California Is A Mess, And Its State Bar Remains The Most Odious Trade Association In America

12 08 2021

  By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

Many Americans hate California with a passion, and would not be saddened if it broke off from the Union and drifted out to sea.[2]  There is a recall movement to get rid of its Governor Gavin Newsom, who is related to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.[3]  The state’s two principal cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, are awash in crime.[4]  And who can forget the killing of Kate Steinle at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf by an illegal alien, who had been released from incarceration multiple times.[5]

I grew up in the suburbs of LA, a mile or so west of the UCLA campus in Westwood; and I have fond memories of those days, and of the public schools that I attended.  Some of my classmates were scions of famous Hollywood and industrial families, or became famous on their own.[6]  Others came from humble beginnings.  Yet, we were all friends.  I was repulsed by the elitism of private schools and private clubs that discriminate.  Today, I have been told that the quality of public school education has deteriorated—even before the Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns[7]—which is sad.

After law school at Berkeley and before relocating to Washington, D.C.—to serve as an Army officer at the Pentagon, and work in the U.S. Senate[8]—I took and passed the arduous California Bar examination on the first try.  I was very proud of that fact.  Yet, for too long to remember, I have been ashamed to be a member of what is surely the most odious trade association of its kind in the United States.[9]  Like so much of California’s body politics, the State Bar of California has been infected from top to bottom, and must be eliminated completely.  It does not serve the best interests of Californians, much less the state’s minorities.[10]

Even more critically, some of its tactics and actions are heavy-handed, vicious, duplicitous and fascist; and the moral equivalents of authoritarian regimes—or Stasi “police state” in their nature, which destroyed countless lives and crushed the human spirit.  In his prescient “Animal Farm,” George Orwell wrote about how all of the animals were equal until the Pigs reigned supreme and subjugated the other animals.[11]

Having been effectively put out of business when Pete Wilson was California’s Governor, the State Bar has come roaring back with a vengeance.[12]  It is worse than ever, trying to suppress legitimate criticism, and free speech and expression.  Each of us must be true to ourselves; and if necessary, fight against such injustices, oppression, and ravenous and rabid abuse—and the “gotcha” or “cancel” culture that is vindictive and engages in “witch hunts” and harassment, to intimidate, silence and destroy Americans.[13]



© 2021, Timothy D. Naegele



[1]  Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate’s Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass).  See, e.g., Timothy D. Naegele Resume-21-8-6  He has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University.  He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal (see, e.g., Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years (see, e.g.,, and studied photography with Ansel Adams; and he can be contacted directly at

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Compare (“Good luck getting your money! LA Mayor Eric Garcetti signs order criminalizing homelessness, with violators facing possible fines of up to $1,000”) with (Timothy D. Naegele, “Homelessness In America”)

[5]  See (“Shooting of Kate Steinle”)

[6]  For example, the son of MGM studio chief Dore Schary; Jan Berry of the Jan and Dean singing group; Frank Sinatra’s daughter Nancy; Craig Bruderlin who became actor James Brolin, the father of actor Josh Brolin and husband of singer Barbra Streisand; the original “Gidget,” whose father wrote the book that spawned movies and TV shows; Robert Mitchum’s Jim; and the granddaughter of aircraft pioneer, Donald W. Douglas Sr.

Two high school friends of the author were killed during the Vietnam War.

[7]  See (“The Coronavirus and Similar Global Issues: How to Address Them”); see also (“If Coronavirus Mutations Come Roaring Back, Will Americans Listen—Much Less Survive?”) and (“Covid Delta Variant Safety: Your Questions Answered”) and (“Moderna says its COVID-19 shot 93% effective six months after second dose”) and (“Fauci fears a COVID variant worse than Delta could be coming”) and (“Los Angeles Moves Ahead on Indoor Vaccine Mandate”)

[8]  See, e.g., Timothy D. Naegele Resume-21-8-6

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[13]  The author is very proud of his distinguished career, and his impressive and tangible accomplishments.  For example, he has helped millions of Americans (see, e.g., Timothy D. Naegele Resume-21-8-6).  This may have fueled jealousies at the State Bar.  None of its employees have accomplished anything of significance.  They are a group of pygmies (or Pigs), or insufferable wastrels, all of whom should be fired summarily.  See supra notes 9 & 11.

