reportedly started dating [Erica] Herman, 33 – a manager at his Jupiter Florida restaurant – at the end of summer last year.

Meanwhile the golfer, who sought treatment for sex addiction in 2010, is gearing up for the 82nd Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

Speaking about the tournament Woods said ‘I’m just there to win.’

‘I’ve been better with each week I’ve competed. A little more crisp. I’m starting to put the pieces together.’

Woods missed his third Masters in four years last year after spinal fusion surgery, but has contended in his past two starts, sharing fifth at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and second at the Valspar Championship.

‘It’s fantastic what we’re seeing of Tiger. He looks in control of his game,’ said Britain’s Justin Rose, last year’s Masters runner-up.

Woods, who at a low point doubted he would ever play competitive golf again, has seen interest in his comeback tale at age 42 send resale prices for Masters badges soaring several thousand dollars above face value.

‘I got a second chance on life,’ Woods said. ‘I am a walking miracle.’

Woods hasn’t won a major since the 2008 US Open, hasn’t won a tournament since the 2013 WGC Bridgestone Invitational, hasn’t played in a major since missing the cut at the 2015 PGA Championship and last won the Masters in 2005.

‘I’m just really looking forward to playing,’ Woods said. ‘It’s the best-run tournament in the world. The golf course, the patrons, the entire atmosphere – it’s a golfers heaven.’

See (“Tiger Woods embroiled in legal battle with his ex-girlfriend days before Masters ‘over NDA she signed when they broke up after he cheated on her'”) (emphasis added)

After having admitted to 121 affairs during his five-year marriage to Elin Nordegren, what kind of STDs is he passing on to Smith, Herman and others?

See, e.g., (“Tiger Woods confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage. . . . The world’s top golfer, 34, is said to have told estranged wife Elin Nordegren the amazing number of women he bedded during her visit while he was in rehab”)

Woods has taken serial cheating and depravity to new levels. He is the Harvey Weinstein of golf; and he must be banned from the sport for life.

Today, lots of Americans boycott the sport when he is playing—or they watch in the hopes that he will implode.

See also (“Tiger Woods ‘was obnoxious to Bill Clinton during 2006 round of golf'”)


8 09 2018
Timothy D. Naegele

Nothing Ever Changes With Tiger Woods, Or Colin Kaepernick [UPDATED]

Nike shoes burning has reported:

Tiger Woods says the Nike “Just Do It” ad narrated by Colin Kaepernick is “a beautiful spot.”

The two-minute ad highlights superstar athletes LeBron James, Serena Williams and others, and touches on the controversy of NFL player protests during the national anthem.

Woods has been endorsed by Nike his whole career. He did not know in advance about the ad campaign.

Speaking from the BMW Championship, Woods says Nike is “trying to get out ahead” and “do something special.”

The spot aired during the first ad break in the third quarter of the Eagles-Falcons game on Thursday night. Kaepernick watched the ad’s first television airing on NBC at an event held at Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

See (“Tiger Woods Calls Nike Kaepernick Ad a ‘Beautiful Spot’“) (emphasis added); see also (“Tiger Woods ex-mistress traded sex for heroin in Las Vegas drug den“)

As stated in the article and comments above, Woods has cheated on and off golf courses for much of his life; and he should have been banned from the sport years ago.

Tiger Woods' mug shot

Kaepernick should never play football again.

And Nike is so loyal to the sport of golf that it pulled out of making golf equipment years ago.

See (“Nike exits golf equipment business, will stop making clubs, balls, bags“)

It must be boycotted!

Colin Kaepernick takes a knee


15 04 2019
Timothy D. Naegele

Tiger Euphoria

Tiger Woods at Augusta

The article above and all of the comments beneath it should be read in their entirety, preferably before reading what follows. Tiger Woods’ victory at Augusta yesterday must be put into perspective, not simply celebrated as that of a great athlete who has triumphed over adversities and Life’s many obstacles and challenges.

Yes, overcoming and redemption and forgiveness are vital and essential in this Life. Jesus taught us that. But the entire journey is important too.

Lauren Fruen has written for the UK’s Daily Mail:

Donald Trump congratulated his friend Tiger Woods on his Masters victory Sunday calling his win ‘a fantastic life comeback for a great guy’.

The president tweeted after the golfer’s fairytale win, with his first victory at Augusta since 2005 in front of his family and girlfriend Erica Herman.

