Biden Is Brain Dead

8 08 2020

  By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

The first time that I came into contact with Joe Biden was when I had just left the U.S. Senate in January of 1973.  I attended his first committee hearing before the Senate Banking Committee—where I had served as a staff attorney, before heading the staff of the late Senator Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts.[2]

In a very real sense, it was a tragic occasion because one month before—on December 18, 1972—Biden’s first wife Neilia and their one-year-old daughter Naomi were killed in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping in Delaware:

Neilia Biden’s station wagon was hit by a tractor-trailer truck carrying corn cobs as she pulled out from an intersection. Biden’s sons Beau and Hunter survived the accident and were taken to the hospital in fair condition, Beau with a broken leg and other wounds, and Hunter with a minor skull fracture and other head injuries.  Doctors soon said both would make full recoveries.  Biden considered resigning to care for them, but Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield persuaded him not to.[3]  

Yet that day in the Senate, Biden was courageous and all smiles; and his colleagues in the Senate welcomed him graciously, as a newly-minted U.S. Senator.

Thereafter, I attended many Senate hearings, as I had when I worked there.  However, it seems that I will always remember that one day.  Biden was doing his best—and life had to go on.  Many if not most of us might have gone into near- or complete-isolation following such a tragedy; and I admired Biden after that.

I came to the Senate as a Democrat, having been raised in a devoutly-Republican family, where giants like Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur—and Richard Nixon—were lionized.[4]  Indeed, my mother had a framed photo of Pat and Dick Nixon on our living room table.

Fast forward to my post-Senate beliefs, and I had seen enough not to believe in either political party, so I became an Independent and have been one ever since.  I learned that the Kennedys were the very worst of American politics[5]; and Lyndon Johnson was responsible for the tragic Vietnam War, in which friends of mine were killed for nothing.

Indeed, when I left the Senate, I concluded that the Democrats were “evil” but smart, while the Republicans were “Neanderthals” and dumb.  I have never changed that opinion.

Joe Biden went through “vanity” hair transplants, just as one of my Senate “heroes” Bill Proxmire did[6]; and I did not pay much attention to Biden until Barack Obama picked him as a running mate.  Also, I have not paid much attention to the scandals surrounding Biden and his son Hunter, or to claims of Biden’s womanizing—which are “standard fare” in Hollywood, Washington and other power centers of this world.

While I have commented about Biden sporadically[7], the issue before the American people now and in the days and months to come is whether he has the mental capacity to be President of the United States.  These are not normal times, with the Coronavius sweeping the world and people dying—or at least being hurt and perhaps never recovering (e.g., economically).  And there appears to be no end in sight, with the virus’ “state sponsor” China seeking global domination.[8]

It goes without saying that Americans of all colors, religions and political persuasions cannot have a President who is “asleep at the switch,” quite literally.  And Biden has endured multiple brain operations, which may have affected his mental capacities in ominous ways.[9]  Our enemies globally are not stupid; and they have vast intelligence apparatuses that follow everything important that happens in our great nation.

Needless to say, they are not “missing a beat” in diagnosing Biden’s mental condition, which may be why it is reported that China wants him to succeed Donald Trump as our President.[10]  An “incapacitated” Joe Biden may be just what they want and need to advance their plans globally, and change the United States’ trajectory forever.

Lastly, it is worth repeating what I wrote almost twelve years ago about the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s magnificent work:

In the fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” two make-believe weavers purport to spin a fine suit of clothes for the emperor, which is made of beautiful material that possesses the wonderful quality of being invisible to any man who is unfit for his office or unpardonably stupid. The potentate and his subjects acknowledge that the garments are very fine indeed. That is, until one little child sees the emperor marching in a procession, and says at last: “But he has nothing on at all” — and the grand swindle is exposed for all to see.[11]

Perhaps before the 2020 presidential campaign has run its course, one little child will express the belief that Joe Biden is “brain dead,” or certainly very close to it.  Lots of Democrats know this already, but are too afraid (or ashamed) to acknowledge it publicly. 