The fact that these governmental losers and failed civil servants would waste their time contacting the author, when the Coronavirus’ “Delta variant” mutation is surging and attacking Los Angeles in particular (see, e.g., supra n.7), speaks volumes about them and the need to justify their existences (and salaries) as State Bar employees in the midst of the pandemic.  How brazen and cowardly, at the very least—pathetic but predictable; heavy-handed thugs who are the moral equivalents of Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters, trying to deprive people of their liberties, and carrying out a vendetta against the author for having the gall or chutzpah to ever challenge them.

Contrariwise, the author has never been accused of malpractice; and he has always done his very best.  In retrospect, he might not have represented and tried to help Californians in an Internet fraud lawsuit against Guthy-Renker.  Even though he proved fraud, a now-retired and incompetent U.S. District Judge (who is attempting to find work as an arbitrator) decided against his clients in 2002, almost 20 years ago; and they came after him.

First, they did so criminally by persuading the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. to bring an 11-count federal indictment against him.  Because he had done nothing wrong, he was vindicated completely in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.  See Case 1:05-cr-00151-PLF; PACER Docket Sheet entry 301 (“It is hereby ORDERED that the defendant, Timothy D. Naegele, is acquitted, discharged, and any bond exonerated”); see also (“The United States Department of Injustice”)

Not satisfied, his former clients sought recourse civilly in California.  Indeed, California arbitrators and its courts were only too happy to oblige, inter alia, ignoring binding law nationally in the process.  Next, the former clients sought his disbarment in California, essentially for having lost their civil lawsuit against Guthy-Renker.  This sends a chilling message loud and clear to every California lawyer or would-be lawyer that the loss of one lawsuit can destroy or tarnish an otherwise-successful legal career.

Given the arduous path that must be taken to become a lawyer, clearly the profession is not worth the risks for a myriad of reasons, at least in California.  Many of these issues are discussed in greater depth and detail in the author’s previous article about the State Bar, which has been read by more than 10,000.  See supra n.9; see also (“‘Devastating’ Anxiety as Remote Bar Exam Tech Crashes Again”) and (“Law School Loses Luster as Debts Mount and Salaries Stagnate”) and (“Technical problems again plague remote bar examinees, who blame software provider”) 

Since being admitted to the State Bar in 1966, the author handled very few matters in California, and less than a handful for individual clients.  He is not practicing law in California, nor holding himself out as doing so, but he is attacked and threatened anyway.

Lastly, it appears that the State Bar contacted the author on behalf of:

(1) a disgraced lawyer who had been disbarred by the State Bar because, inter alia, “the State Bar Court noted that she was charged with ’26 counts of professional misconduct for her involvement in a scheme to defraud distressed homeowners, including at least 13 of her clients’—and with ‘pocketing about $177,000 between August 2009 and November 2010 without having to provide any legal services'”; 

(2) her California lawyer who suborned perjury with respect to testimony before the State Bar, and his troubled history with the State Bar began before his admission to the Bar (see supra n.9 [note 4 therein &]), but he has never been disbarred or prosecuted, or held accountable for his abuses;

or (3) their surrogate(s) or agent(s). 

Despite repeated requests, the State Bar has refused to disclose and/or confirm such information to the author.  At the very least, this underscores the lawlessness of its employees, who are tantamount to jackals in pursuit of their prey to stay alive . . . and stay employed, while operating from remote locations  (“telecommuting”), “[d]ue to the Covid-19 pandemic.”  They want the author to deny his accomplishments.  It will not happen.



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12 08 2021

I read with interest your post, in particular your quote:

“Even more critically, some of its tactics and actions are heavy-handed, vicious, duplicitous and fascist; and the moral equivalents of authoritarian regimes—or Stasi ‘police state’ in their nature, which destroyed countless lives and crushed the human spirit. In his prescient ‘Animal Farm,’ George Orwell wrote about how all of the animals were equal until the Pigs reigned supreme and subjugated the other animals.”

Sadly, your summation can be also used as an overall description of our Federal Justice system. As I read the above, I was reminded of the following account that I recently read:

An Amish organic farmer in Lancaster, PA supplied food to willing and able customers. However, he did so in regulatory violation of the overseers of our “police state,” whereby he was arrested and prosecuted in Federal Court. For this “horrible” offense s/, the “judge” fined this poor farmer $250,000 and ordered him to pay another $14, 436 in Government “fees.” All of this must be paid within 30 days or the farmer will face “arrest and further fines.”

Our police state has arrested almost 1,000 American citizens, many of whom did absolutely nothing other than being photographed inside the U. S. Capitol on January 6th. Yet, this same government turns a blind eye regarding the thousands of crimes that continue to be perpetrated by the terrorist groups ANTIFA & BLM.