Trump retweeted a post from a follower which said: ‘Congratulations to President Trump’s friend Tiger Woods on winning The Masters!’

The president wrote: ‘Love people who are great under pressure. What a fantastic life comeback for a really great guy!’

He had earlier urged people to tune in to the final rounds of the tournament, tweeting: ‘Great Masters going on right now. @TigerWoods is leading with 2 holes left to play. Very exciting, tune in!’

Trump, 72, later added: ‘Watching final hole of @TheMasters. @TigerWoods is looking GREAT!

‘Congratulations to @TigerWoods., a truly Great Champion!’

Former president Barack Obama, 57, also heaped praise on the sportsman, saying: ‘Congratulations, Tiger! To come back and win the Masters after all the highs and lows is a testament to excellence, grit, and determination.’

The president’s son Donald Trump Jr also tweeted his praise: ‘Congratulations to @tigerwoods on an amazing win at The Masters. A true Champion.’

Woods, 43, won his fifth green jacket at The Masters on Sunday in Augusta, Georgia in one of the biggest comeback stories in sports history.

It was Woods’ first win at The Masters since his father Earl Woods, who introduced him to golf at the age of two, died from a heart attack in 2006, and comes after years of personal and health struggles for Tiger Woods, who at one point considered retiring from the PGA Tour.

In February Trump and Woods joined Jack Nicklaus for a round at Mar-a-Lago.

Videos showed him talking with golf legend Nicklaus as Woods took a shot in the background.

He later tweeted: ‘Great morning at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida with @JackNicklaus and @TigerWoods!’

Both Nicklaus and Woods are among Trump’s regular golf partners.

In September last year the president heaped praise on Woods for showing ‘great class’ in talking about his presidency and standing up to critics in the ‘left.’

Woods told reporters the previous month: ‘He’s the president of the United States and you have to respect the office.’

‘And no matter who’s in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office.’

Just as he did with previous presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Woods has played golf with Trump on several occasions, and the two have stayed in touch since the latter’s inauguration.

‘Well, I’ve known Donald for a number of years,’ Woods said.

‘We’ve played golf together. We’ve had dinner together. I’ve known him pre-presidency and obviously during his presidency.’

See (“‘What a fantastic life comeback for a great guy’: Trump congratulates good friend and ‘truly Great Champion’ Tiger Woods on his Masters victory“) (emphasis added; tweets and videos omitted)

Golf is a sport in which men and women—and young kids—hit little balls around often-green manicured “parks” (called “courses”) worldwide, and try to get the balls into small holes with the lowest possible number of “strokes.” My father loved the game, and I have too. Fans around the world are celebrating Woods’ victory.

However—aside from the article and comments above—it is indisputable that there is not one black golfer that Woods has ever helped rise to stardom in the PGA since he began. That speaks volumes.


2 07 2019
Timothy D. Naegele

The Nike Boycott Must Continue And Intensify

Victor Morton has written in The Washington Times:

Colin Kaepernick’s flag protests have reportedly taken over the Nike board room.

The athletic-apparel giant began shipping out its Air Max 1 USA sneakers to go on sale this week in celebration of the July Fourth holiday, only to ask retailers to return them without explanation, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The shoes had a pattern mimicking the “Betsy Ross” flag of the newly independent colonies.

“The heel of the shoe featured a U.S. flag with 13 white stars in a circle, a design created during the American Revolution and commonly referred to as the Betsy Ross flag,” the Journal wrote.

After having been teased on social media, they are no longer available on Nike’s apps and websites.

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” the Journal reported that the cancellation happened because Kaepernick told Nike that he and others consider the flag an offensive symbol of a slave society.

In 1776, slavery was legally practiced in all the colonies to at least some degree, though several Northern states would abolish it, or put the institution on a path to abolition, during or shortly after the American Revolution.

Nike said the cancellation was because the Betsy Ross flag was an old version of the Stars and Stripes.

“Nike has chosen not to release the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July as it featured the old version of the American flag,” a Nike spokeswoman said.

Kaepernick, whom Nike made the face of its brand with its “Just Do It” campaign, declined to comment to the Journal.

The 31-year-old former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016, the same season he began protesting “The Star-Spangled Banner” by kneeling during the pre-game performances, blaming America for racist cops killing black people in the line of duty.