© 2020, Timothy D. Naegele

[1]  Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate’s Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass). He and his firm, Timothy D. Naegele & Associates, specialize in Banking and Financial Institutions Law, Internet Law, Litigation and other matters (see and Timothy D. Naegele Resume-20-6-30). He has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal (see, e.g., Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years (see, e.g., and, and can be contacted directly at

[2]  See Timothy D. Naegele Resume-20-6-30 ; see also (“Edward W. Brooke Is Dead”) and (“The Brooke Amendment And Section 8 Housing: Revisited”)

[3]  See (“Joe Biden, Family deaths”) (footnotes omitted)

[4]  See (“Dwight D. Eisenhower”) and (“Douglas MacArthur”) and (“Richard Nixon”)

[5]  See (“John F. Kennedy: The Most Despicable President In American History”) (see also the extensive comments beneath this article) and (“Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy: A Question of Character”)

[6]  See (“When A Giant Named Senator Bill Walked Through Washington”)

[7]  See, e.g., (“Biden’s Basement Strategy: Just Say Nothing”) and (“Barack Obama, The Clintons And The Bidens”)

[8]  See Timothy D. Naegele, The Coronavirus and Similar Global Issues: How to Address Them, 137 BANKING L. J. 285 (June 2020) (Naegele June 2020) (Timothy D. Naegele) [NOTE: To download The Banking Law Journal article, please click on the link to the left of this note]; see also (“China’s Goal Is Global Domination, And It Must Suffer The Soviet Union’s Fate”)

[9]  See, e.g., (“Biden Is In A Steep Mental Decline”)

If Biden chooses California’s Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, it may simply compound the Democrats’ problems.

See, e.g, (“Down And Out: Willie Brown’s Ho Is Gone”) and (“Willie Brown’s Ho Is A Total Hypocrite) 

[10]  See (“Intelligence community’s top election official: China and Iran don’t want Trump to win reelection, Russia working against Biden”)

[11]  See Timothy D. Naegele, Viewpoint: Greenspan’s Fingerprints All Over Enduring Mess, American Banker, October 17, 2008 (; see also (“The Emperor’s New Clothes”)



15 responses

8 08 2020

Good points. I don’t know if America can take four more years under Trump. But Biden is not the answer. How is it out of 300,000,000 people these two are the best we can do? Is it that those who have the skill set to navigate through the complexities of the world today are too smart to seek the office of POTUS? It seems a reasonable candidate would be mid-life, not end of life. That individual would preferably have previous military experience (after all he/she will be Commander in Chief), will have previous experience in elected office along with the intelligence, organizational skills and ability to unite even those with opposing views. This is who we need to move forward. Where is that person?

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8 08 2020
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Susan, for your comments.

The short answer is that our political process—and that of other democracies, such as the UK—chews up candidates to such an extent that most people never want to get involved. They prefer their privacy; and there is none at the highest levels of politics.

I wrote an article three years ago about an old friend who was a multi-billionaire, and who avoided the limelight. But he was a “rarity”—certainly in terms of Americans who were/are capable of running the country, but would never do so.

See (“Jerry Perenchio: Kind And Caring”) and (“Jerry Perenchio”)

Lastly, you stated:

It seems a reasonable candidate would be mid-life, not end of life. That individual would preferably have previous military experience (after all he/she will be Commander in Chief). . . .

Interestingly, in addition to his other accomplishments, my friend was a jet fighter pilot in our Air Force.


7 09 2020
Philip McDunnough

Thank you for such an interesting read. As a Canadian, I find it unbelievable that American citizens would even consider Mr Biden for such an important position. It’s not as though he seems capable of growing into the position. It is extremely worrisome to consider the possibility ( perhaps likely outcome, should mail in ballots be as vulnerable as they appear) that the US would have a leader far less capable than our own Justin Trudeau, who is not exactly praiseworthy material for the post he currently occupies. I can only assume that the Democrats want someone who can be controlled by the tech oligarchs and other globalist enterprises nominally based in the US. Hopefully, the polls are wrong and fraud can be kept to a minimum. The election of Mr Biden would mean continued censorship ( a reason I no long frequent sites that require connections to Facebook, Twitter or Google), the return of Obama’s foreign policy approaches and the continued destruction of the middle class. In a way the US will become a toned down copy of the CCP version of China, perhaps even a subsidiary. This leaves Canada in a terrible dilemma. The madness that seems to be happening all over the US, the censorship, the control of the many by a less than impressive few, etc… is not the country I grew to love with several cross country road trip all over America, immediate American family and friends, wonderful plans for continuing to winter in Florida ( those have now changed to another country, as we are now actually afraid of the US). I do hope people wake up. President Trump has his personal ways which bother some, but his foreign policy desires is one I am very comfortable with. As a Canadian, the possibility of a leftist controlled Biden is distressing. His choice for VP is, unfortunately, not reassuring.

I have to hand it to the Democrats. They have managed to use fairytales, viruses and the mail system to possibly win an election which will install a government like few others on the planet. Pretty ingenious, though very evil.


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16 01 2021

“Indeed, when I left the Senate, I concluded that the Democrats were “evil” but smart, while the Republicans were “Neanderthals” and dumb.  I have never changed that opinion.”