Our system of justice was the one protection we had that stood in the way of all out despotism. Unfortunately, Lady Justice has lost her blindfold and has been politicized.

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12 08 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Ray, for your comments. I agree completely.

Indeed, in my article’s footnotes, I cited four articles that encapsulate my beliefs on the subject: (1) (“The State Bar Of California Is Lawless And A Travesty, And Should Be Abolished”); (2) (“The American Legal System Is Broken: Can It Be Fixed?”); (3) (“Justice And The Law Do Not Mix”), and (4) (“The United States Department of Injustice”).

Each discusses the issue from a sightly different perspective; and obviously, there is overlap as well as repetition.

In article (3), I state with respect to judges:

“How can they judge another person when they often bring distorted realities and moral visions to the process? Many of them, at least in the United States, are former prosecutors who seemingly have never laid eyes on an innocent criminal defendant. To put on black robes does not change their mindset. Indeed, many seem to relish the power trip.”

Why any American trusts or believes in our system of “justice” today is mind boggling. Perhaps it is a matter of pure faith and hope. However, my other article yesterday involved the Coronavirus, and states that so many Americans do not trust our governments (at any level) anymore, which is sad but understandable.

At the very least, the State Bar is tyrannical, and is what George Orwell described in his prescient “Animal Farm,” where the Pigs reigned supreme and subjugated the other animals.


13 08 2021
Claudia Bradshaw

They let people walk away from crimes committed. They are worthless.

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13 08 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Yes, I agree, Claudia.

For example, they have failed to prosecute the two individuals cited at the end of footnote 13 (see items (1) and (2)), even though both have engaged in serious crimes.

Indeed, they even documented and described with specificity the first person’s extensive crimes. See item (1).


22 08 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See also (“In Los Angeles, This Covid-19 Surge Is Different From Earlier Outbreaks”) and (“Los Angeles imposes vaccine passport mandate for bars and nightclubs: Dodgers and Chargers fans will also have to show proof of shots or negative test to attend games”)


10 09 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“‘If I were a Democrat they’d be calling it a hate crime’: Larry Elder slams the left for failing to call ‘angry, ugly’ attack by a woman in a gorilla mask racist because he’s a Republican”)

Of course Elder and the Sheriff are correct.

See also (“Police seek woman in Larry Elder attack as his supporters claim a double standard”)


30 09 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“Close the Justice Gap: Put legal aid in reach of all Californians”)

As my article above and my previous article below state clearly and unambiguously, the State Bar of California is the most odious trade association of its kind in the United States.

See (“The State Bar Of California Is Lawless And A Travesty, And Should Be Abolished”); see also (“To CA Bar: Investigate Santa Monica’s Interim City Atty George Cardona Before He Becomes Chief Trial Counsel”) and (“The American Legal System Is Broken: Can It Be Fixed?”); see also (“Crisis in Koreatown: Shocking video shows vast homeless encampment in bustling Los Angeles neighborhood as business owners complain about vagrants defecating and urinating outside their stores”) and (“L.A. Vaccine Mandate: City Council Passes Ordinance for Indoor Spaces”)


20 10 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See also (“Backlog of ships at California’s two largest ports hits highest-ever record as supply chain crisis continues: ‘Normal’ number of vessels would be 17 at anchor compared to 100 this week”) and (“California is experiencing its driest year since 1924 with less than 12 INCHES of precipitation: Major cities see ‘less than half’ the usual rainwater as expert warns ‘alarming’ trend could continue if drought worsens”)

Clearly, California is a mess.


8 11 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See also (“LA introduces strict vaccine mandate TODAY: Restaurants, gyms, malls and movie theaters will all require proof of COVID vaccination”)


15 11 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See also (“California bar offers free tests, adjusts scores after bar exam glitches”)

The State Bar is odious and an abomination; and it should be shut down completely, with all of its employees being fired. This was essentially done before, when Pete Wilson was California’s Governor; and no one missed it, except its officials and employees, who had been “feeding at the public trough.”


16 12 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“‘No Casual Dishonesty’: 1,000 Attorneys Ask California Bar to Investigate Trump Ally John Eastman Over Election Challenges”)

First, I don’t know John Eastman, but I do know that our great nation is divided at this critical juncture in its history, perhaps unlike any time since our last Civil War.

Second, it has been asserted that we may be at a crucial “tipping point,” from which there may be no return.