He declined the 49ers offer of a new contract to test the free-agent market but then went unsigned. He sued the league, accusing its owners of racist collusion and won a settlement, though not an admission of guilt.

The amount of the settlement (less than $10 million, the Journal had reported) also would not be large relative to the actual (plus punitive) damages he would’ve won had he proven racist collusion in violation of player-league agreements.

See (“Nike scraps ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ sneaker after Colin Kaepernick objects“) (emphasis added); see also (“Nike drops Betsy Ross-themed sneakers after NFL star Colin Kaepernick said they were ‘offensive'”) and (“Nothing Ever Changes With Tiger Woods, Or Colin Kaepernick“) and (“Race Hustlers Like The NAACP, Colin Kaepernick And Barack Obama“)


5 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“Tiger Woods reveals he IS going to play in the Masters this week – and says he thinks he can WIN at Augusta – in a miraculous turnaround just 14 months on from his horrific car crash”)

As the article above and the extensive comments beneath it underscore, Woods has cheated again and again, and should be banned from the sport of golf.


15 11 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Rory McIlroy Is Full Of Himself

See, e.g., (“Rory McIlroy aims to double up at DP World Tour Championship following a stellar year, but he says Greg has to go …”)

He is oblivious to the fact that Tiger Woods has cheated again and again, and should be banned from the sport of golf.


19 12 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Congratulations To Vijay And Qass Singh

See (“2022 PNC Championship scores: Tiger, Charlie Woods stall in final round as Team Singh gets long-awaited win”)

For several years, I attended Tiger’s tournament in Thousand Oaks, California at the Sherwood Country Club. I followed Vijay because I thought Tiger was a pompous ass. Indeed, I walked with Vijay’s wife Ardena and his business partner, both of whom were very nice.

One day I was inches from Tiger and his wife — and Charlie’s mother — Elin. And I was there when Tiger failed to show up, because Elin had learned in Florida of his many bimbos. The rest is golf history, as discussed in the article above and the comments beneath it.

See also (“Sherwood Country Club”) and (“Vijay Singh”)

Having cheated on and off golf courses essentially all of his life, Woods should been banned from the sport for life. But former PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem viewed him as golf’s “cash cow” and refused to do it.

In the Palos Verdes area of Southern California, Woods crashed a borrowed Genesis after attending the Genesis golf tournament. He might have killed himself and others.


18 02 2023
Timothy D. Naegele

Women’s Rights Groups Should Demand That Tiger Woods Be Banned From Golf For Life

See (“Tiger Woods’s Tampon Prank Was No Laughing Matter”)

As documented in the article and comments above, Woods should have been banned decades ago, but the corrupt PGA looked the other way. Also, he should have been imprisoned for his many crimes.

Once again he is trying to get a pass, even though there is zero doubt that his latest actions were premeditated; and he thought they were funny.

He probably thought cheating on his wife Elin 120 times was funny too. Again, women’s groups should be up in arms.

See also (“Feminists Furious Over ‘Gift’ Tiger Woods Handed to Justin Thomas After Outdriving Him”)


9 03 2023
Timothy D. Naegele

It Is Clear That Redemption Is Not Possible For Tiger Woods

See (“Tiger Woods’ ex Erica Herman claims he sexually abused her as she sues for $30m and claims he ‘tricked’ her into leaving his Hobe Sound home to ‘go on vacation’ and then locked her out”)

He cheats and cheats and cheats. And finally, he may be brought to justice:

“Erica Herman, longtime girlfriend of Tiger Woods, files for nullification of NDA, citing laws protecting survivors of sexual assault”



7 04 2023
Timothy D. Naegele

The Consummate Cheater, Tiger Woods, Was Augusta’s Token Black

See, e.g., (“The Masters: Tiger Woods endures ‘constant’ pain during turbulent first round”) and (“The Masters were caddied by only Black men for nearly 50 years”)


6 05 2023
Timothy D. Naegele

Erica Should Recover At least $100 Million, Not $30 Million

See (“Tiger Woods’ former girlfriend accuses him of sexual harassment”)

Woods has cheated on and off golf courses all of his life, and used and abused women. It’s time he paid.

Lawyers should help Erica every way they can, with some volunteering.


18 05 2023
Timothy D. Naegele

The Latest Developments In Trying To Hold The Serial Cheater And Abuser Of Women Accountable

See (“Judge rules Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend must abide by NDA”)



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