This is hilarious and completely accurate. I’m not a history buff like some of you but I would like to just add in some real world observations…

I work for a telecommunications company that primarily services rural areas aka Trump Hubs. I love my job but the customers are a nightmare. Barely literate, openly hostile (especially over the phone), racist and very behind the times. Many still live in areas where there are no cell towers and internet availability is minimal. They still rely on landlines. They are pretty much cut off from the rest of society and here comes Trump with a red cape on I could totally see how they fell for the whammy.

If you try to explain anything to them they get upset. You could be truly trying to help them they just talk all over you. Pair that with such a lack of education that they sometimes don’t understand the simplest things (reading a bill) they find that most people lose patience with them FAST! They kind of get used up because they are mouthy and prideful but I’m like where is it getting you?

They were the main ones when the pandemic hit who didn’t want to believe the virus existed at all and just sat on their laurels. Once the schools shut down it got real fast because many of them don’t have the internet capabilities to distance learn or work from home jobs. When they realized it would mainly be THEIR kids still attending school, risking catching the virus then all of a sudden they want to learn about internet! It’s 2021! I’ve been on my job a year and I’m a southern girl I had no idea that this animalistic, ignorant, LOUD & WRONG attitude was so deeply rooted. When the capital fiasco happened I wasn’t shocked. After the election I had customers calling about services or issues yet still steering the conversation to the election. Stop. I’m at work. Calls are recorded. It’s over. Get a life. Your kids need better internet today and you need to be able to work from home, let’s focus on THAT! Florida customers are the absolute worst and of course they worship Trump.

*btw I don’t care about any politician so I’m not hating on Trump. I just liked him better as a figure in the celebrity world. My mom and I are huge Celebrity Apprentice fans. The Terminator couldn’t do the show justice. Trump is an entertainer at heart IMO and that’s all he did his whole time as president is perform.

With that being said my last job was customer service with more middle to upper class individuals. Diverse. Educated. Younger more liberal crowd. I’ll say this at least the Trumpers can be entertaining.

I was so excited to work around these people but they could be so closed off, stuck up and very ignorant in their own ways BUT they are smart as a whip. Sneaky. Underhanded. Stab you in the back with a grin. Never tell you how they really feel about anything. I found many to be plastic people, obsessed with titles and material things. I also found them (even some of the older ones) to be far more promiscuous, selfish and vindictive than the Trump crowd too. I work with a few (young and old) and they can be ignorant/set in their ways but they would give you the shirt off their backs. If only they could channel that anger/passion whatever they want to call it into making their own lives better. That’s the sad part once the election was over they all just went and sulked or got pissed off but they really don’t have any interest in bettering their surroundings. I find them no different in a way than some of the people I grew up with. After awhile you gotta acknowledge your situation sucks and try to do something about it. So yes they are Neanderthals and Dems are mean, evil and cliquish. Kamala Harris wouldn’t spit on me if I was on fire.

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17 01 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you so much for your comments. That was a mouthful. 😊

What you have done is to underscore the “diversity” in America, in spades. Your jobs have given you insight that few people have.

I have been on the Internet since 1992, so I have seen and experienced a lot. Before that, and before working in the U.S. Senate, I worked in the Pentagon for two years as an Army officer assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Our office was working on a system that would connect all of the U.S. military commands globally so they could share intelligence. And others in my small office spent part of each week at the CIA, because the system was intended to share intelligence with that agency too.

Why is any of this relevant? Because the Internet is a “child” of our military and the Pentagon, which have used it effectively for decades. In today’s world (in the States), it’s almost unfathomable that Americans would not be using and fully conversant with the Web.

Yet, to underscore the truth of what you have said, I was working with a sophisticated and well-connected Washington lawyer some years ago, and he did not know how to send emails. He would dictate messages to his secretary, and she would send them. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted.

With respect to the sophistication of Democrats versus Republicans, I was not commenting on their Intelligence, but rather other factors. Many in the Left are on a “power trip,” which George Orwell described in his “Animal Farm.”

I believe the government that governs least governs best. And I believe the Democrats are “evil” in that they gave us slavery, the KKK, segregation, and Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs that destroyed black families and consigned them to economic servitude.

This, in my judgment, is pure evil. ALL Americans are equal in the eyes of God, or so I believe; and Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman fought and won our last Civil War to save the nation and end slavery.

With whatever flaws he has, I believe Trump believes this. The Dems talk it, but they gave us slavery and perpetuated it; and today, on some level, they view minorities as their “useful serfs.” As I am sure you know, Trump’s support among minorities has been impressive.