Third, since our crushing defeat in Afghanistan, our enemies are poised to take advantage of the precarious position that we occupy; and wars on multiple fronts are not inconceivable (e.g., with Russia in Ukraine; with China over Taiwan).

Fourth, I began as a Democrat in a devoutly-Republican family. However, when I left the U.S. Senate, I concluded that the Democrats were “evil” but smart, while the Republicans were “Neanderthals” and dumb. Like so many other Americans, I have been an Independent ever since.

The Democrats and the Kennedys were smart enough to rig the 1960 presidential elections in Chicago and West Virginia, with the help of Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana, and steal the national election from Richard Nixon. Indeed, JFK and Giancana shared a mistress, Judith Campbell Exner, who acted as their go-between. Any doubts, Google her.

Since 1960, the Democrats have perfected their art of stealing/rigging elections, and the Republicans have been too stupid to stop them.

Fifth, it is not surprising in the least that “1,000” lawyers (or more) would petition the most odious trade association in America about anything. At the very least, they are trying to shut down all debate about the legitimacy of last year’s elections, as next year’s elections approach.

Sixth, the very idea that Berkeley’s law school dean would take any partisan stands is absurd, but consistent with his record. Years ago, a classmate of mine — who had been honored nationally — told me that he refused to even interview students at the law school because it had become too liberal. Today, its dean reflects and projects such insidious “wokeness.”

Lastly, what about disbarring Democrat congressperson Adam Schiff from California?

See, e.g., (“Schiff doctored ‘evidence’ for ‘Special Committee,’ should be disbarred”)


18 12 2021

Interesting comments, as always.

I found your 4th. point particularly interesting. A couple of other tidbits that your readers may find interesting. I’ll try to be brief:

The “founding father,” Joe Kennedy, made his initial fortune by being a crooked stock price manipulator (whom FDR later appointed to head the SEC).

Kennedy further enhanced his fortune during Prohibition by being a bootlegger of illegal liquor. Kennedy had a long standing “business partnership” with none other than the “Prime Minister of the Underworld” Frank Costello, who was a crime boss in “Lucky” Luciano Crime Family. Kennedy maintained his mobster connections throughout his lifetime.

During the 1960 primary campaign, one of the key primaries was West Virginia, primarily because it was the first test for the Catholic JFK in the so-called, anti-Catholic, Protestant “Bible belt.” Long time Kennedy family friend and associate (elected to JFK’s old Congressional seat), and future Speaker of the House, Thomas Phillip “Tip” O’Neill Jr. is on record stating that Kennedy “friends from Chicago were sent down to West Virginia with fistfuls of cash that they used to hand out to the Sheriffs, who controlled the ballot boxes. There was no way JFK was going to lose that primary.”

As the general election night wore on, it is well known, that the pivotal election in Illinois was stolen for Kennedy in ’60, and, that it was the Mafia, through their proxy mayor Daily, that made it happen. Evidence indicates that Joe Kennedy, using his Mob connections, made a deal with Chicago crime boss Giancana in order to seal the outcome. Perhaps the “deal” was for an overthrow of Castro, in order to reinstall the Mafia’s grip on the lucrative gambling, vice and drug trade that they controlled in Havana? (We know from the Senate Church Committee (1975?) that the Mafia & the CIA were working together on overthrowing Castro via assassination during the JFK Administration).

This is where it all takes an interesting twist; after the election, Joe Kennedy insisted that Robert Kennedy, a notorious *enemy of organized crime, be named US Attorney General. Once in office, RFK seemingly ignored his father’s own Mob connections and immediately went to war against organized crime, complying a long and impressive history of investigations and prosecutions of Mob figures. (He even had New Orleans crime boss Carlos Marcello, rounded up in the middle of the night, and deported. Marcello later stated that JFK “was not going to be re-elected, he was going to be hit”).

What’s even stranger is this; as you mentioned, as President, JFK and Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana did in fact share the same mistress, Judith Campbell, who was on record stating that she often “hand delivered sealed packages” from Giancana to President Kennedy in the White House, and, vice versa! What was in those packages? Campbell stated that she never asked and never found out; she was merely the “bag lady.”

Many powerful factions benefitted from JFK’s removal from office. However, there is little doubt that the Mafia played a significant role in the killing of JFK, along with the **silencing of the ‘patsy,’ Oswald. I don’t believe that it was an idle coincidence that the Justice Department’s investigations and prosecutions of organized crime ceased once LBJ took office. (LBJ was perhaps the biggest crook to ever occupy the White House).

Almost 60 years later, the Government continues to withhold from the public thousands of files on the JFK Assassination.

* See RFK’s book on organized crime, “The Enemy Within,” along with his career as chief counsel for the Senate McClellan Committee, investigating the Labor movement’s connections to organized crime. Side note: JFK was also a member of the Committee. Recall the famous, heated exchange between RFK & Hoffa.

** Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby (Rubenstein), was a notorious crime figure with connections to Marcello Crime Family of New Orleans, along with the “Boss of Bosses,” Meyer Lansky. Lansky was in charge of the syndicate’s business in Havana. Marcello actually controlled a number of bars and strip clubs in Dallas, including Ruby’s. Ruby’s strip joint was known to be a “Mob operation.” Ruby also “ran guns” to the rebels in Cuba in conjunction with a Mob effort to overthrow the Castro regime. Every aspect of Ruby’s killing of Oswald was a “mob hit” designed to end any investigation, and trial, that had the potential to reveal, in a court of law, what really happened.


18 12 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you for your comments, as always, Ray.

Most of what you write is consistent with what I know, which is discussed in my earlier article about JFK and the total myth of “Camelot,” and in the extensive comments beneath the article.

See (“John F. Kennedy: The Most Despicable President In American History”)

Their corruption and recklessness were almost without limits, and unprecedented in American presidential history.

However, before the Biden-Harris presidency ends officially, it may establish new depths in depravity, recklessness, corruption and treason.


18 12 2021


Thank you for your kind comments.

I’m sure with your extensive background in DC, you know a lot more than I do regarding JFK. Back when it came out, I did read Seymour Hersh’s “The Darkside of Camelot.” It is a real eye opener, to say the least.

However, knowing all of that, and there is a lot to know, I’m personally convinced that LBJ was even worse. When Hoffa heard the news that JFK had been killed, his reported reaction was “That’s great. We now have the biggest crook in America in the White House.” In a private conversation, Richard Nixon told Pat Buchanan that “LBJ was an absolute animal” and that he (Nixon) “wanted very much to be President, but at least I didn’t shoot my way into office,” leaving the impression upon Buchanan that Nixon knew something way beyond what his comment inferred. As a side note; Roger Stone’s book on LBJ’s connection to the event and subsequent cover-up, which was extensive, is well worth the read. In spite of what your opinion may be of this long-time political operative, it is a surprisingly well documented and well written work. I learned many things about LBJ that I never knew before. (The Man Who Killed Kennedy: the Case Against LBJ)

I agree with you as well regarding Biden/Harris. It appears that Biden will not survive this term, and, if he does, he will not run for a 2nd. The list of potential Dem. candidates is extremely weak, which is fueling speculation for another Hillary run! We’re going from the pan into the proverbial fire! Only God can save us from such a catastrophe.


18 12 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again, Ray. Yes, I am well aware of LBJ’s criminality and depravity.

When I was an Army officer working in the Pentagon and assigned to the DIA, a dear friend of mine—who was also an Army officer working in the Pentagon—was a social aide at the White House and befriended Chuck Robb, who was married to Lynda Bird Johnson, LBJ’s daughter.

My friend and his wife, and my wife and I, joined Lynda Bird at a five-person picnic in Rosslyn one day; and the Secret Service agents were as “thick as flies” around us. LBJ was hated, for all of the reasons you describe and others; and he was unable to run for reelection in 1968 because of it.

However, even accepting the worst about him, my belief is that the Kennedy men—and in particular, the old man, JFK, RFK and Teddy who killed Mary Jo Kopechne—were even worse.

. . .

A footnote to these comments, Chuck and Lynda Bird Robb’s home in McLean, Virginia just burned to the ground, tragically.

See (“Massive inferno destroys former Virginia governor Chuck Robb’s mansion”)


24 12 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“The wacky new laws going into effect in California”)

Of course Larry Elder is correct.


25 12 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“Shocking video shows woman armed with a PICKAXE shoplifting in broad daylight at a Rite Aid in crime-ridden Los Angeles”)

Tragically, lawlessness in California is becoming even more rampant and brazen.

See also (“Massive sewage spill closes beaches around Los Angeles”)


30 12 2021

Shoplifting in California has become a legally protected profession, provided, that is, that the amount removed from the stores does not exceed $950. Insanity!