Next, I do not believe healing will take place anytime soon for several reasons. The Left hates the Right and vice versa. The Left rigged key elections and the GOP was too stupid to stop them. And our Supreme Court “Justices” were and are useless at best, and criminals at the worst.

When the Court abdicated its duties, the “ballgame” was effectively over. Biden’s presidency will be run by others until he “fades,” and any popularity that he enjoys stems from the fact that he “is not Trump.”

Lastly, my comments are a “mouthful” too. I realize that. 😊

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17 01 2021
Philip McDunnough

The people you are talking about don’t sound much different than many of the academics I worked with for 40 years. Their ignorance is just articulated better. Gradually people lost the ability to recognize who the excellent researchers and students were, and the administrative powers were all given voices they never deserved. We now see the results where I live in Canada, and the celebration of mediocrity has led to a culture of nonsense. Fortunately, sciences had been largely unaffected by this until a couple of decades or so ago, at which point it starting creeping into there. Combined with the large infusion of private money, the pressure to produce relevant science became enormous, to the point where the search for truth and knowledge became a secondary pastime. Given the silencing of minority thought, we have entered a dark age. I fear for my grandkids.

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17 01 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Philip, for your comments as always.

Three other factors are important as well, with each being related to the global effects of China’s Coronavirus.

First, as I am sure you know, lots of American colleges are teetering on the brink of financial ruin. How many fail and cease to exist remains to be seen.

Second, and a corollary, is that colleges have existed because of student loans, or “free, funny money.” What student or family is willing today to encumber their future when few jobs are available for graduates?

Third, I contend that this is a “lost generation” that is learning little or nothing via online education.

See also (“Of Course Colleges Are Dinosaurs”)

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17 01 2021

Online education is a poor substitute for studying with scholars, artists, etc… in person. So many nuances approaches are lost. It is an approach that may well be suited to mass learning of facts. The problem is that the quantity of information is not the only piece in the puzzle. One must develop a rigorous foundation which, together with the ability to reason, allows you to develop new approaches and reasons for why something holds. Pure mathematics is a wonderful subject for developing such skills. It provides a rigor that encourages rational thought, and impresses upon students the need to question everything. The same would be true in many of the true academic subjects. Unfortunately, these have been diminished in the eyes of academia as universities have become mass producers of graduates who neither liked, nor appreciated the importance of academics. They should never have been forced to endure the hardship. This does not make them less smart or less in need of learning. This obsession with having everyone passing through a basic degree was, in my opinion, a mistake. Most students would be better off pursuing apprenticeships, studying in technical colleges, etc… and let the universities handle the much smaller numbers that would benefit from the academic process. There are far too many “universities”, liberal arts colleges, etc… and too few rigorous apprenticeships and technical schools. It might not be so bad were many universities and colleges to simply disappear.

There has to be a return to rigorous education at all levels. Excellence should be applauded, whether it be in theoretical physics or plumbing.

The notion that we can be superb mathematicians or concert pianists, if we only work hard enough does everyone a disservice. Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses is importance, and students should not be encouraged to pursue studies which will benefit neither them nor society. That does not mean people should be uneducated.

The student debt problem is serious. I can’t totally fault the students. They were seduced by false promises. I don’t know how we get out of that mess. We need to have a serious examination of the role of education. My simplistic view is to cut the universities massively, identify those students who would benefit from academia, and develop rigorous technical schools and apprenticeships.

None of this will happen until the elementary and high school systems are changed to institutions which teach and develop a love of learning. They currently seem to be all over the map.

If we do not celebrate exceptionalism, we will simply become meaningless.

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17 01 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again, Philip. I agree with everything that you have said.

With the exception of a second law degree from Georgetown, I am a product of an education at the University of California’s campuses (i.e., UCSB, UCLA, Berkeley). The finest education that I ever received was at Berkeley in law school, where I was taught and challenged by some of the giants in law at the time, and where my classmates came from the finest universities in the nation.

When I worked in the U.S. Senate, however, I realized that those professors whom I had respected the most had little hands-on practical experience with how our laws were REALLY made, and were naive.

Years later, I served on the alumni board and as a foundation trustee at one of the U.C. campuses, which my two kids attended. I argued with a faculty advisor that (1) “teaching assistants” were giving lectures, and not tenured faculty; and that (2) America’s middle class was being priced out of a college education for their kids.

Things are worse today. Professors don’t seem to believe that they need to teach anymore, and that they can devote all or most of their time to research. Hopefully this changes as colleges and universities run out of money.

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21 08 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“Is this man fit for office? Doctors say they would be concerned about ‘anyone’ with Joe Biden’s symptoms at age 78 after two brain aneurysms and a heart condition – which are BOTH linked to memory problems”)

The whole world is asking this, and our adversaries Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin know the answer in spades, and are moving accordingly.