While the Police are handcuffed by politicians that are playing to the lawless mob, American citizens are being held in gulag type conditions for the ‘crime’ of simply ‘being there’ at the Capitol on January 6th. (In what Nancy Pelosi referred to as an “armed insurrection,” the only person killed that day was an unarmed woman named Ashli Babbitt. Yet, her killer, unlike Officer Potter, never faced charges. Amazing)

I’m concerned that all of this is being purposely orchestrated by America’s enemies (think George Soros) in order to create chaos, so that they can then step in and provide ‘order.’ The order that they are planning is a despotic, totalitarian, globalist State in which all individual freedoms, including the right to own private property, will disappear.


30 12 2021
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Ray, for your thoughtful comments as always. America’s cities are approaching a level of lawlessness that we haven’t witnessed in our lifetimes, except during the riots; and San Francisco and Los Angeles are perfect examples.

As I have written many times, the thugs, slugs, hoods and mongrels of “Black Lives Matter,” Antifa and other far-Left groups burned our cities; killed or hurt innocent Americans including our police; and destroyed black and other businesses. When they were not incarcerated and condemned nationally, it became “open season” for lawlessness.

My last article addressed many of your concerns, and how the pendulum may be swinging. The Democrats and the Leftist media are using January 6th to fan the flames of anti-Trump sentiment before next year’s elections.

See (“Have Woke Anti-Americanism And China Risen To Take The Place Of The Soviet Union, Which Replaced The Nazis’ Third Reich?”)

I have another article that will be published “momentarily,” discussing 2021 as it comes to a close. Stay well, and best wishes for the new year.


14 01 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

See also (“Thieves steal Amazon and UPS packages from trains waiting outside LA sorting depot and strew debris along tracks: Overstretched cops refuse to step up patrols”)

Welcome to LA!


14 01 2022

Another illustration that indicates that America is slipping more and more into a state of lawlessness. Thieves are literally overwhelming the system and are now acting with impunity, knowing that their actions will rarely, if ever, result in any meaningful punishment. How much longer can this go on before there is a complete breakdown of law and order?

The Democrats’ answer; defund the police and go soft on crime. Utter, complete insanity!

I noticed too that your news account appeared in the UK’s Daily Mail, which has a large following throughout Europe. Imagine what they must be thinking over there?


14 01 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you as always, Ray. I agree completely.

It’s as if our great nation had come apart, and was floundering; and “ripe for the picking” by Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and our other enemies.


16 01 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

See and (“UCLA grad student, 24, is stabbed to death while working in LA furniture store: Homeless man knifes her in random attack before calmly walking out of back door”) and (“Masked suspect in fatal stabbing of UCLA student Brianna Kupfer is filmed buying vape pen at 7-Eleven 30 minutes after murder: Cops reveal she texted friend to say ‘a man was giving her a bad vibe’ before she was killed in LA furniture store”)

Another tragic and senseless death in Los Angeles. Some of us grew up in LA, and are UCLA grads, and remember when the Hancock Park area was nice. But LA is crime-ridden and “seedy” today, like so many other American cities.

For those of us who loved San Francisco and worked there, we will never forget the tragic killing of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien who had been incarcerated many times.

See (“Shooting of Kate Steinle”)

And now this.

See also (“LAPD identifies Brianna Kupfer’s ‘killer’ as a career criminal with dozens of arrests who was out on $1K bail as they tell public not to approach ‘armed and dangerous’ suspect and launch manhunt”)

Brianna’s killer must be put down like George Floyd. Nothing less will suffice.


6 03 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

The anti-Trump witch hunt continues, while Brain Dead Joe Biden does nothing meaningful to stop Vladimir Putin’s inhuman and catastrophic destruction of Ukraine and its heroic people — which may spread far beyond the borders of Ukraine, and continue to include the rape of Ukrainian women.

“California Bar investigates Trump’s attorney for post-2020 election conduct”

See; see also (“The Heroes Of Ukraine May Be Dead Soon”) and (“Russian forces fire rockets at building in Kharkiv that ‘houses nuclear reactor’”) and (“Biden Is Brain Dead”) and (“Russian troops accused of raping ‘numerous’ women as they rampage through Ukrainian cities”) and (“The State Department tells Americans to leave Russia immediately”) and (“Russia’s most immoral propaganda yet: Children at a HOSPICE are made to stand in the snow in the shape of a Z to show support for Putin’s troops”) and (“Much-loved mother, son, 18, and daughter, nine, who were all wiped out by Putin’s bombs as they tried to flee city of Irpin during sham ‘ceasefire’ in photo that sickened the world”)


6 03 2022

What do you make of this? The US military has 8 Bio-Weapons laboratories operating inside Ukraine. THAT, and other interesting info on Ukraine in a piece that was posted on Zero Hedge:

What Isn’t Being Talked About


6 03 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you, Ray, as always.

I used to follow Zero Hedge, until I found some of the representations debunked as being inaccurate.

The link that you provided contains a wealth of assertions, which have not made their way into any of the reporting with respect to Ukraine, at least that I am aware of.

For openers are the weapons labs. Also, the overarching corruption in the country, with respect to which Joe and Hunter Biden have reportedly benefited handsomely.

But see (“Russia’s latest ‘false flag’: Moscow accuses US of helping Ukraine with illegal bio-weapons research on Black Death, anthrax and rabbit fever in frenzy of allegations to galvanize domestic support for Putin’s war and justify invasion”)

The world is focused on Putin, Zelensky and Ukrainian heroes of a thousand stripes, not the least of whom are Ukrainian women and children.

Putin has become the devil incarnate; and it is increasingly clear that many in the world are coalescing around the need for his demise now, to stop the carnage.

See, e.g., (“Russia has lost 1,000 troops-a-day to ferocious Ukrainians in big blow to Putin”)

More and more Americans are realizing that this conflict may extend well beyond the borders of Ukraine, and reach most of Europe; and that Taiwan may be next, with the chaos reaching our shores.

As both of us appreciate fully, Americans are emerging from China’s Coronavirus pandemic with massive scars: physically, psychologically and economically.

Women, in particular, are being sensitized perhaps like never before as they see vivid images of their Ukrainian counterparts suffering with their children — and the prospects of mass rapes — unless the conflict is somehow miraculously halted soon.

See (“Innocent victims slaughtered by Putin: The moment Ukrainian parents rush dying 18-month-old boy to hospital after he was hit by Russian shelling – as artillery also wipes out mother, her two children and five others while world watches in horror”) and (“More than 1.5 MILLION refugees have now fled Ukraine after Putin’s invasion as police warn sex trafficking gangs are preying on women and children by luring them with promises of lift and somewhere to live”) and (“‘How many more children must die to convince Russian troops to stop firing?’ President Zelensky’s wife pleads with media to ‘tell the terrible truth’ that Putin’s forces are killing children ‘consciously and cynically'”) and (“Russia’s most immoral propaganda yet: Children at a HOSPICE are made to stand in the snow in the shape of a Z to show support for Putin’s troops”) and (“Russia’s Ukraine invasion could be a global economic ‘game changer'”)

Lastly, I don’t recall such an outpouring of global support in my lifetime — for the Ukrainians — and anger at one man, Putin. It is truly remarkable.

Perhaps after being weighed down by China’s Coronavirus pandemic, the world is coming alive again, ready to support heroes and fight against tyranny and injustices.

More than a decade ago, I wrote about who Putin was — and is. If anything, he is worse than that assessment.

See (“Russia’s Putin Is A Killer”) and (“Ukrainian girl, 7, is killed after Russians shell school with ‘cluster bomb’ while her hero grandfather desperately tried to shield her from the blast”) and (“Much-loved mother, son, 18, and daughter, nine, who were all wiped out by Putin’s bombs as they tried to flee city of Irpin during sham ‘ceasefire’ in photo that sickened the world”) and (“Russian soldiers murder volunteers helping starving animals near Kyiv”) and (“Putin sinks to new low: Maternity hospital is bombed, with children buried under rubble in Mariupol, where ‘3,000 babies are without food or medicine’, while Russian troops round up 400 Ukrainian ‘hostages’ in Kherson”)


7 03 2022

More food for thought; from a Newsweek article dated 12/27/2018

Ukraine Makes Birthday of Nazi Collaborator a National Holiday and Bans Book Critical of Anti-Semitic Leader

Ukraine’s parliament has officially designated the birthday of a prominent Nazi collaborator as a national holiday, while also banning a book that criticized another anti-Semitic national leader.

Full article here:


7 03 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Thank you again, Ray.

Yes, Ukraine seems to have a “checkered” past; and given the date of these events, not too long ago.

It does not change my views about what is happening now though.

Innocent Ukrainians — including men, women and children — are being killed, injured or are witnessing the brutal destruction of the lives that they have known.

Equally important, one man is responsible: Vladimir Putin.

My guess — as I have written many times recently — is that he is a “dead man walking.” He has passed the point of no return.