See also (“52% of Americans don’t think Biden is mentally or physically up to the job of president and 51% believe someone else is pulling the strings at the White House, new poll finds”) and (“ABC News is accused of editing Biden’s car-crash interview to avoid him seeming ‘incoherent and confused’: Transcripts from unaired segments reveal he mistakenly said his son Beau served in the Navy in Afghanistan not the Army elsewhere”) and (“Biden tells reporter ‘I can’t remember’ the first part of his question, calls the Qatar capital ‘Daho’ and is criticized for being in an ‘alternate reality’ on the Taliban in another concerning speech”) and (“Defense Secretary Austin contradicts Biden, says Americans beaten by Taliban trying to reach airport”) and (“Pentagon contradicts Biden MINUTES after his speech by saying officials are aware of reports Americans have been beaten by the Taliban on the way to Kabul airport and al-Qaeda IS still present in Afghanistan”) and (“US is at highest risk of a terror attack since 9/11 because Biden’s chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal will allow al-Qaeda to regroup, security experts claim”) and (“‘What is going on here?’ FoxNews’s Tucker Carlson demands to know why top Dems and liberal news outlets including CNN have turned on Biden amid Afghan crisis and claims president’s closest advisers know he’s ‘senile'”) and (“Britain loses patience with Sleepy Joe: Tony Blair brands Biden an ‘imbecile’ over ‘tragic, dangerous and unnecessary’ decision to quit Afghanistan amid claims Boris remarked ‘we would be better off with Trump'”)


17 10 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“Jen Psaki calls out NBC news’ Kelly O’Donnell for asking ‘all the time’ about Biden’s health as she deflects questions about why the president hasn’t released medical report since 2019”)

The truth about Biden’s mental infirmities has been hidden from the American people. But one can be certain that the leadership of China and Russia know the truth. They have vast intelligence apparatuses, which are very sophisticated; and that subject is at the top of their priorities.


9 02 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“38 Republican lawmakers write to Biden AGAIN to urge him to take a cognitive test: GOP says ‘something isn’t right’ and Americans deserve to have ‘absolute confidence’ in the President”)

Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping and the world know that Biden is “brain dead” already. And that Willie Brown’s ho Kamala Harris waiting for him to croak.


3 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“Oh, Joe! President says first lady Jill Biden was Obama’s vice president – a job he held for EIGHT years – in latest blunder during ceremony to commission Navy’s newest nuclear submarine”)

Clearly, Biden is brain dead. To say that he is “mentally-challenged” is too kind.

As I have written many times here, his only “insurance policy” is Willie Brown’s ho Kamala Harris, who is a no-nothing, Far-Leftist moron, and is waiting for Biden to croak.

Also, the world is witnessing genocide, like that perpetrated by Hitler’s Nazis.

See, e.g., (“‘It’s not a battlefield, it’s a crime scene’: Putin’s fleeing troops leave behind 410 bodies amid evidence of civilian executions, rapes and mass graves in worst European atrocity since Balkan Wars as Europe’s leaders call for international probe”); see also (“Joe Biden in bed with Chinese Communist Party”) and (“Ukraine mayor ‘executed by Russian troops alongside husband & son and dumped in shallow grave’”) and (“Ukraine war: Horrifying picture shows swastika on corpse of rape victim”) and (“Woman ‘was tortured and raped by Russian troops who burned a SWASTIKA on to the skin of her corpse’, Ukrainian MP claims”) and (“‘The Russians were animals. A girl aged 15 was raped along with her mother’: Ukrainians who managed to flee war-torn cities reveal horrifying sex attacks and murders they witnessed”)


15 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Tragically for Americans and the courageous Ukrainians, Biden is brain dead or moving rapid toward it

See (“Moment a confused looking Biden sticks out his hand and appears to shake thin air after falsely claiming in speech that he had also been a ‘full professor’ at UPenn for four years”)


24 10 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

SaladFingers commented on MailOnline:

“Right before an election he weighs in on this? Wow. Red wave just got bigger.”


Impeach, convict him and send Brain Dead Joe straight to Guantanamo Bay.

See, e.g., (“Joe Biden was ‘complicit in SIX alleged white collar crimes’ including tax evasion, using nonpublic info for financial gain and illegally utilizing his alias email’ – 634-page watchdog report on contents of Hunter’s laptop claims”)

He is pure evil, personified, and pathetically brain dead.

See, e.g., (“President Biden says the US is NOT experiencing record inflation (when it is) after falsely saying the price of gas was more than $5 when he took office (when it was $2.39)”)


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