To rid this world of cruel despots like him will be a victory unto itself. His crimes began long, long ago.

See (“Russia’s Putin Is A Killer”): see also (“Putin sinks to new low as Russia continues to shell civilians trying to flee Ukrainian cities after LANDMINES were discovered along one ‘humanitarian corridor’ amid warnings FIVE MILLION will try to leave the country”) and (“‘Capable of anything’: How the ’99 apartment bombings explain Putin’s rise and regime”) and (“Ukrainian girl, 7, is killed after Russians shell school with ‘cluster bomb’ while her hero grandfather desperately tried to shield her from the blast”) and (“Elderly civilian Ukrainian couple are blown up in their car in completely unprovoked attack by Russian ‘special peacekeeping force’ tank”) and (“Much-loved mother, son, 18, and daughter, nine, who were all wiped out by Putin’s bombs as they tried to flee city of Irpin during sham ‘ceasefire’ in photo that sickened the world”) and (“Russian soldiers murder volunteers helping starving animals near Kyiv”) and (“Putin sinks to new low: Maternity hospital is bombed, with children buried under rubble in Mariupol, where ‘3,000 babies are without food or medicine’, while Russian troops round up 400 Ukrainian ‘hostages’ in Kherson”) and (“Now Putin bombs a disabled care home: Ukrainians claim Russians are killing MORE civilians than soldiers and have destroyed 48 schools – but Kyiv says its breaking stranglehold on cities as another helicopter is blown out the sky”) and (“Selfless ‘orphan warrior’ who became a tragic victim of Putin’s war: Ukrainian American dad, 62, who dedicated his life to finding US homes for more than 3,500 special needs kids is killed by a Russian sniper in Kyiv while trying to help families escape”) and (“‘Our people are being tortured’: Zelensky vows to get food, water and medicine in to besieged Mariupol while Russia prepares to launch its all-out assault on Kyiv and the UK warns new attacks on western cities are indiscriminately shelling civilians”) and (“Ukrainian woman, 31, is ‘blown up by a Russian tank as she finds medicine for her sick mother’ as friend hails ‘brave’ medic who stayed to help locals under siege from Putin’s forces”) and (“Russians ‘shoot dead disabled Ukrainian volunteer who had one arm and one leg in his wheelchair'”) and (“Pregnant woman and her baby die after Ukraine hospital bombing: Mother-to-be in image that shocked the world begged doctors ‘kill me now’ as she realized child would not survive and medics battled to save her”) and (“A city reduced to ash and smoke: Drone footage reveals Mariupol hellscape as Russian forces continue to bombard buildings and civilians run out of food and water as Kyiv resembles a disaster movie after constant shelling”) and (“Hell in Mariupol: Chechen special forces fight house-to-house in city while ‘hundreds’ of women and children are still trapped in rubble of destroyed theatre as one woman who escaped describes horror of watching people bleed to death in the streets”)

Lastly, as my article above and its footnotes state clearly and emphatically, the State Bar of California is the most odious trade association of its kind in the United States. It must be eliminated permanently.

See also


1 04 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

See (“Class Action Lawsuit Filed against State Bar after Data Breach”)

There is no question that the State Bar of California is the most odious and diabolical trade association of its kind in the United States.


13 05 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Close Down Permanently

See (“State Bar To Sell 250K SFHQ Building In San Francisco”)

All offices of the most odious trade association in the United States should be closed permanently, and its entire staff should be fired. Nothing less will suffice.

See also (“California State Bar Faces Class Action over Alleged Data Breach”) and

The State Bar needs to be bankrupted, with its employees being sued personally.


24 08 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Lawlessness In California Continues Unabated

See, e g.,

And its uber-woke, far-Left Governor is appointing a freak of nature to its Supreme Court.


This is Joe Biden’s America.

See (“San Francisco’s homelessness laid bare: Images show city streets crowded with tents as figures show 8,000 are homeless – but woke politicians do nothing as business owners threatening to withhold taxes”)


3 10 2022
Timothy D. Naegele

Kim Kardashian Should Be Denied Admission To The State Bar Of California, But It Won’t Happen Because The Corrupt Woke Totally-Odious State Bar Protects Its Own

See (“Kim Kardashian is hit with $1.26m SEC charge for unlawfully touting crypto currency on Instagram and not disclosing her $250,000 fee”) and (“Feds Charge Kim Kardashian with Violating Securities Law, Hit Her with Big Punishment”); see also (“Kim Kardashian learned she passed the baby bar at Red Lobster”) and


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